Tuesday, November 25, 2014

On MMA Contender, Ricardo Lamas

Ricardo Montalban and Fernando Lamas had a kid together? Well I'll be damned.

On the Four Bobby Chacon - Rafael "Bazooka" Limon Fights

They made Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan seem like Jainist Meditationals.

All-Time Favorite 20th Century Democrats (In No Particular Order)

Al Smith, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, William Proxmire, John Glenn, Bill Daley Sr., Ed Koch, Sam Nunn, Bennett Johnston, Paul Tsongas, John Breaux, Lee Hamilton, Dennis DeConcini, Robert F. Kennedy, David Boren, Bill Clinton, Lloyd Bentsen, Jimmy Carter (his pre-anti-Semitic days, of course), William Jennings Bryan, Rush D. Holt, Fritz Hollings, Howell Heflin (with apologies to dmarks), Birch Bayh, Doug Wilder, Evan Bayh, Zell Miller (before the man went fully insane, I'm saying), Kent Conrad, Erskine Bowles, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ed Rendell, Alice Rivlin, Richard Lamm, Chuck Robb

On the Fact that those Rioters, Hooligans, And Looters in Ferguson Apparently Burnt Down a Predominantly Black Church Last Night

The biggest mistake last night was not arresting the first couple of trouble-makers and giving these protesters the much-needed message that lawlessness of this sort would not be tolerated. I mean, could you even begin to imagine the first Mayor Daley putting up with this bullshit? Or Mayor Koch?......As for the burning of churches, how ironic is that?

On the Moronic Wilsonian Strategy of Redrawing Political Borders

It was yet another egregious blunder that contributed to WW2. And, yes, I cite specifically here the way that the West cobbled together Czechoslovakia with Southern Slovaks, Hungarians, etc. and had these folks rule over the traditionally Germanic lands of Bohemia, Moravia, and the Sudetenland (all told, some 3.5 million Germans). Of course, when I articulate, "rule over", I'm talking about Czech soldiers murdering German protesters, firing German workers from jobs in the government and from German-owned enterprises, closing down German schools, etc.. We in the West like to talk about "self-determination" but when Wilson created this highly centralized and make-shift government, he was a) doing the absolute opposite and b) providing Hitler with a convenient and even plausible reason for invading it. Thank you, Wilson!

On Al Sharpton Apparently Owing Mountains in Back-Taxes

I swear to God. I could literally subsist on this type of high-caloric irony (the moron of course denies it and claims that the New York Times is out to get him).

Monday, November 24, 2014

Note to the Rioters in Ferguson

And destroying businesses in your own neighborhood, many of them owned by black folks, is honoring the memory of Michael Brown....how exactly?