Friday, February 22, 2019

On President Trump Continuing with the Obama Policy of Trying to Get Homosexuality Decriminalized Worldwide and the Hard-Left, Instead of Praising Him for this, Accusing the Guy of, Yep, You Got it, BEING RACIST (the Fact that a Lot of the Countries Who Outlaw Homosexuality are Third-World Countries) - this Despite the Fact that They Never Once Accused Obama of Such Foolishness -

Yeah, I think that we can officially say that
 there is nothing that Trump could ever do that would please these leftists. NOTHING...……………………………………………………………………...P.S. And, no, this doesn't even make sense according to their own intersectional philosophy in that being a third-world homosexual easily bests being a third-world straight person on the oppression-scale. Wow, I guess that their hatred of Trump tops 'em both.  

On Rod Rosenstein Authoring the Memo that Helped Get Jim Comey Fired and Then Later Colluding with the Equally Loathsome Andrew McCabe On Some Bullshit Obstruction Case Where One of the Specific Complaints Was the Firing of Comey I SHIT YOU NOT!!!

These deviants were engaging in nothing less than a soft coups and I would not wish to be in their shoes AT ALL (you know, being that the penalty for treason is death), the traitorous bastards.

On the Fact that that British Muslim Girl Who Left to Join ISIS Four Years Ago Apparently Want to Come Back Home to England

Yeah, my strong suspicion is that this is only because ISIS got its ass handed to in Iraq and Syria and that if the situation had turned out better there, she would have stayed (that and she named her fucking son after a 13th Century pedophilic warlord but I digress). Just common sense.

On Andrew McCabe Claiming that Trump Had Attempted to Obstruct the Mueller Investigation (the Black-Hats Have Seemingly Given Up On Collusion and Are Now Desperately Focusing On Collusion) and that this Was Somehow Justification for that Investigation to Continue (this Despite the Fact that No Predicate Crime Had Been Articulated)

Add to that the fact that McCabe is on the record as saying (to Senator Rubio during his Senate testimony, May of 2017) that there was no obstruction from the executive branch and that the investigation was proceeding accordingly...….So, was he lying then or is he lying now? Gotta' be one or the other, folks.

On the Fact that When I Was Young People Would Lie About NOT Being a Victim (Folks Actually Had Some Pride Back Then) and Now You Have Idiots Like this Smollett Fool Not Only Lying About Being One but Concocting Some Ludicrous Scenario In an Effort to Convince Us of it

Of course he also tried to have it both ways when he emphasized how he fought back which made the whole "script" even more uproarious...….That and he also fucked up the ending. Big time.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

On the Fact that If You're Not Smart Enough to See Through the Jussie Smollett Bullshit, You're Probably Not Smart Enough to Be the U.S. President, Either

And did you see these two morons? Right out of the gate they called the Smollett story, "a modern-day lynching" and now that the whole thing looks like a hoax, they're suddenly all about being cautious and waiting for the facts to come in. Fortunately for them the press will more than likely give them a free-pass but, still, their Presidential prospects after this have clearly taken a big hit and thank the Lord, I say.

On Two Hispanic Marines Getting Savagely Beaten by Ten Antifa Lunatics (Five to One Odds, per Usual) and the Media Ignores it Because it Doesn't Fit Their Narrative -

The pieces of shit even threw out racial epithets such as "spic" and "wetback" and it still wasn't enough for the outrage mob (mediaites, celebrities, Twitter dildos, etc.) to take a stand (this while they viciously went after the Covington kids simply for smiling at some jerkoff fool while waiting for a bus). Pitiful, huh?