Saturday, February 24, 2018

On the Fact that When One of the CNN Panelists at Their Dopey Dog and Pony Show Gun-Control Town Hall Floated the Idea of Banning All Semi-Automatic Weapons, the Obviously Deck-Stacked Audience Erupted Into Wild Applause

These folks do realize, don't they, that 90 to 95% of the guns currently being manufactured are semi-automatic? And that in order to get rid of them, you would not only have to halt the sale of pretty much every form of firearm presently on the market, you'd also have to confiscate the 300,000,000 guns that are already held by American households?......And that if they ever did attempt such a brazen thing.......Let's just say that they probably haven't thought this thing though and leave it there.......For now. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

On the Proposed Ban On AK-47s

I don't plan on purchasing one so I guess that it's not a major deal for me.......I'm just trying to fathom the logic. I mean, do these gun-control folks actually think that some lunatic who's plotting out some killing-spree with an AK-47 is suddenly going to change his mind and not simply use another type of rifle instead? 'Cause if that's what they're hoping for, yeah, I just don't see it. Sorry.

On the Fact that (According to the Don Jordan and Michael Walsh Book, "White Cargo") Amongst Sir John Popham's Favorite Methods of Putting People to Death During His Tenure as Queen Elizabeth's and King James's Attorney General and Ultimately Lord Chief Justice Were Hanging (Obviously), Drawing and Quartering, Crushing, Strangling, Beheading, and that Old Medieval Gem, Burning at the Stake

And just like with his contemporary, Mr. Gilbert, very few were ever given a that everyone from common thieves to Jesuits to Jesuit sympathizers to revolutionaries like Guy Fawkes to upper-crust nobles like Sir Walter Raleigh to nobility like Mary Stuart met their maker courtesy of this guy.....................................................................................................Of course this isn't to imply that Sir John wasn't averse to taking a bribe or two in exchange for sparing someone. IN FACT, there was this one incident in which he let some psychopath off who had thrown a new-born infant into a raging fire, with the upshot being Popham, sleeping like a baby himself THAT VERY EVENING!! Yikes, huh?    

Thursday, February 22, 2018

On the Fact that if the U.S. Had "Single-Payer" for Peanut Butter and Orange Juice, We Would Have Lines and/or Shortages for Peanut Butter and Orange Juice (the Fact that Demand Would Ultimately Outstrip Supply)

This is Econ 101 here and yet there are actually grown men in Washington who think that such a foolish notion would work with healthcare. Amazing, isn't it (the naiveté, sheer stupidity, etc.)?

On the Fact that In the Mind of the Regressive, a Carbon Tax Discourages the Use of Carbon, a Cigarette Tax Discourages the Use of Cigarettes, a Gas Tax Discourages the Use of Gas, a Booze Tax Discourages the Use of Booze, but an Income Tax Has Absolutely No Effect on Income Whatsoever

Income - the only thing on the globe that doesn't respond to incentives (at least in their warped universe). Amazing, isn't it?

On the Fact that Not Only Did Canada Refuse to Offer the South African Boers Refugee Status (Which Was Sought In Response to the Unspeakably Violent Farm Attacks by Roving Gangs of Blacks), They Belittled Their Claims and Accused the South Africans of Racism

Somebody should take that piece of garbage, Trudeau, and make him look at pictures like this all day long......or better yet, drop his ass into the middle of that carnage so all of us could witness how a true-blue SJW would handle it.......Not very well would be my guess.

On the Fact that the Left, Blinded by Their Hatred for Trump, Is Apparently Unaware that this Deep State Apparatus Which Has Pulled Every String Imaginable to Roll Back the Results of a Free and Fair Presidential Election (Fake Dossiers, Bogus Hacking Claims, Money Laundering, Foreign Interference from Mr. Steele, etc.) that They've Found Objectionable Could at Any Point In Time Turn On Them and So, Yeah, Maybe These Folks Need to Start Seeing the Bigger Picture Here

Or maybe not. Maybe these folks actually DO wish to live in a banana republic and, so, no, they can't be salvaged (that and the logic may escape them, too). Who knows.