Monday, September 29, 2014

On Obama Throwing James Clapper Under the Bus on ISIS

According to ABC News (Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein), it was well known by numerous people in the White House that ISIS had grown in both size and power, and that it wasn't even remotely a surprise that they had taken back so much territory in Iraq. It's a powerful piece and if it's true then this whole notion of Obama's that the White House was caught off guard is pure, unadulterated bullshit and yet another example of a fellow who seemingly cannot take responsibility FOR ANYTHING.........................................................................................And even if he believes his own little fantasy here, why pray tell is Clapper still employed? That I'd like to ask him as well.

On the Fact that that Neanderthal Didn't Just Jump the Fence at the White House but Actually Got Inside and Ran Around Like a Full-Bore Lunatic

Yet another secret service success story?

The Silence of the Doves (Myself not Included)

George Bush was called a war criminal for his failure to get a U.N. authorization to invade Iraq. How long must we wait for those same clamoring leftists to designate President Obama one for his not even attempting to get an authorization prior to detonating Syria. My suspicion is that, except for a few high integrity individuals such as Jonathan Turley and Jeremy Scahill, it is a wait that will probably be measured in years as opposed to hours.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

On the Concept of Launching $500,000 Missiles to Take Out a Vehicle, A Couple of Mouth-Breathing Slantheads, Etc.

Yeah, that could add up to some serious cash rather rapidly.

On Marbecca (The Lesbian Power Couple From Germany's Hugely Popular Soap Opera, "Verbotene Liebe"; AKA, "Forbidden Love")

I'm hooked. I am so fucking hooked!

The High Cost of Control

According to Robert Conquest's book, "Harvest of Sorrow", a total of 6 million people ultimately died from the Russian famine of the early 1930s. This is a number that is greater than all of the deaths from World War 1 and it was a disaster that was caused almost exclusively by government; the Soviet socialist government, more specifically (the fact that the government cut prices for agricultural commodities and the end result of this was far less production, the fact that the amount of grain and other commodities seized by the government eventually quintupled, the fact that the government forced millions of peasants on to collective farms where a significant percentage of them were driven into mining and factory work, the fact that most agricultural commerce was essentially outlawed, etc.). I mean, I know that the statists still apparently think that an economy (with its billions and billions of various permutations) can be run more efficiently through a strong central government, bureaucrats, etc. but if this isn't a wake up-call then nothing is.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

On Fox and MSNBC

They're both biased, no question about it. But over the past several years, Fox has added Ed Henry, John Roberts, Howie Kurtz, and Maria Bartiromo (hell, they've even added Dennis Kucinich and the ragin' Cajun, James Carville). Compare that to MSNBC which has done little more than plop additional leftist guttersnipes to its already full-to-the-brim posse of skin-crawlers/stooges. It isn't even a contest at this point, folks. MSNBC is significantly worse..................................................................................P.S. And I also ask my colleagues to try and name me one, ONE, anchor on MSNBC who is even remotely as fair as Sheppard Smith - JUST ONE.