Sunday, September 27, 2020

On Lebron James Being Questioned About the Two California Deputies Who Got Shot In the Head by Some Deranged SOB and Him Responding, "No Comment"

So this fool who has an opinion about pretty-much everything......and who gets served up one of the easiest softballs that a person can ever receive......all of a sudden gets tongue-tied. Yeah, I'm not buyin' it.

On Being Childishly Policed by Young Imbeciles Who Seemingly Haven't Thought Much of Anything Through

And the most aggravating part of all of course is that taxpayer dollars have been used to reinforce this slantheaded and overly simplistic paradigm (this bullshit that whites are the sole cause of everything bad in this world and that the protected groups are always noble and virtuous). Hopefully if Trump gets a second bite at the apple he will squeeze every red cent from this racket......'cause as we all know, Biden won't.

In the Fact that if the Government Can Make You Put Something Over Your Face Which Separates You from the Air that You Breathe, WHAT CAN'T IT DO??

An interesting thought exercise, huh (just don't freak-out too much, that's all)? 

On Yves Montand Once Claiming that Eva Marie Saint Was His Favorite Leading Lady

Mine, too, Frenchy, mine, too.

On One of the Lunacy-Driven Responses by Podesta and Company to a Possible Trump Victory Being to Have Washington, California, and Oregon Secede from the Union and Only Return if Trump Agrees to Deep-Sixing the Electoral College (Which Requires a Constitutional Amendment but Who's Keeping Tack at this Point) and Granting Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico Permanent Statehood (so Four More Democratic Senators for the Rest of Eternity, In Other Words)

 During the Iraq War I had pegged the Republicans as the evil party.......Let's just say that I've changed my mind (the fact that these leftists are doing shit now that would have made Machiavelli's face turn crimson). 

Saturday, September 26, 2020

On the Fact that Cuomo Has Been Championed for 1,693 COVID Deaths per Million While Sweden Has Gotten Vilified for 574 COVID Deaths per Million

Yeah, there are some intervening variables for sure (population density, for instance) but, I'm sorry, if these stats were reversed the media shits would be hammering away at it AND YOU KNOW IT................................................................................................And this whole notion that the Swedes did something radical is pure bullshit in that this is how virtually every country in the past has handled epidemics. It's these damn lockdown that are radical. Just look it up, for Christ.

On the Fact that Postal Workers Aren't Election Officials......and Being that the Postal Workers Union Has Endorsed Biden, a Conflict of Interest, Yeah, Maybe

Ans what's with this changing of the rules right in the middle of an election year? I mean, I get it that the Democrats want to win at all cost but, seriously, if you can go to the liquor store, you can go to the polling-station, too (and we still have absentee ballots for those who are incapable of going). In a sane world, at least.