Sunday, April 21, 2019

On the Fact that the Most Lethal One-Two Punch In NBA History (Jerry West and Elgin Baylor) Never Attained a Championship Together (West Finally Winning One In 1972)

They certainly came close (making the finals a half-dozen times) but every time those damned Celtics with Bill Russell, Sam Jones, etc. got in the way. If only, huh?

On the Fact that There Are Way Too Many People In this Country Who Do Not Value What They Have nor the Sacrifices of Those Who Came Before Them Who Made it All Possible

Yeah, what folks have to realize is that as recently as 1910 the average person in this country made less than $2 a day ( and had virtually none of the amenities that we now take for granted (everything from refrigeration and to computers)…...and while, yes, there is income inequality, not only are the poor people in this country better off than the middle class in numerous other countries, they're better off than royals were even three centuries ago, so, please stop the whining.

Colonel William O. Collins On the Heart and Soul of the Plains Indians (Quote from Stephen Ambrose's 1975 Book, "Crazy Horse and Custer")

" War with somebody is the natural state of an Indian people...….Every tribe has some hereditary enemies with whom it is always at war and against whom it makes regular expeditions to get scalps and steal ponies...….To heal these difficulties perfectly is impossible, as there is always some wrong unavenged. It is by war that they obtain wealth, position, and influence with the tribe. They young men especially look up to and follow the successful warrior rather than the wise and prudent chief."...……...So there you have it, folks, the often glorified "noble savage", no worse and yet certainly no better than us. And while we can clearly have sympathy for them, their fate was no different than the fate of numerous other peoples over the centuries whenever civilizations have clashed (with the more advanced one inevitably prevailing)…….and so, yeah, maybe after 150 years it is time to move on......and give the white-guilt a rest for a while. Simply a suggestion.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

On Kim Kardashian Now Saying that She Wants to "Help the World"

How 'bout laying low for a spell? That would help pretty much everybody, no?

On the Fact that the Price-Tag On California's Proposed Single-Payer Healthcare System Is Reportedly In the Neighborhood of $400,000,000,000 a Year, More than Double the Current Budget FOR EVERYTHING!! -

I'm at the point now where I'm kinda' hoping that they just secede (taking their subversive philosophy with them of course) and get it over with...….Just way too much insanity.

On the Fact that Over the Past Eight Years, There Have Been Over 118,000 Reported Cases of Public Defecation In San Francisco (with Many More Undoubtedly Not Being Reported) -

While I am far from an expert on public policy, don't you think that this problem could be greatly reduced by a) more public restrooms and b) some sort of statute that makes it illegal to, you know, SHIT ON THE STREETS!!!!!…..That and maybe don't hand out so many freebies to the homeless in that has probably made the city some sort of Mecca/magnet for the down and out - simply a suggestion.

Friday, April 19, 2019

On CBS's SJW-Drenched Train-Wreck of a Program, "The Good Fight", Essentially Telling Their Viewers that it's OK to Dox, Financially Destroy, and Perpetrate Violence Upon Anybody Who Deviates from Their Prescribed Political Bromides (to Punish Dissenters, In Other Words)

I can't believe that their lawyers signed off on this in that it was essentially a call to violence. Hopefully no one follows suit on their idiotic advice because as we all know, anybody to the right of Bill de Blasio is being called a Nazi these days and we certainly don't want to be going around offing 50% of America...….At least not yet.