Wednesday, December 17, 2014

On the Nazis and Reds Slaughtering Each Other During the Extended Battle of Stalingrad

Yeah, those were the halcyon days and right up there with the Persians and the Arabs smoking each other in the '80s....If only we had kept our own damned noses clean.


BB-Idaho said...

Had a history professor who 'kept his nose clean'- a Quaker, he refused to be drafted, was sent to prison and volunteered for starvation experiments. Had a poly sci prof who had served in
the Norwegian underground, spent the Winters on skis and was involved in the heavy water plant attack. One way or another, just about everyone in those days was
sucked into the maelstrom. My
Dad was a lead welder in a B-24 plant and the bells, sirens and
fireworks on VE day in Milwaukee
sent a terrified little me into
the closet. Interestingly, later
when I appeared before a board of
field grade officers seeking a direct commission in the US Army, the general discussion was about
how people reacted during WWII.
(must have had the right answers)

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I should probably become a Quaker. They can have caffeine, right?