Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the Relationship Between the Percentage of GDP Going to Manufacturing and a Nation's Overall Economic Well-Being

Cuba's percentage of GDP going to manufacturing is 37%. That's nearly three times the rate of Canada and the United States. I don't think that anybody here is prepared to say that Cuba is an economic powerhouse greater than those two countries (or at least I'm hoping they're not).


dmarks said...

Manufacturing will return much more to the US if we become a "right to work" nation.

Unions force companies to offshore. Why? Unions oppose the following:

1) a fair wage based on the real value of the work and economic realities (basically, Chrysler workers being paid $65 to do a shoddy job making the worst cars in America isn't it).

2) the ability to fire bad workers.

3) the ability for only qualified managers to make management decisions (consider that unions force a situation where unqualified people make management decisions, and this causes chaos.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

If the unions focused more on workplace safety and representing people who've been unfairly terminated, that would be fine but when they essentially take over a business and try to micromanage it in lieu of the owner, nope, that isn't very good at all.

dmarks said...

Will, I have seen unions prevent companies from firing workers who physically assault other workers. And also I have seen unions encourage strikers to harass and assault workers who cross picket lines during strikes. In these instances, unions work directly against workplace safety.

(Unions making things less safe for the general public or non-workers is another issue, such as the countless times unions try to keep teachers who assault and rape children in the classroom).

As for the other thing you mentioned, unfair termination, remember that unions represent workers who have been fairly terminated to try to keep them on the job. See my mention of teachers who commit heinous crimes against children. I also recall one specific example of two workers at Northwest Airlines caught destroying fragile packages in baggage just for fun. The airline fired them. The union got their jobs back.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

My own experience with unions (teachers, state employees, healthcare workers) has been uniformly bad and, yeah, I've got a story or two to tell, too, believe me.