Thursday, December 18, 2014

On the Fact that FDR Would Only Negotiate With Japan (the Goal of Japan Being an Easing Up of U.S. Sanctions) if the Japanese Conceded to Vacate Manchuria

Totally unreasonable. a) It was unheard of for one country to dictate terms up front like that and b) it was exceedingly hypocritical in that, while, yes, the Japanese were engaged in atrocities on the Chinese mainland, so, too, were the British in India, the French in Algeria, and the Soviets in Ukraine. I mean, I know that FDR was itching to get us involved in Europe and that the dude probably saw this as a back way in but war is almost always bullshit (the Japanese in China - bad, the English in India - not so bad) and this, the "good war", was no exception.

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dmarks said...

And the Soviet atrocities in Ukraine have a sequel in Putins entirely unprovoked invasion of and conquest of parts of that country.

Unprovoked? Let's check the history books for instances of Ukraine invading Russia.