Thursday, August 21, 2014

On Colonel Ralph Peters Now Comparing the Obama Presidency to the Kremlin

Is there any level of hyperbole that this fucking schmuck WON'T descend to? Seemingly not.

On Spanish Actress/Goddess, Marian Aguilera Perez

One of the most beautiful women on the plant, period.

On the League of Nations

It is quite possibly the stupidest idea ever put forth by an American President (Woodrow Wilson). a) It only included those countries (and their friends) which fought on the winning side of WW1 (attaway to offer up peace and reconciliation, huh?). b) It was essentially just another form of alliance (the very same concept that plunged the world into war in the first place!) in which each of the member countries was obliged to come to the aid of the others if attacked. c) It allowed (and even fostered) trade and immigration restrictions (additional factors that led to the war). And d) it didn't even address the concept of civil wars and other forms of internal oppression (which is fine but if the goal of the organization was to eliminate all wars and make the world safe for democracy....). To say this entity was in any way, shape, or form an instrument of peace is a joke.......................................................................................P.S. And, yes, if a case can be made that Washington (who warmed us about "entangling alliances") and Eisenhower (who warned us about the "Military Industrial Complex") were America's two wisest Presidents, an equally solid case can be made that Wilson was the stupidest (just that Fiasco in Mexico alone is sufficient to make the grade).

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Note to Melissa Harris-Perry

According to the Center for Constitutional Rights and the elite law firm of Covington and Burling, African-Americans in New York City commit 73% of all shootings but only comprise 53% of the stops. Contrast this with Caucasians who commit 2.5% of all shootings and who comprise 9% of the stops. I mean, I know that you're not necessarily interested in a fact-based analysis here but, dude, this data clearly shows that a) African-Americans are actually stopped at a rate that is LOWER than their violent crime rate, b) Caucasians are actually stopped at a rate that is HIGHER than their violent crime rate and c) while it obviously doesn't fit your template here, sometimes you really do have to accommodate what's already in your damned brain rather than assimilating the newer shit 24/7/ad infinitum.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On Mosquitoes Trapped in Amber

How could something so creepy simultaneously be so breath-taking?

On MSNBC's Coverage of that Missouri Shooting

Not conclusion-jumping, racially divisive, anti-cop, sensationalized, and making-Sean-Hannity-look-halfway-fair-minded by-comparison enough.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Top 5 All-Time Favorite Live Albums (Yep, All Women)

10) Change - Sue Foley. 9) At the Ryman - Emmylou Harris. 8) The Isle of View - Pretenders. 7) Road Tested - Bonnie Raitt. 6) Live From Austin Texas - Neko Case. 5) Show - Allison Moorer. 4) One Fair Summer Evening - Nanci Griffith. 3) The Tigers Have Spoken - Neko Case. 2) Live From the BBC - Maria McKee. 1) Spyboy - Emmylou Harris.