Sunday, October 21, 2018

On Mrs. Clinton Saying that White People Need to Do a Better Job of Listening When Black Folks Talk

Actually what she meant to say was, "White people need to do a better job of listening when black folks talk EXCEPT when the white person's last name is Clinton and the black folks doing the talking are Haitians and they're complaining about the missing billions." An honest mistake, I'm certain.

On the Likelihood that Those Who Possess a Monopoly On Propaganda Will Also Possess One On Force

I'd like to say that you could take it to the bank but being that they control that as well, yeah, it seemed a mite redundant.

A Sunday Serving of Patty - Edition 15

On the Fact that Ms. Ford Apparently Lied Under Oath About a) Her Claustrophobia and Fear of Flying (the Chick Flies All Over the World) and b) Her Claim that She Never Prepped Anybody for a Lie Detector Test (a Sworn Affidavit from a Former Boyfriend Claims that She Did - for Some C.I.A. Spook Named Monica McLean)

Her odds of being charged with perjury are probably small in that it could clearly be argued that these lies aren't necessarily germane to the main issue at hand......but in the words of Mr. Vietnam himself, Dick Blumenthal, if you tell a whopper about one thing......

Saturday, October 20, 2018

On the Fact that (According to Judicial Watch and Real Clear Investigations) There Were 18 Classified Emails from Hillary Clinton Found On Anthony Weiner's Laptop

Anyone else who had done what this woman did (exclusively using private unencrypted servers while exchanging classified government material) would have been indicted under the Espionage Act, convicted, and probably enduring a long prison sentence......but not Mrs. Clinton apparently. Royally fucked up, huh?

On the Fact that Not a Single Leftist Called Kanye West Crazy When He Said that George Bush Didn't Care About Black People but Now that He Likes Trump You Have Shameless Stooges Like Don Lemon Ready to Lock Him Up and Throw Away the Key

Never thought that I'd defend Kanye West but if I had to chose between him and those degenerate slants on CNN and MSNBC who are crucifying the guy simply for having an errant viewpoint, I'm sorry but I gotta go with him. Easy.

On the Fact that that Lunatic Idiot Bitch Who Cornered and Yelled at Senator Flake In that D.C. Elevator Is Actually a Highly Paid Activist Who Works for Some Brain-Dead Soros-Backed Leftist Pressure-Group Called the Center for Popular Democracy (Leftist-Speak for Mob-Rule) -

And, gee, what a surprise, she claims to be a victim, too (she's probably one of those sub-95 IQ Gender Studies majors who once had drunken sex with some preppie schmuck, regretted it the next morning, and decided to call it rape but whatever)…….and even if she is, what in the blazes does that have to do with Kavanaugh? I mean, the guy has had some completely ludicrous accusations thrown at him and, what, because something nasty MAY have happened to you, he has to be guilty as well? This is total insanity and the fact that outlets like CNN are rubber-stamping it without so much as a skeptical eye is quite Orwellian, I think.