Friday, October 21, 2016

On the Fact that Pop Icon, Carole King, Once Serenaded Fidel Castro with "You've Got a Friend" (Circa 2002)

I'm guessing that Ms. King never spent any time in the cockroach and rat-infested three by six punishment cells that had zero sanitation and in which you were provided perilously little to eat or drink. Just a wild guess.

On Ana Rodriguez, Miriam Ortega, Isabel Tejera, Nelly Rojas, Olga Morgan, Georgina Cid, Caridad Roque, Sara Del Toro, Mercedes Pena, Aida Diaz Morejon, Agata Villarquide, Alicia Del Busto, and Albertina O'Farrill

Yeah, this is just a small sample of the thousands and thousands of women who were jailed and tortured for years by the Castro regime and I'll bet that 99% of you haven't heard of one of them. They've certainly never appeared on Oprah, Katie Couric's show, or The View and why is that? I mean, I understand that the media has a left-leaning bias and all but to not cover the imprisonment and torture of women seems unconscionable to me. 

On the Fact that (According to the Black Book of Communism) Fidel Castro's Regime Murdered (with Quite Literally No Judicial Process) Approximately 16,000 of its Citizens by Firing Squad (Mostly in the 1960s)

Yeah, that would have been like Nixon or LBJ mowing down 350,000 U.S. citizens and I seriously doubt that the New York Times, Newsweek, CNN, Reuters, and the rest of the Castro apologists would have been down with that.............At least I'm hoping not. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

On Mrs. Clinton Proclaiming with Certainty that it Was Russia Who Hacked Her Emails, Gave Them to Wikileaks, etc. (this, Despite the Fact that Julian Assange Has All but Admitted that Seth Rich - the Recently Murdered Seth Rich but I Digress - Was His Main Source)

Let's see, where have we seen her this certain before? Oh yeah, it was when she was on the floor of the Senate trying to convince her colleagues that Saddam Hussein had oodles of WMD (something that she would have known was dubious had she only perused the summary of the I.E.A.) and that we had to vaporize the fellow before he used 'em on us.......Thought that it sounded familiar.

On the Fact that it's Relatively Easy in this Country for a Woman to Destroy a Man When Filing for Divorce

Yeah, she just has to say that she's afraid of him. That's it. She'll get the kids, the house, massive amounts of child-support while the poor bastard has to work two jobs in perpetuity. Oh yeah, it's a man's world alright.

On the Fact that the Ultra Cringe-Worthy and Brain-Dead Feminist Youtuber, Laci Green, Continues to File Bogus Copyright Complaints Against Less Famous Youtubers Simply for Using Her Likeness

Of course the juiciest part of this whole sordid tale is the fact that Ms. Green herself uses other people's likenesses ALMOST EVERY DAY (in her lame videos).............Not that an SJW would ever do anything hypocritical, mind you.

On the Fact that Even Though the Odds-Makers Have Made Hillary a 5.7 to 1 Favorite, Alex Jones and Roger Stone Continue to Think (Argue, Even) that Trump Will Win in a Landslide

There are alternative universes and then there are ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES. Putting this on in the latter category.