Thursday, January 19, 2017

On When the Media Says, "Don't Go There"

Yeah, you had best go there (there of course being pizzagate, wmd, the Bosnian genocide, etc.).

On the Fact that Eric Braverman's Resignation from the Clinton Foundation Happened in Extremely Close Proximity to the King Of Morocco's $12,000,000 Donation (Morocco Being One of the World's Worst Human Rights Abusers -

Wow, a D.C. person with a conscience. Hopefully this one doesn't end up "suicided", too.

On the Fact that Turkey Has Gone from Being 100% Christian in 1300 to 99.8% Islamic Today

There are of course many reasons for this (genocide, population exchanges, emigration, etc.) but the main one had to do with the abject humiliation associated with the dhimmi status that those conquering Muslims inflicted on the Jews, Christians, Pagans, etc., all but forcing them to convert (and, yes, if an individual didn't accept the dhimmi status which included having to pay a tax, being afforded zero rights, etc., they would be put to death - convert or die, essentially). Hopefully this won't happen in Europe but as we're all aware, one of the major tools of Jihad is demographics......and the way that things are going....... 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Top Five Favorite (and by Favorite, I of Course Mean Those Who I Would Most Want to, You Know) Montgomery Clift Leading Ladies

5) Donna Reed - "From Here to Eternity". 4) Olivia de Havilland - "The Heiress". 3) Anne Baxter - "I Confess". 2) Lee Remick - "Wild River". 1) Eva Marie Saint - "Raintree County".

On the Fact that (According to and the Huffington Post) the Islamic Population of Japan Is Approximately 70,000 (with Less than 10,000 of Them Being Japanese Citizens)

Might that possibly explain the extremely low number of terrorist attacks? I'm just asking?

On the Fact that the Mildly Retarded (and, Yes, I Realize that They're Using a Different Term Now - SUE ME!!) Congresswoman, Maxine Waters (Who for Some Strange Reason Continues to Get a Microphone Placed In Front of Her), Appeared on MSNBC the Other Night and Essentially Accused the Trump Campaign of Colluding with the Russian Government and Really Didn't Endure All that Much Push-Back as the Result of it

I'll take, "Yet Another Example of 'Fake News' that You Can't Blame on Alex Jones, Breitbart, etc.", for a thousand, Alex (the other one).

On Hillary Clinton Claiming that Donald's Trumps Words Are Being Used as a Terrorist Recruiting Tool but Never Apparently Concluding that the Billions of Dollars in Weapons that Her State Department Has Sold to the Saudis Which They Are Currently Using to Bomb Yemen Back to the Stone Age Aren't Such a Tool

Yeah, this is the type of stuff that really makes my blood boil in that if a Republican candidate had been the architect of such a barbarous policy the left would be going apoplectic but since it's Hillary, yeah, not so much.......Fuck these leftists.