Monday, October 20, 2014

My All-Time Favorite Line-Drive Hitters

George Brett, Paul Molitor, Al Oliver, Mark Grace, Tony Oliva, Roberto Clemente, Harold Baines, Kirby Puckett, Bill Buckner, Jose Cruz, Keith Hernandez.

On the Assertion by Folks Such as Al Gore and Barack Obama that the World Already has the Technology Necessary to Meet the World's Burgeoning Energy Needs While Simultaneously Also Decarbonizing

They are either ignorant or they're lying. I cites specifically the research of Martin Hoffert of NYU which clearly shows that even if were to implement ALL of the stabilization wedges (many of which aren't even feasible in the first case; wind turbines replacing coal-fired plants, for example) that the environmental lobby has been advocating, we still wouldn't even come close to the goals of a) stabilizing atmospheric CO2 levels at 500 ppm (it gets even more comical if the goal is 350 or 400 ppm) and b) securing the additional 255 quads of energy that the world will need by 2030 (derived at via a 2% annual increase - a 3% annual increase being even more imposing)........................................................................................I think that we just have to face it here, folks - our leaders are living in a fantasy world and, because of that, don't even remotely comprehend the scope of the upcoming challenge. In the words of environmental scientist and policy expert, Roger Pielke from the University of Colorado, "One can even invent seemingly more realistic scenarios involving the deployment of a new nuclear power station somewhere in the world every day for the next four decades or the deployment of 2,000,000 (emphasis mine) wind turbines, but these are not practically realistic scenarios. The fact is that no one knows how to decarbonize a large economy, much less the world, using existing technology on timescales implied by emission-reduction targets currently suggested by policy makers. Throwing everything we can think of at the problem is not nearly enough." Well stated, Mr. Pielke, well stated.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Cuse Him

Miami's Brad Kaaya isn't the only true freshman quarterback who's playing well in the ACC. Syracuse's A.J. Long (who started the year third on the depth chart) has also emerged on the scene and this former all-state standout from the Friendship Christian School in Lebanon Tennessee clearly looks like the future for his program. In just a game and a half (he got the job after Terrell Hunt went down with an injury and his backup, Austin Wilson, proved ineffectual), Hunt has completed 38 of 59 passes (64.4%) for 338 yards and 2 touchdowns. He's also run for 29 yards and a score (showing as well some great mobility in the pocket) and damned if this kid isn't one exciting player....Kind of reminds me (at 6'2", 190) of a bigger Russell Wilson and we all know how THAT turned out.

On ABBA Being a Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Why don't they just put Barry Manilow, Air Supply, and the Captain and Tennille, too, in while they're at it? I mean, if your going to be absurd and make a total joke about it, go for it.

Will the Real Charles Oakley Please Stand Up

Honestly, folks, I wouldn't want to piss either one of 'em off; especially the Joseph Cotten character from Hitchcock's classic, "Shadow of a Doubt" (a dude who did everything but devour his victims).

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heisman Trophy Winner 2014?

How 'bout this fella'; West Virginia senior wide receiver, Kevin White? The dude has 69 catches for 1,020 yards and 7 touchdowns in the first 7 games. I mean, I know that they usually don't like to give the Heisman to receivers but this kid has been off the charts and so maybe an exception could be made. He should at the very least get an invite to New York.

Top Ten Greatest Living Ivy League Graduates

10) Sonia Sotomayor/Clarence Thomas (tied) - two of the most brilliant Supreme Court justices in American history............. 9) Laura Ingraham - one of the most astute political analysts of her generation............. 8) Keith Olbermann - the finest American television journalist since Edward R. Murrow............. 7) Alan Grayson - a brilliant Congressman who everybody recognizes as a uniter, not a divider............. 6) Ted Cruz - one of the most brilliant minds to emerge on the political scene in years and a Senator of unquestioned integrity............. 5) Ann Coulter - a brilliant and fair-minded author whose contributions rank among the finest and most influential of the last 20 years............. 4) Donald Trump - one of the most brilliant business minds of the 20th and 21st Centuries and an individual of unquestioned integrity............. 3) George W. Bush - the finest Republican President in U.S. history whose neoconservatism could only be called a smashing success............. 2) Barack Obama - the finest Democratic President in U.S. history whose Keynesian economic philosophy could only be called a smashing success............. 1) Octopus - one of the most brilliant and original theoriticians in all of human history and I know this because he's told me so, many times.