Monday, April 24, 2017

On the Fact that that Never-Trump Bulwark/Lunatic, Louise Mensch, Has Gone so Far Down the Trump Colluding with Russia Rabble-Hole that Even Buzzfeed Is Making Fun of Her Now -

If this doesn't embarrass her, then she probably can't be embarrassed. Dumb bitch.

On the Ivanpah Solar Power Plant (a Facility that Is Currently Taking Up Nearly 3,500 Acres) Located in the Mojave Desert

Sprawl much?....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, it isn't just the low power density that's an issue here. You've also got the nasty impact on wildlife (the frying of bats, birds, insects, etc.), the fact that when you include the necessary fossil fuel backup and high resource intensity you really aren't reducing carbon emissions all that much, the exorbitant cost, etc., etc........But, hey, we're only talking about taxpayer money here, right?

On the Fact that the Farm Attacks of the Rhodesian War of the 1970s (In Which Both Black AND White Civilians Were Slaughtered) Were Some of the Most Hideous and Barbaric War Crimes of the 20th Century (with the Weapons Supplied by, You Guessed it, the Communists) and Yet They Are Rarely if Ever Discussed In the West -

Again, we seem to hold blacks to a lower standard of morality......and how is that not bigoted, I ask?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

On the Fact that Israel and Saudi Arabia Both Apparently Want Assad Deposed

Well then THEY should do something about it and stop dragging the U.S. around by the nose to do the dirty work for them (and we of course should stop enabling this BS). It's just a thought.

On the Claim by Some YouTubers (Steven Crowder, the Hard Bastard, Sargon, etc.) that All of Their Videos Critical of the Young Turks Have Been Demonitized

So YouTube is protecting that worthless piece of shit, Cenk, and his revolting bimbo sidekick, Ana, now?...Yeah, that's fucked up.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

On Howard Dean's Proclamation that "Hate Speech" Isn't Protected by the First Amendment

Wow, so Bernie Sanders isn't the biggest moron to ever come out of Vermont after all (the fact that of course hate speech is protected speech - HELLO!!!). Interesting.

On 1981 Triumph TR7 Cabriolets In Pristine Condition

Yeah, I certainly mind cruising the drag in one of 'em.

Rachel Maddow, David Brock, Alex Jones, and Sean Hannity Walk Into a Bar............

Anyone have a good punch-line.......Or do you not even need one?

On the Fact that Saudi Arabia Has Actually Beheaded More Folks than ISIS Has and the Mainstream Media Continues to Ignore it and the U.S. Government Continues to Sell Them Weaponry -

If this doesn't convince you that the U.S. government and their lackeys in the media are corrupt, then you're hopeless. HOPELESS.

On the Fact that Wayne State University in Detroit Is Dropping its Math Requirement -

Yeah, I guess that too many black students were flunking out because of it and, besides, who needs math these days (you know, other than everybody)?

On the Fact that Over 1,000,000 Taxpayers Have Had Their Social Security Numbers Stolen by Illegal Aliens and the IRS Apparently Hasn't Contacted Any of Them -

Wow, I guess that identity theft isn't such a big deal after all. That's a relief.

On the Fact that President Trump (Who Again I Did Not Vote for) Has Been Accused of Everything Except for Butt-Fucking Ivanka and I'm Half-Expecting that to Come Out In the Not-too-Distant Future (that Shameless Some of His Adversaries Appear)

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell have been working on it, I've been informed. Can't wait!!!

On the Fact that U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, Recently Referred to Iran as the "Great Destabilizer"

While I'm not necessarily a big fan of Iran, either, to hear a representative from the country that has done more to destabilize the Middle East than virtually any other (through the handiwork of George W. Bush, Hillary "We Came, We Saw, He Died, Giggle, Giggle" Clinton, etc.) call out somebody else in this regard is just way, WAY, WAY too rich for my blood, sorry.

On the Fact that the Idiot Comedian, D.L. Hughley, Recently Tried to Attribute the High Black Crime Rate to "Proximity"

If close proximity caused crime, then Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul would be the most crime-ridden places on the planet AND THEY AREN'T. As usual, the slanthead is full of bullshit with the much more logical reasons for the high crime rates in black communities being the breakdown of the black family and the drug war. HELLO! 

Friday, April 21, 2017

On My Strong Suspicion that 1950's Bombshell, Janet Leigh, Wore a Padded Brassiere (the Fact that Not a Lot of 118 Pound Chicks Have D-Cups, the Fact Some of Her Earlier Pictures Seem Much More Modest, etc.)

What do you think?...........................................................................................................P.S. And please keep in mind here who her main competitors of that era were; Jane Russell, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Mamie Van Doren, Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, etc., etc. (all big busted women). Maybe she felt the need to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak.  

On Jefferson Davis's General Order Number 14

Among its provisions, it commanded that all white Confederate officers provide "a provident, considerate, and humane attention to whatever concerns the health, comfort, instruction, and discipline of those (black) troops, and to uniform observances of kindness, forbearance, and indulgence in their treatment of them, and especially that they will protect them from injustice and oppression."............So, when was the last time that you ever read THAT in a history book? Probably never, huh?

On the Fact that We've Actually Gotten to the Point in this Society Where the Deportation of Illegal Alien CRIMINALS Is Seen as a Bigoted Act

This country is rapidly shitting the bed and if we don't change course soon (like, I don't know, not getting so cucked over little shit maybe - a start) we're going to transform into South Africa or worse than that, EUROPE!!

On this Now Legendary Picture of Senator John McCain Hanging Out with ISIS Dirtbags

Trump has said a great number of inflammatory things over the past two years or so but, honestly, when the dude said that John McCain wasn't a war-hero, I'm OK with that one (for this and numerous other reasons; his bellicose war-mongering, his sliming of Senator Paul, his reluctance to release POW information, etc.). Yes sir.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

This from the Providence Post, 1862

"......most Southern blacks evince no friendliness toward the Yankees whatsoever. And neither have they attempted to flee north out of Dixie, or attack and overwhelm their white owners, as was expected. In fact, the few who have crossed over into Union lines show no urge to work or fight; only a desire to live off Northern whites, for their hearts are still with the Southern Confederacy."............I suspect that this mindset is the byproduct of several things; a) the horrible and barbaric way that Union soldiers often treated both slaves and freedmen, b) the nasty bigotry of the North in general, c) the way that most slaves were incorporated into the families of their masters, and d) a simple fear of the unknown. Granted, the situation had to change but being that the Civil War ended up slaughtering nearly 700,000 soldiers and possibly a million blacks and was easily the most divisive emancipation in all of world history, Plan B (a gradual and compensated emancipation in which the freed slaves had at least a modicum of support from the government and, no, the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands doesn't count in that this agency provided horrible care for blacks) might have been a better course of action....I'm just sayin'. 

On Where I Would Rank Julianna Margulies Among 50 Year-Old Women

Yeah, I'm thinking top 5 EASY. Top 3 even. Whoo ahhh!

On the Fact that the Mainstream Media (Not to Mention the Neocons and Interventionist Leftists) Has Never Heard an Allegation Against Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, that it Hasn't Immediately Taken as Gospel

Though I would point out here that the New York Times in its recent summary of Mr. Assad's supposed atrocities actually did omit the 2013 gas-attack (you know, the incident that Carla Del Ponte and Seymour Hersh fully discredited to the point where U.S. intelligence has egg on its face YET AGAIN!) ............and that they did so (conveniently) with precious little fanfare, the lying schmucks.   

On the Fact that if a God Does Exist, He Probably Wouldn't Be Conversing with an Illiterate Warlord and that Illiterate Warlord Certainly Wouldn't Be Transcribing it with Perfection and Yet this Is Apparently What Over a Billion People on the Planet Believe These Days

Yeah, I don't see this ending well in that one of the other central tenets of this warped belief system is death to those who see through the idiocy. Heaven help us indeed.

On the Fact that Some Bim from the Huffington Post Recently Came Out and Argued Against White Male Suffrage

Oh, that's an easy one to solve; just say that you're an anti-gender-binary person who for some strange reason self-identifies as a female every damned election day (this while you continue to vote for the most politically incorrect ramrods feasible). That'll fix 'em.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On the Fact that (According to J.T. Wilson's Seminal Work, "The Black Phalanx") Amongst the 28,000 Troops that Louisiana Governor, Thomas O. Moore, Commissioned in Late 1861 Was a Regiment Comprised of 1,400 "Colored" Soldiers

Wilson also went on to assert that, "Prejudice against the Negro at the North was so strong that it required the arm of public authority to protect him from assault, though he declared in favor of the Union. Not so at the South, for as early as April, 1861, the free Negroes of New Orleans held a public meeting and began the organization of a battalion, with officers of their own race, with the approval of the State government, which commissioned their Negro Officers. When the Louisiana militia was reviewed, the Native Guards (Negro) made up, in part, the first division of the State troops."............Needless to say, the North has gone to great lengths to bury these facts and, while, yes, the South has probably engaged in some revisionism as well (as to the number of black Confederate troops), the truth will eventually win out, I hope.    

On the Fact that Even the Simpsons Are Making Fun of SJWs and the Regressive Left Now

  Is it possible that the tide is finally turning? Please, tell me that it is.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

On the Fact that Netanyahu and the Rest of the Israeli Power Structure Apparently Thinks that They're Going to Be Better Off with ISIS in Charge of Syria than They Currently Are with Assad

It's pure insanity and what's even more insane is that the fact that America is helping to achieve this. Enough already with this regime change bullshit, asking "how high?" when Israel tells us to jump, etc., etc.. ENOUGH!

On that Antifa Rabble-Rousing Fool Who Got an Atomic Wedgie for Pissing Off the Wrong Trump Supporter

Shit does happen.......Get it? 

On the Fact that Under Shaka Zulu, the Spear Went from Being a Throwing Weapon to a Stabbing and Impaling One (Hence the Radical Increases in the Death Tolls)

I guess that you can call that an "innovation" (though, no, not exactly a substitute for the wheel, multiple story structures, crop rotation, etc.).

On the Radical Anti-Free-Speech Goon-Squad, Antifa

Yeah, these are probably folks who a) still reside with their parents, b) are recent by-products of an increasingly strident, anti-intellectual, and fascistic American Higher Education System, and c) have never been told by anybody that they're full of bullshit and that their ideas are simply noxious and untenable (that you can put limits on free speech simply by stomping your feet and having a tantrum, for example), and the faster that we marginalize 'em the better.   

On the Fact that Not Only Is Joel Pollak from Breitbart News a Devout Jew, HE'S MARRIED TO A BLACK WOMAN!!

Oh yeah, that's a real white supremacist outfit, Breitbart. Way to slander, leftists........................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not even a fan of Breitbart News (a little too far up Trump's asshole for my taste). Just attempting to keep it real, provide some perspective, etc., that's all.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

On the Fact that My Cat Will Eat Corn Niblets but Not Cheerios

You gotta draw the line somewhere, I guess.

On the Fact that ( Even Though Whites Represent Only 9% of the South African Population, They Currently Constitute 40% of the Murder Victims There

Yes, Apartheid was a problematic system but the reality is that a) the well-being of blacks improved greatly under it (in terms of income, education, life-expectancy, etc.), b) they were far better off there than virtually anywhere else on the entire continent, and c) there was never, ever, this level of carnage. I mean, I understand that this is a bitter pill for the left to swallow but, I'm sorry, we can no longer ignore this. We simply can't.

On the Fact that the Mainstream Western Media Continues to Ignore the Slow-Burn White Genocide in South Africa (Genocide Defined Not by the Whites In South Africa but by Gregory Stanton and Genocide Watch)

They have no choice, for if they were to cover it, they'd then have to admit that the ANC was (and continues to be) a dirt-bag organization and that this whole concept of a "rainbow nation" was absolute bullshit. Of course, what makes this whole saga even more infuriating is the fact that these Boers have no place to go (the Netherlands won't take them back while the U.S. and the rest of Europe won't give them refugee status in that as we all know white folks can NEVER be victims) and so the mass killing will only continue. Nice job, the West.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

On the Confederacy's "Negro Soldier Law" of 1865

While the initial legislation did not include emancipation (in exchange for enlistment into the military), an executive order by President Davis several days later did; "......No slave will be accepted as a recruit unless with his own consent and with the approbation of his master by a written instrument CONFERRING, AS FAR AS HE MAY, THE RIGHTS OF A FREEDMAN......" Wow, if only they had come up with this a few years earlier, how different history might have been (this despite the fact that blacks had served unofficially in the Confederate army for quite some time prior to this).

On the Fact that Serial Resume-Stuffer, Reza Aslan, Recently Chowed Down on Some Human Brain Tissue During One of the Episodes of His Weekly CNN Religion Series

So the SJWs are so afraid to offend other cultures that they're even willing to don the cannibal tights for an evening (as opposed to simply saying, "no dumb-ass, I ain't eating a human"). How royally fucked up is that?

On the Fact that Oprah Winfrey Once Claimed that She Was a Zulu

Yeah, it's bullshit. a) There isn't any documented evidence of the Zulus ever having been enslaved and b) if in fact any of the tribe had been enslaved, they would been enslaved by the Arabs as the Atlantic slave trade had functioned almost entirely out of Western Africa. I mean, I understand that Oprah's DNA (pun intended) is one of constant oppression and all (not to mention that she's never met a microphone that she doesn't like) but you gotta make it seem at least halfway plausible, I would argue. 

On the Fact that Shaka Zulu Transformed the Zulu Nation In Much the Same Manner that Genghis Khan Transformed the Mongols

He turned it into a fucking killing machine, in other words (the fact that he conquered scores of competing tribes, committed countless genocides, co-opted tens of thousands of square kilometers of territory, etc.), and the silence from left is deafening, is it not?

On the Strong Possibility that a Large Chunk of the Blacks that Lincoln, Beecher-Stowe, Stevens, and the Rest of the Colonization Crowd Wanted to Deep-Six Back to Africa Would Have Been Re-Enslaved by the Far More Virulent African Slavers and Worked to Death

Yeah, Lincoln and company didn't seem all that concerned (as long as the black folks were gone, I guess).

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

On the Fact that Frederick Douglass Once Proclaimed that President Lincoln Was a "Hypocrite Who Was Only Proud of His Own Race and Nationality" and a "Prejudiced, Black Colonizationist, with Nothing but Contempt and Even Hatred for the Negro"

Look, I get it, Lincoln was a product of his era. But, I'm sorry, even by 19th century standards, the dude was a flaming bigot and kudos to Douglass (one of my three "racial heroes"; the other two being Booker T. Washington and John F. Kennedy) for having the courage to speak truth to power.

On the Fact that Amongst the Cancer and Dumbfuckery that Lawrence O'Donnell Has Been Spewing On a Nightly Basis Is this Theory of His that Vladimir Putin Had Orchestrated the U.S. Ariel Bombardment on Syria, the Purpose Being to Make Trump Look Good and to Act as a Distraction for His "Russia Problems"

Not only is this pure speculation, it's borderline paranoia to the point where he actually makes Alex Jones seem sane and reasonable.......and where can the guy go from here? Peter Finch from "Network"? 'Cause that's what I'm half-expecting.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

On the Fact that Julius Malema (Leader of the South African Economic Freedom Fighters Party) Recently Stated that, "We Aren't Calling for the Slaughtering of White People, AT LEAST FOR NOW"

So, any white leftists want to move to Johannesburg?......Didn't think so.

On the Fact that in 1989 (, Senator McCain Almost Single-Handedly Blacked a Vote on H.R. 3603, a Bill that Would Have Released to the Public All Non-Confidential Documentation on MIAs and POWs

I hate to be conspiratorial but the only conceivable explanation that I can come up with is that the dude's trying to hide something......and I wonder what that might be (the fact that he might have made propaganda videos, for examples). Hmm, hmm.

On the Fact that After Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, Appeared On CNN the Other Night and Simply Voiced Skepticism as to Whether it Was President Assad Who Perpetrated the Chemical Attacks in Syria, Reprobate and Slantheaded Leftists Like Howard Dean and Neera Tanden Immediately Started Denigrating Her and Even Went as Far as to Proclaim that She Shouldn't Even Be In Congress

It takes a courageous person to stand up to a) pure propaganda, b) the Military Industrial Complex, and c) the war-hawks in your own party. God bless Tulsi Gabbard for being that kind of person.   

On the Fact that the Official U.S. Policy In Syria Now Seems to Be Regime Change

Well, being that it's worked so swimmingly well in the past, why not (and, yes, I jest)?

On the Fact that Senators Like John McCain, Patrick Leahy, and Dianne Feinstein Literally Have One Foot in the Grave and the Other on a Banana Peel and They Still Won't Leave Washington

I was never a major fan of term limits (I thought that elections were sufficient) but I gotta tell ya', they're starting to look better with every passing day. I mean, just look at these morons.

Monday, April 10, 2017

On the Fact that (According to the Contemporaneous Book, "Black and White" by Henry Latham and the Retrospective Book, "Sick from Freedom" by Jim Downs) Approximately 1 MILLION Emancipated Slaves Died from Disease and Starvation In the Wake of Mr. Lincoln's Illegal War

This is exactly why immediate and unconditional emancipation was an inhumane and putrid idea (the fact that as bad as a servant's life could be, it was often better than that of a freed black, destitute white, etc.) and why virtually every other country in the hemisphere didn't do it this way.......Comprehendo? 

On the Fact that it Seems as if President Trump Has Bought the Mainstream Media and Neocon Lies About Syria (the Claim that Assad Is Engaging in the Lion's Share of the Atrocities When Virtually All of the Independent Analysis Clearly Points to Terrorist Groups Like ISIS, al Nusra, etc.)

So a U.S. President caves in to the Military Industrial Complex, neocon schmucks, war-mongers, etc.. Whoda' thunk it?....................................................................................................P.S. And how many times do we have to be lied to before we put a screaming halt to this bullshit (the fact that Polk lied us into the Mexican-American War, Lincoln lied us into the Civil War, McKinley lied us into the Spanish-American War, Wilson lied us into WW1, Roosevelt lied us into WW2, Johnson lied us into Vietnam, both Bushes lied us into Iraq, Clinton lied us into Kosovo, etc., etc.)? I mean, it's gotta end sometime, correct?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

On the Fact that (According to the Books, "Without Indentures" by Richard Hayes Phillips and "To Hell or Barbados" by Sean O'Callaghan) the Brutal Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell Resulted In a 40% Drop in the Population from 1650 to 1660

Cromwell was a monster and if it wasn't for the fact that we're a bunch of Anglophiles, it would have been common knowledge long, long ago..................................................................................................P.S. It has also been estimated that somewhere between 50,000 and 130,000 of these purged Irish people ended up in Barbados where a large chunk of them were simply worked to oblivion.......Nice guy, that Cromwell, huh? 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

On the Fact that Hussein and Gaddafi Both Got Rid of Their WMD and the U.S.A. and Britain STILL Deposed Them

What, you don't think that North Korea has noticed this bull in a china shop crap and that maybe, JUST MAYBE, it explains some of THEIR behavior? Wake up, people!

On the Fact that if Everyone in the Country Got a Bachelor's Degree, the Value of that Degree Would Fall Precipitously (Yeah, it's Called Degree Inflation) and Everyone Would Then Have to Secure a Master's......Which Would Then Cause that Degree to Fall Precipitously......

Not to worry as I'm sure that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will try and make those subsequent degrees "free" as well.

On the Fact that in 2015, Environmental Crazy Man, Leonardo DiCaprio, Availed Himself of $200,000 In Private Jet Travel In Just a Six Week Time-Frame - (

Seriously, is anybody shocked by this (the fact that virtually none of these SJWs practice what they preach and so why would this low IQ scumbag be any different?)? I'm not.

On the U.S. Government's Claim that Assad Has Once Again Used Chemical Weapons On His Own People

Well, being that a) Seymour Hersh has all but proved that the first accusation was total bullshit, b) Assad had given up his chemical weapons arsenal in 2013 (with zero evidence that he's replenished it), c) one of the main sources for the accusation is Turkey - TURKEY, and d) ISIS itself has used chemical weapons 52 times in the last two years (, color me skeptical.......................................................................................................P.S And even if this claim IS true, IT'S NONE OF OUR DAMNED BUSINESS!! Enough war already.

On Susan Rice Proclaiming that She Leaked "Nothing to Nobody"

Either they don't teach double negatives at Stanford and Oxford or she's parsing a la Clinton. You pick..............................................................................................P.S. And she was also careful enough to use the term, leak, as opposed to the more pertinent one, unmask. Clever.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"Pay No Attention to that Man Behind......"

CNN jumped the shark a long while back but I'm sorry, for Don Lemon to go on the air the other night and say that he was refusing to cover the Susan Rice story (and, please keep in mind here that this is the same network that gave us the thoroughly debunked piss dossier story and that has been engaging in endless speculation to try and remove from office a President that they obviously despise) because it was fake news (or some such similar bullshit), that's a new low (ignoring news that doesn't fit their narrative, using as their primary source some leftist opinion blogger from the Washington Post, etc.)..............................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not saying that this is necessarily a smoking-gun, but if it's true and we had the National Security Advisor from the previous administration unmasking Trump transition people simply out of curiosity and/or for political purposes, that's bad and what CNN is doing is disgraceful.     

On the Fact that the Left Apparently Grades Islam on a Curve (the Fact that They Never Criticize Muslims for Having an ACTUAL Rape Culture, Treating Gays Like Absolute Shit, Promoting Death for Apostasy, etc.)

Yeah, to me, THAT (this patronizing attitude that Muslims are just too feeble-minded to know the difference between civilized behavior and barbarism) is racism, serious racism.

On the Fact that (as Reported by Consortium News) Between the Two of Them, Bush 2 and Obama Dropped 170,000 Bombs on the Middle East

How 'bout we try something a little different (like, I don't know, bringing the soldiers home and focusing more on defending the borders, maybe)? I mean, I know that folks like Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer want to double-down and all but when you stop to consider that we've been blowing to shreds that area for more than a quarter century (this when you throw in Bush 1 and Clinton)......and that it's still a fucking mess.......It's just a thought.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

On the Fact that Thousands and Thousands of Australian, British, and Dutch POWs Were Forced by Their Japanese Captors to Work Under the Most Horrible of Conditions (13,000 of Them Ultimately Dying During the Construction of the Burmese Railroad) and Not a Single One of Them Was Ever Compensated a la the Jewish Victims of German Concentration Camps

And I suppose that I'm an anti-Semite for pointing this out (me, a person who has strongly supported Israel - perhaps too much at times, but I digress - over the years).......How did I guess?


On the Fact that One of the RT Shows that the Leftist Media Is Claiming Tilted the Election Toward Trump Is the Abby Martin Show, "Breaking the Set" -

Yeah, this program went off the air in early 2015 (when literally NOBODY ON THE PLANET thought that Trump would get the nomination) and does anybody in his or her right mind actually think that Abby Martin is a major Trump fan (yeah, she hated Hillary but that was because she considered her not leftist ENOUGH!)? It's ludicrous (even for CNN and MSNBC).

Saturday, April 1, 2017

On the Fact that Sikhs In Great Britain Have Done a Great Job Succeeding (Both In Terms of Education and Employment) and Assimilating There but Muslim Immigrants Largely Have Not -

Yeah, my message to the Muslim community would be to analyze what the Sikhs are doing and to try and emulate it.............and if they can't, to move back to the Middle East, North Africa, etc........Common sense, no?

On the Notion that Later-Term Abortions Are Occasionally Needed to Save the Life of the Mother

Yeah, it's utter bullshit in that as Dr. Anthony Levatino (a former abortion doctor) has pointed out, a late-term abortion requires two to three hours to prepare the cervix and if a woman's life was truly in danger, she would probably die in the process ( It is much safer to induce delivery and, while, yeah, you end up with a live baby in the end, adoption is always a possibility.

On Muslim Bakers Who Refuse to Cater Gay Weddings

Yeah, something would have to give here (the fact that the leftists would be forced to pick a winner in this oppression Olympics event) and my suspicion is that the Muslim baker would probably emerge (the fact that the left sees Muslims as victims of the West and possibly more deserving of deference). Just a wild guess. 

Friday, March 31, 2017

On the Fact that One of the Main Purposes of the Emancipation Proclamation Was to Promulgate a Series of Slave Insurrections

Yeah, it was a massive failure in that regard, in that even though it would have been extremely easy for the slave population to revolt during the Civil War (the fact that most white men were off fighting and the slaves could have easily overtaken both the towns and the plantations), it never did (in fact, most Southern blacks - freedmen AND slaves - remained loyal to Dixie and only a minuscule number defected to the North). Hmm, could it have possibly been that they knew about Lincoln's plan for colonization and said, "fuck him"? That would be one of my guesses.

On the Fact that the Left Is Hammering Mike Pence Because the Dude Apparently Doesn't Feel Comfortable Dining Alone with a Woman Who Isn't His Wife

So, for not being a Bill Clinton replica, in other words. Interesting (not to mention, intelligent, in that with all of the political correctness these days, why risk it?).

On the Fact that CNN's Average Viewership Is 723,000 -

The fact of the matter is that if it wasn't for the buckeroos that these assholes get from cable deals, they'd be off the air now.......One more reason to get rid of cable.

On if Anthony Weiner Sings (and Throws Everybody from the Clintons to Jeffrey Epstein to Prince Andrew to Alan Dershowitz Under the Bus)

Yeah, he's gonna require some major witness protection if that happens. MAJOR.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

On the Fact that this Troglodytic and Piece-of-Shit Serial Child Molester (Denny Hastert) Was Once Two Heartbeats Away from Being the President of the United States (as Speaker of the House)

So, you still don't think that people of power and authority can be involved in this evil bullshit?......WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!!............Oh, and did I mention, one of the dude's best friends just happens to be Tony Podesta. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.   

On the Fact that Altogether, Senators Tammy Duckworth, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Cory Booker, Ted Cruz, Chuck Schumer, and Lindsay Graham Have Taken Over $3.1 Million Dollars In Contributions from the Israeli Lobby -

But it's Russia who's supposedly influencing American foreign policy. Give me a break!!...................................................................................................P.S. The Senator who's taken the least? Rand Paul. Twelve hundred bucks.


On the Fact that Obama's Oldest daughter, Malia, Allegedly Verbally Accosted a Gay Conservative Reporter at an Over 21 Private Club In New York City -

Kind of a little bitch, it seems (either that or the white dude didn't check his privilege).......And what in the hell was this chick doing at an over 21 club in this first place (yes, it's legal for somebody under 21 to drink in New York but the liquor has to be provided by a parent and it's clear that Barack and Michelle weren't there)? Getting special treatment? 'Cause that's what it looks like.

On the Fact that the Ryan Healthcare Plan Accepts the Faulty Notions that a) Accepting Preexisting Conditions Is the Same as Insurance and b) Insurance Is the Only Way to Cover Most Healthcare Expenditures

Yeah, this is Obamacare Lite for sure/additional evidence that the Republicans are a cadre of spineless statist weasels (save for fellows like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie) whose singular goal is to get reelected and the future be damned (over $200,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities and this is the best that these schmucks can come up with?). 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On if Germany Had Won WW1

First off, it wouldn't have been a decisive victory in that this sucker had "stalemate" written all over it. But let's just say that the Germans had won, what would they have secured? A piece of France? A section of Belgium? So fucking what!! They wouldn't have been able to hold it (folks don't like being occupied and generally revolt against it) and I would have much rather had that than the rise of Hitler and Lenin (dictators that only could have risen to power from the chaos, dislocations, and unfair ending that this war brought about)......but, alas, President Wilson didn't have this foresight and it was through U.S. involvement that a) the punitive Treaty of Versailles was arrived at and b) the Russians were goaded into staying in the conflict. Great job, Woody.    

On the Fact that Laura Silsby's Lawyer, Jorge Puello, Was Also Ultimately Arrested for Human Trafficking -

In the old days, shit like this used to be investigated by the media (Mike Wallace and "60 Minutes", for example). NOT ANYMORE (not if it involves the Clintons at least)!!!

On Ben Shapiro's Claim that Hitler Gave a Shitload of Speeches About Wanting to Murder All the Jews and that Because of this, We Really Don't Need a Paper-Trail for the Holocaust

There is zero evidence for this claim (and you'd think that he could come up with at least one transcript for these speeches) and, I'm sorry, extraordinary accusations (the claim that 800,000 Jews were gassed to death via diesel, buried, dug up, cremated outdoors, and reburied, for example) require some extraordinary evidence. Put up or shut up, Ben...........................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not saying that Hitler was a great fellow (in truth, he was a dictator the likes of which no self-respecting libertarian could ever get behind), just that (like with a lot of these leaders; Milosevic, Hussein, Assad, Putin, etc.) his life has been ridiculously distorted in an effort to preserve some state-sponsored historical narrative (you have to justify 60,000,000 deaths and the loss of Eastern Europe somehow, no?), that's all.   

On the Fact that In a Saner Era, Rand Paul Would Have Gotten the Republican Nomination (and Not a Narcissistic and Buffoonish Reality TV Star), Jim Webb Would Have Gotten the Democratic Nomination (and Not a Corrupt and Cynical War-Mongering Bitch), Austin Petersen Would Have Gotten the Libertarian Nomination (and Not an Ignorant and Insular Pot-Head), and Nobody Would Have Gotten the Green Party Nomination Because an Entity as Idiotic as that Wouldn't Exist

But alas, we are far from sane and even further removed from critical thought. Just look at us. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On the Fact that Just Three Short Years Ago, NBC News (Back When it Was Doing Actual News) Reported THIS

    So, ya' still think that pedophilia and human-trafficking among the political elites in our government is a "fake news" story? I don't (and haven't for a while).

On the Fact that as Long as Scott Pelley Draws Breath, the Dude Will Forever Be Associated with the Seven Little Words, "Why Would You Trust the Campaign (the Fact that Pelley Seemingly Took as Gospel the Clinton Narrative that Hillary Keeled Over Due to Pneumonia)?"

It's one thing to lose a battle but when you lose one in which you aren't just a participant but the referee as well, yeah, that's real bad.

On the Fact that Approximately 500 Children (a Large Chunk of Them Being Black and Hispanic) Have Gone Missing in the Washington D.C. Area In Just the Past Three Months Alone -

Oh, and if you're going to try and label this, "fake news", you just might want to take it up with the Congressional Black Caucus and other prominent blacks in that they've apparently asked the Trump Justice Department to investigate it. I'm certain that they'd love to discuss it with you.

On the Fact that YouTube Is Apparently Censoring LGBT Videos Now (Placing Them On Restrictive Mode) -

I tried to warn the leftists that once you go down this anti-free-speech road, the possibility of it coming back to bite you in the ass is exceedingly likely (granted, I didn't think that it would happen this quickly and I certainly didn't think that it would come at the hands of a fellow SJW but still).......but of course they didn't listen. How sad.

On the Fact that There Is Larceny In the Human Heart and so of Course When You Tell Someone that He Can Force His Neighbor to Pay for His Medical Bills, HE WILL SAY YES!!!!!

Not that the government would ever exploit this of course.......Yeah, right.

Monday, March 27, 2017

On the Fact that Among the Sites that Harvard University Has Deemed to Be Fake News Is

So, the people who saw through the WMD narrative from day one is fake news but the outlet ("The New York Times") that peddled the bullshit and rallied the country to get behind a totally unnecessary war isn't? Yeah, I would say that that is majorly fucked up.

On Scott Pelley Chastising Mike Cernovich Last Night on "60 Minutes" for the Latter's "Mrs. Clinton Has Parkinson's" Story

While I agree with Pelley that this story was way too conjectural and that Mike probably should have sat on the thing (the fact that the main source for it was a doctor who never personally examined Mrs. Clinton), I don't seem to recall Pelley or any other mainstream media "court reporter" calling out the numerous leftists who claimed that Mr. Trump was "insane" based on equally flimsy evidence. Hm, I must have missed it.........................................................................................................P.S. I also can't help but think that Pelley was driven a wee-bit by jealousy in that Cernovich has nearly 30 times as many Twitter followers as "60 Minutes" and that he was simply trying to discredit the guy but whatever.    

On the Doltish Congresswoman, Maxine Waters, Recently Accusing Vladimir Putin of "Advancing Into Korea (North or South, the Bitch Didn't Specify)" -

............with the sole purpose of this moron's continued presence apparently being to make Nanci Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren seem cogent by comparison. A job well done.

On the Fact that Bullshit Artist, Brian Williams, Still Has a Career in Journalism

If you can call working for MSNBC, "a career in journalism", I guess.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

On the Fact that Some of Donald Trump's Critics Are so Moronic that They Actually Believe that the Dude's Sons Killed a Woolly Mammoth, a Saber Toothed Tiger, and a Triceratops

   Yes sir, that's a special kind of stupid.

My All-Time Favorite American Impressionist?

Yeah, for a long time it was Frank Weston Benson followed closely by John Singer Sargent. But ever since I found out about North Shore artist, Marguerite Pearson.......Please, check her out -

Nice, huh (with more beautiful pieces at -

Saturday, March 25, 2017

On the Fact that Just Prior to the Civil War (According to Komozi Woodard's Seminal Volume, "A Nation Within a Nation"), Racism Was So Nasty in the Northern State of Illinois (Lincoln's Old Stomping Grounds) that the White Inhabitants There Actually Threatened a "War of Extermination" if the Black Citizens (and, No, There Weren't that Many of Them Because of the Stringent Black Codes) Were Given Equal Rights

Not surprising in that as most of the evidence shows, the North was a far more racist region (one of the reasons that they got ride of slavery first - in addition to those relative to climate, economy, etc. - was that they simply didn't want to be around black folks) and, yes, a far more dangerous one, too (the fact that blacks could be arrested and punished for just about everything; including simply passing through some of the states).  

On the Fact that American Troops In Afghanistan Are Being Forced to Look the Other Way When Adult Afghani Men Are Raping Young Boys and Maintaining Them as Sex Slaves

Yeah, we need to get the hell out of there, 'cause if we can't address that shit.............

On Trump Versus the Left

I find this whole thing a bit perplexing in that if you take the time to look at his positions, he's actually kind of a leftist himself. For example, the dude's a) a protectionist, b) a believer in the graduated income tax (the first $50,000 tax free, as I recall), c) a person who wants an enormous infrastructure project (bigger than Obama's, for Christ!), d) a person who while he denigrated Obamacare has seeming signed on to something virtually identical, and e) someone who wants to establish a brand new entitlement relative to child care and family leave. No, it's not a down-the-line leftist agenda but it's certainly close enough to where you would think that the left could at least work with the guy, no?............Oh and, yeah, he eviscerated George W. Bush. That alone should give him some cred.

On the Fact that Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Already Eclipsed Bush and Obama Derangement Syndromes and We're Only a Couple of Months Into it

 Yeah, I haven't seen this much vitriol directed at an office-holder in a long, long time; maybe never. And while, no, I can't say that I'm a big fan of the dude, either, can we at least a) not get completely hysterical and plant our damned flags 24/7 and b) realize that his opponent for this office was an extraordinarily corrupt, dishonest, and war-mongering piece of garbage whose commitment to the 1st and 2nd Amendments seemed tepid at best? A little perspective, in other words. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

On the Fact that Only a Dullard, Liar, or Propagandist Would Have the Balls to Go Around Holding President Trump to the Literal Definition of Wire-Tap When Anybody with Even an Iota of Common Sense Should Have Known that What He Meant Was General Surveillance (i.e., that He Was Being Spied Upon)

And yet this is exactly what the brain-disordered schmucks and douche-bags at CNN and MSNBC are doing; HOLDING HIM TO THE LITERAL DEFINITION OF WIRE-TAPPING!!!.......................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not saying that Trump was justified in popping off like that in that it is almost always better to keep one's powder dry (or to steal a phrase from Al Pacino in "Glengarry Glen Ross" - "You don't open your mouth until you know what the shot is"). But to try and paint the guy as some sort of lunatic when it now appears that he was probably more right than wrong is just more Trump Derangement Syndrome" and little else. 

On 1960s Hong Kong Screen Beauty/Sex Symbol, Nancy Kwan

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

On the Fact that the Neocon Pundit, Ben Shapiro, Finally Came Out and Acknowledged that the U.S. Helped to Facilitate the Ouster of Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and, Guess What, the Fellow Supported it!!!!!

Ben is a brilliant guy and I certainly wouldn't want to debate him but this was way beyond the pale; this whole warped notion that the U.S. government can go around deposing world leaders simply because we don't like them. I mean, how in the hell is THAT conservative (Russell Kirk spinning in his grave), for Christ?

My Top 10 Favorite Democrats of All Time

10) Lee Hamilton - a foreign policy expert (during his time in the Congress) and a man of pristine integrity. 9) Ed Koch - the gritty and no-nonsense former Mayor of New York City. 8) John Glenn - an American hero and moderate former Senator from Illinois. 7) Jim Webb - a war hero, former Secretary of the Navy, and former bipartisan Senator from Virginia. 6) Robert F. Kennedy - one of the finest Attorney Generals in U.S. history and a distinguished former Senator from New York. 5) William Proxmire - a fiscal hawk and former bipartisan Senator from Wisconsin. 4) John F. Kennedy - a hard-core anti-Communist and fiscal conservative former U.S. President. 3) Richard Daley - arguably the greatest big city Mayor in U.S. history and a person not to fuck with. 2) Al Smith - a conservative anti New Deal former Presidential candidate and outstanding Governor of New York. 1) Grover Cleveland - the last of the Jeffersonian Democrats and possibly the last non-imperial President in U.S. history.............And they're all dead except for Hamilton and Webb....Speaks volumes, huh?         

On Amy Schumer's Netflix Special Massively Bombing and Her Blaming President Trump for it

Maybe, but I strongly suspect that it has more to do with the fact that a) her "look at me, I'm a slut" routine is getting stale, b) the nonstop SJW and third-wave feminism bullshit is simply too burdensome to digest, and c) she was never really all that funny to begin with (funnier than Samantha Bee and Lena Dunham but not by a lot)....That would be my guess anyway. 

On Kissinger Protege, Samantha Power, Going in Front of the U.N. and Condemning the Referendum in Crimea to Rejoin Russia

So it's OK for the U.S. and N.A.T.O. to depose the democratically-elected government of Ukraine and replace it with a bunch of neo-Nazi slantheads but it isn't OK for the people of Crimea to vote to rejoin Russia without an ounce of blood being spilled? Yeah, that's fucked up.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historians Lochlainn Seabrook and John W. Blassingame) Most of the 60 White Victims of Nat Turner's Sociopathic Killing-Spree Were Non-Slaveholders and/or Abolitionists

Yeah, this is what happens when you think that God is talking to you AND when you listen to maniacs like William Lloyd Garrison whose publication, "The Liberator", was filled with disgusting lies and vitriolic anti-South rhetoric (the fact of the matter is that gradual emancipation was seriously being discussed in the South and, yes, was brought to a near halt due to this bat-shit craziness). YOU KILL PEOPLE!! YOU KILL CHILDREN!! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Historians Lochlainn Seabrook, Eli Evans, and Benjamin Quarles and the Web-Site, In January, 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis Sent His Secretary of State, Judah P. Benjamin, to Europe to Declare the South's Commitment to Abolition (In Exchange for Recognition) but Was Rebuffed Because the Plan Was for Gradual and Not Immediate Emancipation

Yeah, this was almost a year prior to the Thirteenth Amendment. And to all of the Yankee apologists who proclaim that was simply an act of desperation on the South's part, a) even if it was it shows that the South thought more of independence than they did of maintaining slavery and b) at the time that this offer was being devised in 1864, the South was still very much in the war. Yeah, there were maybe some preservational elements involved but it was a serious proposal and certainly far more magnanimous that Lincoln's bogus Emancipation Proclamation which didn't free a single slave. 

On the Fact that Some SJW Professor from Harvard Recently Came Out with a List of Fake News Sites and One of Them Was Wikileaks; an Outfit that Just Deals with Documents, NONE OF WHICH HAVE SHOWN TO BE FAKE, NOT ONE!

She also put on the list and boy does that ever tell you something now doesn't it? 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

On the Fact that Senator Sanders's Effective Tax Rate in 2014 Was 13.5%

Speaking of people who need to pony-up a little more, huh?

On Lawrence O'Donnell's Claim that Since Mr. Trump Took an Oath of Office, He Is Technically Under Oath for the Duration of His Presidency, and so When the Fellow Lies He Can be Impeached for it

Yeah, this just might be the most insane comment in the history of political punditry; worse than Maddow, worse than Hannity, worse than Limbaugh, worse than Maddow's twin, Chris Hayes. I mean, does he just not realize that all fucking 44 Presidents would have been impeached if this was the criteria? And even the "lie" that he picked out for this little diatribe wasn't all that blatant (the fact that Trump used the anachronistic term, wire tap, and even used mainstream media sources for his assertion that Obama had spied on him). Look, I get it, O'Donnell and the rest of his fellow ramrods at MSNBC hate Trump (hell, I'm not all that thrilled with him, either) and want to get rid of the guy but this is soooooooo not the way to do it (not in a Western representative Democracy at least).  

And the Humiliation Continues does my enjoyment of it. Thank you, indeed!!

On the "Death-Gap" (the Fact that a Man Is 13 Times More Likely to Die on the Job than a Woman Is)

Yeah, this is one aspect of "toxic masculinity" that the feminists seem to be totally OK with....Have ya' noticed?

On the Fact that We Can Now Officially Add Neocon Pundit Ben Shapiro's Name to the Long List of People Who When They Mention the Fact that Russia Invaded Eastern Ukraine, They Conveniently Leave Out the Precursor Fact that the U.S. and N.A.T.O. Conspired to Depose the Freely Elected Leader of Ukraine and Install Instead Some Neo-Nazi Western Stooge, an Act that Obviously Destabilized the Entire Country

And zero-push back from the press. Not surprising. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

On the Fact that if You Go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Web-Site and Type in Texas, California, or Any Other Major State You Will See a Picture for Pretty Much Every Missing Child but if You Type in Virginia You Will Notice that Close to Half of the Missing Children from There Do NOT Have a Picture -

To say that this is suspicious is putting it mildly, for not only does Virginia (the state that is closest to Washington D.C.) have the highest per capita number of missing kids, they don't appear to be in any sort of hurry to find them, either (most other states if they can't provide a photo will at least try and provide an etching). Hopefully the authorities can make more sense out of this than I can......and, yes, make a few busts as well.

On the Fact that We Actually Have Elected Officials In Washington Who Are LITERALLY Going Senile Before Our Very Eyes

Article 1, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution says that a Senator or Congressman can be expelled from office by a two-thirds vote of their respective body. The only problem here is that the charges seem to revolve around disloyalty and not incapacity. Hm, I guess that I'm gonna have to dig a wee-bit deeper on this one.