Saturday, December 6, 2014

On Bill O'Reilly Recommending Bret Stephens's New Book, "America in Retreat"

Every time that I start to think that this guy (Bill O'Reilly) isn't so bad, he does something like this. Bret Stephens is full of shit, folks; a neoconservative chicken-hawk of the highest magnitude and an individual who is borderline paranoid. a) America is hardly in retreat (we have troops on virtually every continent, are involved in numerous conflicts, and are dropping bombs all over the planet). b) American intervention already has a long and storied history of unintended consequences and so why in the hell would we add to it by wasting more in terms of  blood and treasure? And c) it was this fellow's philosophy and strategy that got us into the shit in Iraq in the first instance. WHY, PRAY TELL, would anybody in his right mind suggest that we listen to additional BS- WHY?

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