Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On the "Black Lives Matter" Movement

Maybe it's just my crowd but I don't know a single white person who doesn't think that black lives matter just as much as Caucasian ones do. The folks who HAVEN'T gotten the message are young, black gang-bangers; Mookie, Ray Ray, Dre, Dog, etc. who continue to kill and maim each other over foolishness; half-eaten 3 Musketeer bars, a pair of Air Jordans, some big butted heifer, etc.. Those are the people who we most need to convince.

On Zachary High (Zachary, Louisiana) Duel-Threat Quarterback/Athlete, Lindsey Scott Jr., Committing to Syracuse

This is a super get for the Orange in that Scott (a top 50 player from the talent-rich state of Louisiana) is a superior athlete who, if he doesn't pan out at quarterback, can probably play three or four different positions. He also seems to really like Syracuse and, who knows, it might even lead to more prospects from SEC country coming north and how fucking cool would that be? 

In Praise of John Tyler

Yes, he was a flawed man (the fact that he held slaves of course being his greatest sin) and a product of his era. But there is also a great deal to like about Tyler. a) The fact that he settled and reassured the country after the death of Harrison. b) The fact that he stood up to his own party (the Whigs) and opposed a lot of their more destructive policies; wasteful spending (also referred to as "internal improvements"), central banking, tariffs, etc.. c) The fact that he ended the second Seminole War and did so peacefully. And d) The fact that he, through the Webster-Ashburn Treaty, normalized relations with Britain and in so doing helped to end the slave trade, the border conflict between Maine and New Brunswick, etc. If I were to put him in my rankings, he'd probably be somewhere in the top half of the draw.

On the Fact that the U.S. Park Service Has Allowed Raw Sewage to Leak into the Lakes and Streams of Yellowstone National Park

 So much (again) for the government being good stewards of the environment -

On the Fact that the U.S. Department of Defense Spits Out 750,000 Tons of Hazardous Waste Annually

So much for the government being good stewards of the environment.......And just for the record, that is more waste than the top five chemical companies COMBINED -

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

On the Fact that in Some Segments of the Pro-Black Community Folks Like Dr. Carson Are Seen as Coons but Others Who Are Far More Buffoonish in Their Behavior Such as Nicki Minaj (or Worse Yet Those Rioters and Looters in Baltimore Who Burnt Down the Senior Center, that CVS, etc.) Are Given a Pass and Even Praised

That's big problem, folks, a real big problem (the fact that Ben Carson, say what you want about his politics, is an acclaimed pediatric neurosurgeon and exactly the type of person that young black people SHOULD be emulating and not some twerking, talentless, offensive bimbo whose only claim to fame is being outrageous).

On the Fact that Radical Groups Like the Sierra Club Are Always Telling Women that Having a Baby Will Increase Their Environmental Impact Six-Fold

See, to me, this is a war on women (making them feel like total garbage simply for having a child, never minding the fact that it could be their children who solve all or these problems).