Sunday, February 19, 2017

On the Fact that Greer Garson and Henry Winkler Actually Went on Stage Together to Present an Award at the 1978 Oscars

Yeah, I was told that Ms. Garson's first two choices, Barney Rubble and Bullwinkle, simply weren't available that night......and so Plan C, I guess.

On the Fact that I Now "Identify" as an Attack-Helicopter

So, am I catching on?..............................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, you can rest assure that we will be discussing restrooms (along with a few other accommodations) in the not-to distant future. Big time.

On the Fact that Anthropogenic Climate Change Has Officially Become an Unfalsifiable Hypothesis (the Fact that Whatever Happens; More Rain/Less Rain, More Clouds/Less Clouds, etc., the Cause Is Human Activity and if You Even Begin to Question this Shit, You Will Be Slandered and Potentially Destroyed)

Welcome to 21st Century science, folks; a world in which a) only one side gets funded, b) the peer-review process has been hijacked by scoundrels, c) contrary scientists get unmercifully vilified, and d) the data continuously gets tortured in an effort to meet preordained, state-sanctioned conclusions. Thank you, politicians!!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

On the Fact that One of the Elementary Principles of Science Is that When You Understand a System, You Can Predict its Behavior

We clearly don't understand the climate (replete with its uncertainty) and for dullards like Barbara Boxer, Sheldon Whitehouse, Al Gore, and Barack Obama to imply that we do and that the debate is over is a total embarrassment. THE DEBATE IS NEVER OVER (the fact that they're still debating quantum mechanics and gravity for Christ sakes)!!  

On the Highly Caffeinated Trump Aide, Stephen Miller, Going on the Sunday Talk-Shows and Claiming that Trump Has Done More in Just Three Weeks than Many Presidents Have Done in Their Entire Presidency

First off, it's pure bullshit, but what if it wasn't? Is that the type of Presidency that we want; one that does a bunch of stuff rapid-fire, unilaterally, and without regard for any unintended consequences? It's certainly not the type of Presidency that I desire (especially after Bush and Obama).

On the Fact that the Last Confederate General to Surrender in 1865 Was a a Cherokee Indian Chief Named Stand Watie

Yeah, I never learned that in high school or college and I'll wager that you didn't either (the fact that it didn't fit the template and so of course they wouldn't include it?).

On the Fact that by June of 2015, President Obama Had Already Accumulated 23 Nine to Zero Losses Before the Supreme Court (More than Bush and Clinton Had Racked Up During Their Entire Presidencies)

And, so, yeah, when Chuck Schumer starts complaining about Trump and executive overreach (with some degree of justification), a quick history lesson please.