Saturday, January 20, 2018

On the Slavery Reparations for Blacks

It's a ludicrous idea. a) The black slaves who came to North America had already been enslaved by their fellow Africans and so if their is a bill to be paid, at the very least it needs to be divvied-up. b) The slaves who did come to North America were the luckiest one in that the ones who either stayed in Africa or who were shipped off to South America or the Middle East (where the male slaves were castrated) were absolutely brutalized. c) The descendants of these North American slaves are far, FAR better off than the ones who stayed in Africa and if you question that just look at per the capita income, infant mortality, education, and life expectancy stats and compare. And d) we've already dished out humongous amounts of reparations in the form of countless welfare programs, affirmative action, aid to cities, etc., etc.. Enough, for Christ.

On the Fact that Even Though Claude Kitchin (the Democratic Leader of the House), Bob LaFollette, and William Jennings Bryan Also Spoke Out Strenuously Against WW1, it Was Only Eugene V. Dibbs Among Them that the Wilson Administration Prosecuted for Sedition

What does that say about Wilson? It tells me that he was a mean-spirited scoundrel and opportunist who knew that he could never get away with pursuing the other three and so he went after the poor bastard who nobody particularly liked and who nobody would defend if he was railroaded (and make no mistake about it, the dude was railroaded). Literally a piece of shit, in other words.

. On the Fact that Even Though the British Would Have Come to the Aid of France (Circa 1914) Regardless of What the Germans May Have Done In Belgium (Which In Truth Was a but a Tiny Fraction of What the Brits Had Asserted), it Was this German Violation of Belgian Neutrality that the British Most Emphasized During Their 24/7 Propaganda Campaign to Justify Their Own War-Mongering, Attempts to Lure the U.S. Into the Quagmire, etc.

And then the Brits wondered why the American people turned against them for the better part of a decade after the conflict (though, no, not long enough to prevent us from falling from a fresh, even more robust onslaught of propaganda circa 1939 and '40). Unreal, this level of British stupidity.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

On the Fact that President Wilson's Secretary of the Treasury, William Gibbs McAdoo, Wrote THIS to His Boss In April of 1917

"You have done a great thing nobly! I firmly believe that IT IS GOD'S WILL (emphasis mine) that America should do this transcendent service for humanity throughout the world and that you are His chosen instrument."......So there we see it yet again; some dirtbag politician attempting to tell us that God is pulling the strings for war. You'd think that we would see through this bullshit............and yet, yeah, not so much. How sad.