Thursday, December 1, 2016

On Being Called Transphobic Simply for Not Believing that an Individual Can Magically Change His or Her Gender

I have zero problem with trans-people and support equal rights (I'll even call a male to female tranny, she, if it makes HER happy) but I will not concede that an individual who was born a male (i.e., a human who's only non-Y chromosomes ironically reside in his sperm cells) can suddenly become a female simply because "he" undergoes a series of surgical mutilations, dangerous hormonal therapies, mental gymnastics, etc.. Sorry but that's a bridge too far for me. 

On the Fact that a Significant Portion of the American Left Is Currently Praising Castro (Posthumously Now, Thank the Lord), a Tyrant and Mass Murderer, While Simultaneously Vilifying Trump


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

On the Fact that We Still Don't Know How Trump and Pence Were Able to Retain Those Thousand Carrier Jobs in Indiana

It makes a difference (the fact that if it was due to Trump's economic policies, that would be good but if it was more a by-product of cronyism and coercion, yeah, not so much) and, besides, the American citizens have a right to know - the bottom-line.  

On the Fact that in 1955 (According to the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy; June of 2003), the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas (Just this One Casino) Had More Gambling Action than the Entire Island of Cuba Did (with Gambling Being but a Tiny Fraction of that Country's GDP)

So much for Meyer Lansky and the mob running Cuba and the warped belief that a person can best learn the history of pre-Castro Cuba by watching "The Godfather 2" (a la, Michael Moore, Jon Stewart, etc.).

On the Fact that in the the Perverse Mind of the Modern Feminist, Any Sexual Act, Even One in Which There Is No Force, No Inequality, and No Coercion, Can in Fact Be Considered Rape, Depending Upon the Woman's Mind-Set, a Paradigm in Which One Can Quite Literally Assert a Lack of Consent SECONDS AFTER IT WAS GIVEN

So men have to be mind-readers, I guess.......Good luck with that.

On the Fact that Ms. Magazine Recently Compared America's University Administrations to ISIS

That is full-bore insanity. To even suggest that America's colleges are on a par with ISIS, a murderous, barbaric, and slant-headed organization that uses not just sexual torture but torture across the board and kills people for the most preposterous of slights, IS LUDICROUS. If anything, these colleges and their administrations have bought hook, line, and sinker the entire feminist philosophy and are sticking to the male students (males getting kicked out of school because the chick has a change of heart the next morning and claims that she was raped).......ISIS, yeah, not so much. 

On the Bizarre Notion that the American Founding Fathers Eliminated British Rule Just so that They Could Reestablish a Strong Central Authority of Their Own

Yeah, I really think that we need to start teaching logic in school 'cause this is pure bullshit (the fact that anybody could come to this fascistic fantasy and expect to be taken seriously AND ARE)................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the major stumbling block here is the public school system itself in that the state clearly has a vested interest in continuing the paradigm that they and only they should retain the reins of power.