Thursday, November 26, 2015

On the Fact that the Chinese Minority in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam Have NEVER Possessed Significant Political Power and Have in Fact Been Officially Discriminated Against and They've Still Perpetually Outperformed (Ofttimes to a Major Extent) the Majorities Both Economically and Educationally in Each of These Nations

This one fact alone blows to smithereens the absolutely cartoonish notion of the left that discrimination is the most important (singular in the minds of some) variable determining group differences in achievement. And there are obviously other ones; the fact that Jews achieve at a higher rate than Hispanics do IN HISPANIC COUNTRIES, the fact that the Japanese were so discriminated in this country that they were put into internment camps during WW2 and totally dispossessed and by 1959 they were making as much as white Americans were, the fact that African and West-Indian black immigrants do significantly better (in school and in the market-place) than African-Americans born here do, etc., etc........................................................................................................Not that any of this evidence will ever be persuasive to the ruling-class in that it all but neuters the necessity of their existence (the fact that they need the unfairness argument to reign supreme so that they can gallop in on their white horses and rescue the oppressed). But the rest of us can appreciate these facts and hopefully arrive at a much more nuanced and empirical conclusion and at the very least not make the situation worse (as affirmative action - in Sri Lanka, India, Nigeria, Malaysia, as well as the United States - clearly has).

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Lesson from Sweden

If Sweden had been the 3rd wealthiest country on the planet under socialism, fell to 17th after 20 years of capitalism, and then soared once again when government spending went from 49% of GDP to 67% of GDP and the top marginal tax rate from 50-something percent to 80 something percent, the left would be championing this A-B-A scenario as a perfect example of successful government intervention/central planning (to which they'd have a decent amount of justification in that this is about as close as one can get to a controlled experiment in economics). Of course, being that the exact opposite was actually happened in Sweden, they're spinning like a bunch of drooling buffoons and circling the wagons YET AGAIN. Oh well, you've gotta at least admire their depravity, err, I mean, persistence.

On Norma Shearer (in 1938) Seducing a 24 Year-Old Tyrone Power in "Marie Antoinette"

Rob the cradle much, Ms. Shearer?......New category - LEADING BOY.

On the Fact that America's Colleges Have Gone From a Bastion of Vigorous Debate to a Pitiful Cesspool of "Trigger Warnings", "Safe Spaces", "Micro-Aggressions", and a Singularity and Systematizing of Thought that Borders on the Kafkaesque

And then we wonder why poor Johnny can't find his way home after "graduating".

On the Fact that Whenever a Woman (Andrea Yates, for Example) Goes on Killing-Spree it's Mental Illness but Whenever a Dude (Like Elliot Rodger) Goes on a Killing-Spree it's Misogyny

Feminist logic 101 (at least amongst the more radical sects).