Saturday, December 16, 2017

On the Fact that Even Though the Mexican Government Immediately Released the Detained Sailors and Provided a Full-Throated Apology, the Wilson Administration Refused to Let a Sleeping-Dog Lie and Demanded a 21 Gun Salute, and When the Mexicans Refused, Ordered a Military Invasion of Tampico and Vera Cruz, the Final Tally Being 126 Dead Mexicans and 19 Dead Americans

And this from a dude who signed the the Pan-American Act; a bill that guaranteed "territorial integrity and political independence" to all of the signatories, Mexico included. Nice, huh?....................................................................................................P.S. And let us not forget either that Wilson also interfered in the affairs of Haiti, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, a record that puts him right up there with McKinley, the two Roosevelts, LBJ, Nixon, and the two Bushes when it comes to idiotic interventions. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

On the Fact that (According to Philosopher of Scientist, David Berlinski) for a Cow to Evolve Into a Whale (for Example), There Would Literally Have to Be Tens of Thousands of Various Mutations, All of Them Positive and All of Them Working In Coordination with Each Other

Yeah, that's a tall order and, while, yes, I still tend to believe in evolution (it's one selling-point being time, 4,000,000,000 years of it), it is far from the slam-dunk that it used to be, at least for me.

On Colonel House's Ludicrous Claim that England's Hunger Blockade of Germany During and Even After WW1 Was Not an Objectionable War Policy In that it Was "Controlled by a Democracy

Again, this whole preposterous notion that if people vote on something (even if it is unconscionable) it magically becomes a moral action is so far beyond the pale that you'd either have to be a psychopath or an dullard (i.e., a Dick Cheney or an Ed House) to embrace it.......and yet it remains an axiom with some people (let's just call them the extremists in both parties). Pretty damn scary, huh?   

Thursday, December 14, 2017

On the Fact that (According to the Encyclopedia of Stateless Nations) There Are Approximately 350 Stateless Peoples In the World, Many of Whom Have a Longer Identity and a Larger Population than the Modern-Day Palestinians

And when was the last time that any of these groups got any sympathy from the media, academia, etc.?......A long, long time ago, would be my guess.

On the Fact that Theo van Gogh's Last Words Prior to Some Neanderthalish Islamic Terrorist Decapitating Him Were, "Can We Talk About this?"

And just take a guess what the answer was.......Yeah, no (and all over a fucking cartoon, too).

On the Fact that One of the Lines that Gabrielle Union Was Forced to Say In Her Embarrassingly Stupid BET Show, "Being Mary Jane", Was this Shakespearean Caliber Line; "I Need Black Love" (She Said it to Her White Boyfriend Just Prior to Dumping the Bloke)

Can you imagine if the roles had been reversed and the white guy had said to the black chick, "I need white love"? I can, and it would have been all fucking hell breaking loose. I mean, just look at what happened to Hulk Hogan......and his was a fucking private conversation!! Black love? Sure, go knock yourself out, lady.

On the Never-Ending Leftist Quest for Equality

Yeah, maybe they should look to Stalin's Ukrainian peasants for inspiration in that they were very equal. Granted the Commies had to murder all of the Kulaks (the more productive, slightly better off peasants) in an effort to achieve this equality, a policy that resulted in the famine deaths of millions......but, hey, at least they were equal.