Friday, April 24, 2015

On a Typical O'Reilly Factor Immigration Segment (Yes, Even More So than Other Topics)

Not enough people talking over (and past) each other.

On the Fact that I Would Rather Watch "Herman's Head" and "My Mother the Car" Reruns than Listen to Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell Spout Their Hackneyed and Partisan Talking-Points on C-Span 1, 2, and 3

Yeah, I'm a little jaded, folks.

On My Future Wife (Circa 1987) Rejecting "Into the Mystic" as the Opening Number at Our Wedding Because it Has the Word, "Foghorn", in it


On those Philandering Idiots Who Go on the Maury Povich Show Thinking that They Can Fool the Polygraph

These fellows are either delusional beyond belief or they simply want to get their mugs on TV. I cannot think of another explanation. 

On the Odds of Me Voting for this Guy for President

I would rather vote for Rosanne Barr than this neocon bozo (a man who I at one point respected).

On the Fact that Means-Testing Social Security and Medicare Used to Be a Liberal Position (Jimmy Carter, to His Credit, Has Advocated it) but Because that Idiot, Thom Hartmann, Came Up with Some Paranoiac Theory that this Would Lead to the Program's Total Demise, it Isn't Any Longer

I put this right up there with that Republican "theory" which claims that Obama and Holder effed-up "Fast and Furious" intentionally in an effort to show the American citizens just how dangerous that guns can be and that we should probably ban them totally. It's nuts, in other words.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

On Christina Hoff Sommers Recently Being Targeted by Oberlin College as Some Sort of Threat to Their Students (When She Spoke on Campus)

Yeah, this is getting ludicrous. Not that I'm in favor of targeting and/or banning anybody, mind you (we cannot shelter our "children" forever and they absolutely need to learn that there are viewpoints other than their own/ their Marxist professors), but Hoff Sommers is a completely mainstream (the woman is pro-choice, in favor of marriage equality, and even received some award from Gloria Steinem) writer and thinker who is both interesting and difficult to categorize, and for anybody in academia to think that this woman is dangerous is so far off the charts in terms of paranoia and intolerance that it should offend everybody.