Friday, December 19, 2014

On Stopping Hitler Before He Does X,Y,Z

Declaring war on Germany for what Hitler might someday do is different from declaring war on Iraq for what Saddam might someday do HOW exactly?...And, again, the Soviets invaded more countries and murdered more people (during 1939 and 1940) than the Germans did and not only did we not declare war on them, we embraced them! I don't know, I don't think that I'm being unreasonable here (simply asking for some consistency).


Jerry Critter said...

Perhaps invasion and murder are not the real reasons for declaring war, just the reasons given to the public. Perhaps?!?

There may be consistency in the real reasons...whatever they may be.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Wars are almost always fought over land, resources, and revenue, once you peel the onion (as you just implied here).

dmarks said...

"And gold is the reason for the wars we wage"

- lyrics from former great band and current iTunes spammers, U2.

BB-Idaho said...

If there is any country with honor during WWI & II, it is
"In 1922, the US negotiated loan agreements totalling over $11.5bn with 15 European countries. In 1931, it agreed to a one-year moratorium on all inter-governmental loans. In 1933, only 6 countries made token payments on their loans. The following year, Finland earned the distinction of being the only country to continue to pay the US its principal and interest payments in full"
2. "After World War II, Soviet dictator Stalin demanded war reparations from Finland in respect of a war the Soviet Union had started in November 1939. Finland had to pay $300m - - about 7% of its national income - - to the Soviet Union in the form of goods. Finland paid in full by the early 1950’s; its last remittance, the brigantine Zarja, set sail for the Soviet Union in September 1952."
---it's really hard to knock them.

Rational Nation USA said...

My brother worked for Nokia for several years and traveled to Finland periodically for business meetings etc. He enjoyed the Finnish people and his observations support the data in the linked article. Thanks for providing it BB Idaho.