Friday, January 15, 2021

On the Fact that Once You Embrace Violence for One Cause, You Get Violence PERIOD......and this Is What We're Seeing Now, Sadly

The low-IQ shits from the Slimes, Compost, CNN, MSLSD, etc. are of course turning themselves into crop-circles trying to make a distinction BUT IT JUST DOESN'T TAKE. Just ask the widow of Dave Dorn. She'll set you straight.

The CDC On Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Vaccine

"While studies have not yet been done, 'experts' BELIEVE mRNA vaccines like COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to pose a risk for pregnant people."......Well as long as they believe it, I guess.......Yeah, right.

On the Fact that Steven Colbert Has Gone from Being One of the Funniest Individuals In Human History (His Old Program On Comedy Central Was Side-Splitting, I Swear) to an Abject Shill Who Kisses the Backside of Every Available Democrat and Who's Now About as Humorous as Constipation

And it isn't just him. I've seen a lot of comedians go full-thoated SJW (Amy Schumer, Patton Oswalt, Samantha Bee, etc.) and it just ain't funny (assuming here that laughter is the goal - a huge assumption, for certain). Not for me anyway.

Quick Note to Chris Cuomo

I strongly suspect that the families of David Dorn and David Patrick Underwood (both of whom were slaughtered during those slantheaded riots of last summer) would have probably preferred that those "protests" had been a bit more "peaceful", "polite", etc........As an answer to your question, I'm suggesting.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

On the Fact that Trump Has Denounced the Capitol Riots Seven or Eight Times Now............but it Doesn't Matter In that He Could Denounce Them Seven BILLION Times and it Still Wouldn't Be Enough for the Feral Leftists (Only His Head On a Platter Would Satisfy Their Rage)

And all this while we're still waiting for Kamala Harris to denounce the black lives matter and antifa riots of last summer in which hundreds of businesses were destroyed and dozens of people slaughtered JUST ONCE! Oh yeah, there's a double-standard alright.

On the Fact that Humans (In Our Various Forms) Have Been Able to Deal with Pathogens of All Types for Millions of Years Through Our Immune Systems............and so WHY All of a Sudden In 2020 Have We Abandoned this Natural Order and Replaced it with a Litany of Policies that as Recently as Two Years Ago We Would Have Laughed at and Viewed as Borderline Voodoo?

Raw politics (i.e., the quest to destroy Trump), idiocy, and the tendency of governments to use emergencies as an excuse to ratchet up their power ("Crisis and Leviathan" by Robert Higgs - must reading if you care about liberty) - some combination of those three, would be my guess.

On Michelle Obama Now Saying that Trump Needs to Be Banned from All Social Media

So a former first lady is arguing that the current President of the United States should not be able to communicate with the American people. Wow, that's insane and, please, tell me again why we're supposed to admire this lady 'cause I just don't get it. At all.