Sunday, December 7, 2014

On the Fact that the U.S. Commanders at Pearl Harbor had Essentially Lined Up All of Our Aircraft Carriers and Battleships in a Row (Battleship Row), Thereby Making their Destruction that Much Easier For the Japanese

Government work?


BB-Idaho said...

A poor strategy in hindsight. Our
small town has five Pearl Harbor
survivors. The old fellows were wheeled out a couple years back for a ceremony, and like true
survivors, they survived the two
F-15s out of Mountain Home that
streaked up river and blew most of us over.

BB-Idaho said...

In 1941 the Japanese had the best
Navy air arm in the world. More that the ineptitude at Pearl Harbor was Singapore, where all
the big guns pointed seawards and 80,000 British and Colonial troops surrendered to less than half their number. When it was learned that the Japanese Army
practiced bayoneting prisoners and civilians both, Allied resolve