Monday, February 8, 2016

On the Fact that They Now Call Windmills "Wind Turbines"

They can call 'em wind baby Jesuses and make 'em taller than the Empire State Building. They're still a) 14th Century technology and b) a monumental waste of taxpayer money. And who in his or her right mind thinks that the law of thermodynamics can be altered simply by changing what you call something (that whole lipstick on a pig metaphor)? That's nuts and, yes, to answer my own question here; politicians, that's who!

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Scholar, Christina Hoff Sommers) the One in Five Women Are Raped Figure Comes from a 2007 Internet Study Which a) Used Vaguely Worded Questions (Some Pertaining to Drunken Sex, for Example), b) Implemented a Non-Representative Sample, and c) Had an Exceedingly Low Response Rate

And yet leftist politicians like President Obama and Senator Gillibrand continue to spew this propaganda as if it was gospel (the real figure according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics being closer to 1 in 50). So frustrating.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Was a Member of the Young People's Socialist League and Actually Honeymooned in the Soviet Union

A lot of young people dabble in shit like this (me, included) BUT THEY FUCKING GROW OUT OF IT!!!! Yes, Trump and Cruz are lunatics but to say that the Democrats are sane when they have an inarticulate, economically illiterate socialist buffoon who's never had a private sector job in his entire life and who thinks that Siberia is romantic is nothing but pure partisan shit. Sorry but yes.

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Has Apparently Never Had a Private Sector Job

Well that explains a lot (his lack of respect private property, free markets, entrepreneurs, etc.), hey, folks?

On the Enrichment of Human Life Since 1800

It has been staggering in that virtually every indicator of well-being (GDP, per-capita income, life expectancy, infant mortality, the percentage of income spent on sustenance, etc.) has radically improved. And why has this (a skyrocketing improvement in human life after close to 40 millennia of abject misery) happened? I would argue that it has arisen primarily due to economic liberalization (secure property rights, free market capitalism, enforceable contracts, free trade, etc) and the discovery and utilization of cheap, reliable, and plentiful energy sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas. I mean, I understand that this is anathema to the left (a poison pill to their burning desire to control all of life) in that these are the things that they most want to get rid of but reality is sometimes painful and maybe its time for these bed-wetters to grow a pair, for Christ.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

On the Police and F.B.I. Killing of Lavoy Finicum in Oregon

We really need to get the dash-cam videos and audio in that that's only way to know for sure if the first shot came after Finicum reached for his body (which would have made it a righteous killing) or before it (which would have made it a murder; the reaching for the body probably being a reaching for his wound). And, yes, until that critical evidence (along with pictures of the vehicle, the autopsy findings, etc.) is made available, we should all probably keep our powder dry for a while. I am.

On Progressives Who Don't Just Tolerate Regressive Behavior but Defend it on the Grounds that All Religions and Cultures Are Equal

Yeah, I'm gonna go with, two parts racism, one part hypocrisy, 'cause you know for a fact that if the repressors where white Christians they would be condemning it 'til the cows came home (Arabs in their view being ill-equipped to modulate themselves, I guess). Yes siree Bob.