Friday, May 27, 2016

On the Likelihood that Trump Has Read so Much as a Page of Bastiat

Yeah, I'm gonna go with zero percent on this one, folks (the fact that had he read and understood "The Law", "Candle Makers' Petition", "Economic Harmonies", etc. he would understood "the seen and the unseen", "comparative advantage", and that "when goods don't pass borders, armies will" and not be out there channeling Lincoln, Hoover, and the rest of those knuckle-dragging protectionist Republicans from the past). ZERO.

On the Fact that (According to a Study by the University of Michigan) Students Who Finished in the Top Decile of Their Law School - ANY LAW SCHOOL - and Were Hired by a Prestigious Law Firm Had a 32% Chance of Still Being Employed at that Business 15 Years Later (Compared to Only 4% from the Bottom Decile)

So again, it is vital that a) an applicant go to a school where they can be successful in that it isn't so much the eliteness of the school (where a good but not great student may either finish near the bottom of his or her class or drop out entirely) that counts in terms of facilitating career outcomes (passing the bar, getting an elite job, keeping that job, etc.) but grades and b) the leftists and social engineers keep their noses out of it.............If, that is, we want to help minority students (you know, as opposed to simply trolling for votes).

On the Fact that Whenever You Go to Bottom of the Rabbit-Hole with Groups Like Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, the Bernie Sanders Crowd, etc. and Ask These Folks How They're Going to Implement Their Agenda, They Always Have to Confess that it Will Only Be Obtained Through Coercion, Force, the Threat of Violence, and Violence Itself

Via the full force of the state, in other words.............But relax, it's for our own good, they say.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

On the Bromide that "Women Don't Lie" and that We Should "Believe All Women"

Substitute Caucasian, Jew, or Asian for women and see how it sounds. It sounds racist and preposterous, doesn't it? And yet this is what the radical feminists literally believe when it comes to allegations of sexual assault; that the accusers shouldn't be questioned, that the presumption of innocence no longer applies, and that we should essentially go straight from accusation to conviction regardless of the individual's credibility. This is all scary stuff, people, real scary stuff and we had better keep an eye on it, especially if Hillary (one women who most definitely lies) gets elected.

On the Fact that Ben Bernanke (Krugman's Twin from a Different Mother) Once Referred to the Various Fed Policies at His Disposal as "Ammunition"

Why does everything have to be a war metaphor (though, yes, in this instance Bernanke and Greenspan before him absolutely WERE taking dead aim at the U.S. economy) ?

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders Wants Cornel West to Help Write the Democratic Platform this Year

Well, being that Marx and Engels are pushing up daisies (and/or shoveling coal), it's as good a choice as any, I guess.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"I Always Figured on Being Reasonable"

Now if only the Democrats and Republicans could think so sanely (a la Van Heflin in "Shane" - until he almost got himself killed that is).