Monday, August 13, 2018

On the Fact that Even Though Numerous Imams Have Stated that Their Ultimate Goal Is to Overtake the West Through Immigration and Procreation, the Leaders of These Western Countries Are so Mired In the Discredited Philosophies of Multiculturalism and Diversity that They Seemingly Cannot Recognize that this Current Islamic Ideology Is Essentially the Same One that a) Charles Martel Beat Back at the Battle of Tours and b) Perpetrated the Siege of Vienna

Heaven help our grandkids, 'cause we sure ain't.

On that Feral and Degenerate Leftist Outfit, Antifa, Attacking Police Officers and Reporters In Charlottesville the Other Day and Damned if the Deep-State Apologists at CNN Didn't Report On it -

Yeah, this violent behavior by Antifa (a bunch of unemployed and uneducated basement-dwellers who only engage in combat when they have a huge numerical advantage and/or blunt-force-trauma weapons) was so atrocious that even Vox was forced to report on it. CNN, not so much!

On the Statist Claim that Minorities Fare Better with a Strong Centralized Government

Maybe in some cases but when you can point to the Ukrainians in the Soviet Union, the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, the Indians in Uganda, the Jews in Germany, countless minorities in the British Empire, the Mayans in Guatemala, etc., it is far from a guarantee.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

On Two Witnesses In the DNC Fraud Lawsuit Mysteriously Dying and the Mainstream Media Seemingly Not Finding this Even Remotely Suspicious

Now if this whole shit-show had involved the Republican party...….Yeah, huh?

On the Legacy Media Ridiculing Anybody Who Even Questions the "Botched Robbery (a Concept that's Never Been Properly Defined but Whatever)" Narrative of What Happened to Seth Rich

I'm sorry but when the authorities refuse to hand over the autopsy report, the ballistics report, the toxicology report, the body-cam footage, the phone records, etc. and when there still exists no record of a "lookout" having been posted after the incident, what do these assholes and protectorates of state power expect, no curiosity at all?......Some journalists.

On the Tendency of Hollywood Leftists to Believe Pretty Much Every Adult Woman Who Comes Forward with a Complaint of Sexual Harassment and/or Sexual Abuse but NOT to Believe Adult Men AND Women Who Come Forward and Claim that They Were Sexually Mistreated as a Child In Hollywood (Especially if the Person Being Accused Is a Much Loved Celebrity Like Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks)

Seems a trifle inconsistent to me. I guess that they just don't think that pedophilia is a big problem in Hollywood (either that or they're covering for folks - who knows?).

On the Tendency of Recent College Graduates with Bullshit Majors, Limited Job Prospects, and Massive Debt to Embrace the Palpable Idiocy of "Democratic Socialism"

And American taxpayers are subsidizing this; yet another fucking bubble (which hopefully doesn't explode simultaneously with the others; the stock market, the overall debt bomb, the Chinese building craze, etc.). Great, huh?