Saturday, July 22, 2017

On the Notion that Russia Wanted Trump to Win

Well, being that Mrs. Clinton has played a role in the destruction and destabilization of a number of countries in their neighborhood, has threatened Iran with a nuclear strike, has threatened Russia and Syria with a no-fly zone, and has been sabre-rattling and accusing Russia of all sorts of nefarious horseshit with zero evidence (Crowdstrike, really?), can you really blame 'em? I can't.

On the Fact that There Are Presently Two Bipartisan Bills Before Congress Which Will Essentially Make it Illegal for Americans to Support the Economic Boycott Against Israel

The fastest and surest way to get bipartisanship in Washington? Say one word; Israel.     

On the Fact that (According to Legendary Economist, Walter Williams) from 1890 to 1940, the Marriage Rate for Blacks in America Was Actually Higher than that of Whites

So much for slavery destroying the black family.

On the Fact that Police Shootings In New York City Were Reduced by 88% from the Years 1971 to 2012 (from 314 All the Way to 36) -

So this whole idea of cops going around murdering scores of innocent back men just for the fucking hell of it is absolute bullshit.......But we already knew that, right? Sane folks?

On the Fact that Only In the Warped Mind of the DNC Apologist/Partisan Nut-Job Would the Examination of a Murder Victim's Work Place Be Considered "a Conspiracy Theory" and Not What it Truly Is, Good Old-Fashioned Detective Work

Yeah, Mr. Rich gets shot twice in an area where there are a dozen street cameras and we still have zero suspects.......And the dude was conscious when the cops found him. WHAT DID HE SAY??? Surely the public can help here.......I mean, they do want the help, right?    

On the Fact that if Millions of White Europeans Had Flooded Into North Africa, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America AND Once They Arrived There Started Reproducing at a Rate Three to Four Times Higher than the Existing Population it Would Have Undoubtedly Been Viewed by SJWs as an Invasion and an Act of Imperialism and Yet with the Polar Opposite Running Roughshod AS WE SPEAK, Crickets

And, please, spare me the lame colonialism bromide. a) It was a long time ago, b) every race and culture engaged in it to a degree, c) not every aspect of colonialism was bad (the fact that white Europeans brought infrastructure, medicine, economic growth, education, trade, agriculture, an end to slavery, etc.), and d) it eventually came to an end. Try envisioning THAT today.