Saturday, December 7, 2019

On Obama Telling Us that He First Leaned About Hillary's Private Email Server from News Reports

Yeah, he's lying. The fact of the matter is that all phone-numbers, email addresses, etc. that go to the President first have to be "white-listed" by intelligence and so it's virtually impossible that someone in his inner-circle wouldn't have taken note of this. Unfortunately the media took their usual hard-pass and so Obama skated YET AGAIN. Gettin' kinda' stale, isn't it?

On the Fact that In the Fossil Records We Find Abrupt Appearances of New Species Followed by Long Periods of Stasis

That is, at the bare minimum, interesting and, while, no, I'm not saying that intelligent design is necessarily the most cogent explanation for these findings, neither am I dismissing it as most amongst the intellectual imperialists have.......What can I say, I try to be open-minded.

On the Wage-Gap............Between Asians and Whites (Yes, East-Asians Make More than Whites In the U.S.)

Yeah, this kind of throws a monkey-wrench into the entire white-privilege template and, while, yeah, there are surely a few mitigating factors here (Asians residing more in urban areas, the selection factor, etc.), it also goes a long way in explaining why all of these folks want to come here and not Zimbabwe, say.......It does to me, at least.

On the Fact that the Migration and Mating Tendencies of Rich White Liberals Is Essentially the Same as Those of the KKK............and What Does that Tell You?

It tells me that these schmoes are full of crap and that their sole motivation for flooding the country with these poor third-world immigrants is to forge a permanent underclass from which they can mine votes in perpetuity. I mean, it does seem quite transparent, no?

Friday, December 6, 2019

On the Fact that When You Fully Engage the Left, You'll Soon Discover that Their Utopian and Egalitarian Veneer Is Paper-Thin and that What it Conceals Is Infinitely More Authoritarian (Can You Say, Moral Certitude?) than What it Purports to Resist

I mean, just look at Antifa. That's about as fascistic as it gets, I would argue. God damn.

On the Fact that In the Warped Minds of NBA Executives, Not Allowing a Biological Male with Mental Illness to Use a Girls Bathroom Is More of a Troubling Issue than Religious Persecution, Gulags, and Piles of Dead Bodies (the Fact that They're Boycotting North Carolina Over Their Bathroom Law While Simultaneously Having All Sorts of Fun Over In Communist China)

I get it that they want to make money and all but this is not a good look for the league AT ALL. Hopefully they've learned their lesson and ixnay on the politics moving forward but we'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

On the Mainstreaming of Full-Bore Idiocy, Buffoonery, and Lunacy

Seriously, did you ever think that we would get to this point (i.e., where we not only have these sub-90 IQ America-hating morons paroling the halls of Congress but network television shows as well)? 'Cause I didn't......and I'm as pessimistic as it gets!