Monday, July 13, 2020

On the Fact that the World Health Organization Has Gone from Saying that a) COVID-19 Isn't an Airborne Virus to Now Asserting that it Is, b) There Isn't Any Evidence that COVID-19 Can Be Transmitted Human to Human to Now Asserting that There's a Shitload of Evidence, and c) You Only Need to Wear a Mask if You're Caring for Sick People or if You Yourself Are Coughing, Sneezing, etc. to Now Asserting that You Consistently Need to Wear One In Public -

These people are a) nuts and b) bureaucratic and political functionaries who more than likely couldn't make it in the private-sector and so they've descended to a place where they literally get compensated for throwing massive amounts of feces against the wall to see what sticks.............and while I can't say that I agree with Trump on everything, yeah, getting rid of these buffoons, totally down with it.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

On Some Jack-Off Washington Post Critic Recently Complaining About the "Unbearable Whiteness of Jane Austen"

So identity politics has gotten so rank, poisonous and idiotic that we can't even appreciate one of the greatest writers of the 19th century without ruining it with this foolishness, pure unadulterated toxicity, etc.. And where does this moron think that Jane Austen was going to come up with these black characters when early 19th Century England was 99% white? It makes no sense..................but, then again, it rarely does with these illiberal buffoons.

On the Tendency for Asian Women to Either Be 9.7s or 2.4s

With Michelle Yeoh and Lucy Liu OBVIOUSLY being in the first group. Oh yeah!

On the Fact that There Are 9,240,000 Slaves On the African Continent TODAY and for Some Asinine Reason Black Lives Matter and the Rest of These Bullshit Pressure Groups Don't Give a Rat's-Ass About it -

Probably because they can't access the white American gravy-train. If they could somehow blame President Trump and systemic white racism, yeah, it would probably be a go at that point. Until then, not so much.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

On the Fact that a Large Percentage of Confederate Generals Either Never Owned a Slave (Joseph Johnston, A.P. Hill, Fitzhugh Lee, etc.) or Only Owned Several Which They Freed Long Before the War for Southern Independence (Stonewall Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and J. E. B. Stuart, for Example)

Yeah, this whole notion that such distinguished men would willingly surrender their lives to protect the slave-holding rights of 10,000 or so wealthy plantation families (the families with more than 20 slaves) seems rather ludicrous (especially in light of Lincoln's strong backing of the Corwin Amendment which would have codified slavery in perpetuity) and yet we're expected to swallow it no questions asked.Thankfully we're still allowed a semblance of free and independent inquiry in this country (they haven't "cancelled" everything yet) and can fight back against this binary-infused form of Marxist buffoonery. We just have to do it, that's all.

On Biden Showing Up at George Floyd's Funeral and Not Only Giving a Eulogy (to a Total Stranger) but Delivering it with His Stupid Mask On

If you ever wanted to know what virtue-signaling overload would look like, behold, above, a perfect example.

Probably When that 250 Pound Black Dude Came Steamrolling Out of Target with 7 or 8 Throw-Pillows Under His Arms (the More Premium Stuff Having Been Scoffed-Up Already, I Guess)

What would be the answer to the question, "So, what's your favorite Theater of the Absurd memory from last month's low-IQ episodes of wholesale looting and rioting?"

Friday, July 10, 2020

On the Fact that a Black Fellow Was Recently Assassinated In New York City While Crossing the Street with His 6 Year-Old Daughter (the Girl Ended Up Running Away In Terror) and so Far Not a Fucking Peep Out of Black Lives Matter or Their Idiot Enablers On CNN

   They really need to change their name. How 'bout, "Black Lives Killed by White Cops Matter, the Rest, Yeah, Not so Much"? That work for you? It does for me.

On a Black Driver Running Over a White Female Black Lives Matter Protester In Seattle and the Corporate Press Doing Everything Humanly Possible to Conceal the Racial Aspect of the Story When We're All Aware that if the Roles Were Reversed They'd Be Hammering Away 24/7 On it

And these clowns know the stats (those which say that when you norm for population a black person is 40 times more likely to violently attack a white person than vice versa)......but for whatever brain-diseased reason (ratings, hatred of Trump, bald ideology, sadistic impulses, etc.) they just keep on stoking these flames of racial division......and then blame Trump. It's disgusting and if the shit ever does start hitting the fan, yep, they've got some 'spainin' to do. A lot. 

Might We Keep this One Alive, Por Favor?

It's been reported that she has COVID so, yeah, perhaps that'll be their cover. Who knows. I just hope that she lives long enough to bury cretins like Dershowitz, Clinton, Spacey, and Prince Andrew, that's all.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

On the Fact that I Detest Teddy Roosevelt (the Fact that He Was a War Whore, a Racist In the True Sense of the Word, and a Tyrannical Asshat) and Would Personally Love to Sandblast His Image Off of Mount Rushmore......but Being that I'm a Law-Abiding and Civilized Human Being and Not a Fucking Child and/or Barbarian, I Haven't Yet Added it to My to-Do List

Sorry, nutjobs.

On the Fact that Only In the Lunatic Minds of the Modern-Day Press Can a Bunch of Unruly Black Lives Matter Protesters a) Bust Down the Gate to a Private Person's Home, b) Trespass with Impunity, and c) Threaten the Inhabitants to the Point Where Those Inhabitants Felt the Need to Brandish Weapons......and Still Somehow Be Considered Victims

I get it that they're pushing this narrative of black victimization but at some point the absurdity will have to be reckoned with. Let's just hope that it doesn't involve violence, 'cause that won't be good for anybody...........................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, that St. Louis couple had every reason to be fearful after the violence and murders that took place in Minneapolis, New York, and several other cities. I mean, wouldn't you be?..........And while I get it that asshats like Chris Cuomo never have to worry about bullshit like this (in their neck of the woods)......and that its easy for them to be judgemental, I still have to wonder, how would they how have acted differently? Invited the whole crew in for milk and cookies? Seriously. 

On the Fact that Harold Godwinson's Mother Was a Dane (a Certain Number of Danes Remained In England Post the Danelaw and Her Ancestors Were Seemingly Amongst Them)

So the final and most courageous Anglo-Saxon king was half Viking. Yep, it's all starting to come together. Thank God. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

General Randolph McKim On Stonewall Jackson (Penned In 1918)

"Jackson never owned but two slaves - a man and a woman - whom he bought at their earnest solicitation (so they picked him, in other words). And he kept account of the wages he would have paid for white labor, and when he considered himself reimbursed for the purchase money gave them their freedom."............So this is a guy who we're supposed to despise? A fellow who was born into Southern society nearly 200 years ago and who did the morally right thing anyway. Really, that small and filled with venom we've become? Seemingly, huh?

On the Fact that a Large Percentage of the North's Hard-Core Abolitionists Were Exceedingly Racist to the Point Where They Either Wanted the Freed Blacks Shipped Off to Africa (or Some Other Destination In South America or the Caribbean), Forced to Live On Some Federal Reservation, or Confined to One or Two of the Southern States

Yeah, they did not want to live anywhere near black people. Here are just a few of their thoughts. 1) "The free states should say, confine the Negro to the smallest possible area. Hem him in, coop him up, slough him off, preserve just so much of North America as is possible for the white man." Shepherd Pike, The New York Tribune. 2) "The dark man, the black man, declines, it will happen by and by when the black man will only be fit for museums." Ralph Waldo Emerson. 3) William Seward spoke wistfully of, "the natural elimination of blacks in America" and of how the Negro was a, "foreign and feeble element". 4) While Lincoln was not an abolitionist, he is often aligned with them, and to Mr. Lincoln, "the troublesome presence of free Negroes", was clearly the impetus for his plans for colonization. 5) Well-respected historian, George Frederickson, summed up the abolitionist mindset citing their focus on, "the elimination of the free Negro though planned colonization, migration, and extermination through natural processes (the belief being that blacks couldn't take care of themselves). 6) Joseph Henry Allen in the Unitarian journal urged that blacks be "herded" onto federal reservations in Florida and Texas.......I could go on but I think that you get the drift........................................................................................As for why the abolitionists wanted to free the black slaves, it was apparently for religious reasons; their belief that a slave's soul couldn't make it to heaven and so in order to beef up heaven's roster, abolition (followed closely by colonization) was the only option, I guess.   

On the Fact that Whenever the Democrats Do Something Stupid, Instead of Covering and Analyzing the Stupidity Like Mature Reporters Would Do, the Press Proceeds to Underscore the Republican Reaction to it Mostly In the Form of, "Republicans Exploit" or "Republicans Pounce"

Yeah, it's all about the framing; softening the blow on the Dems through the use of these shiny objects and making the Republicans look like the shady guys. And they're not even trying to be subtle about it any longer. That's what gets me.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

On "Gone with the Wind" No Longer Being Offered by Streaming Services or Sold On Amazon (Probably Because it Portrays White Southerners as Actual Human Beings and Not Cardboard Cutouts Dripping with Villainy)

And this fucking lunacy ends where exactly? I mean, are they literally going to start burning books next ("problematic books" as the Washington Post is now calling them)? God damn. 

On the Fact that if You're a Person Who Freaks Out When Confronted with One Dissident Voice (Some Brainwashed College Idiot Having to Endure the Campus Presence of Heather MacDonald or Charles Murray, for Example), You Probably Shouldn't Be Afforded Power EVER (Though, Yes, I'm Fearful that We May Be On the Precipice of it)

And mark my words, our first "woke" President, he's gonna make Obama look like Barry Goldwater. Just wait and see.

On the Seattle Authorities Allowing a Small Group of Armed Marxist Dullards to Seize Property and Engage In Mass Extortion

Yes, on the one hand it's hilarious to see just how truly nuts that the leftists have gotten these days............but, still, if this bullshit starts to metastasize, humor no more, would be my guess. 

On My Fervent Hope that it Is Still Possible to Advocate for True Justice (for Everybody) Without First Having to Swallow Some Imbecilic Morality Tale Completely Divorced from Reality and Where Two Plus Two Literally Equals Five (Because as We All Know, Math Is Racist)

Seems like a fair enough request and yet in our current climate of full-bore leftist idiocy 24/7 it might as well be a pipe-dream. Sad, huh?

On the Fact that Not Even George Orwell Could Have Envisioned a Society In Which the Journalists Would Be Calling for Censorship and Yet In Our Current Hellscape One Can Literally Witness Assholes Like Anderson Cooper Pressing Facebook Founder, Zark Muckerberg, or that Valley-Girl Caliber Head of YouTube to Do Just that

Quite surreal, isn't it?

Monday, July 6, 2020

On the Warped Notion of Considering Yourself "Marginalized" When All of Hollywood, the Entirety of Academia, 90% of the Corporate Press, Much of the "Woke" Corporate Crowd, and Large Segments of Both Political Parties Consistently Capitulate to You

Hard to comprehend, huh (especially in light of the fact that groups which have focused on economics have consistently done better than the ones more occupied with political agitation; 21st Century Asians versus 20th Century Irish, for example)?

On the Fact that if SomeDouche-Bag Millennial Ever Tries to Get this Song Banned or Even Bitches About it, I Will Make it My Personal Mission to Track Him Down and Bust Open His Skull

  I'm just kidding of course............sort of.

On the Fact that In the Sociopathic Mind (and I'm Using the Term, Mind, Very Loosely Here) of Paul Krugman, if You're Old, White, and Live In Florida, You're Probably a White Supremacist (a Reference to His Loathsome Tweet Which Was Damn Close to Celebratory that Old, White Floridians Had Perished from COVID)

Krugman's idiocy aside, can you imagine saying anything this repugnant about any other group of people and not getting blasted for it (especially if we're supposed to be a white supremacist nation)? Of course you can't. Nobody could............and yet the slantheaded narrative continues. Fucking A, huh?

On the Fact that Federal Prosecutors Have Total Immunity

So your everyday cop who's forced to make split-second decisions in life-threatening situations - this individual the mob (comprised mainly of amoral shits like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, their apologists in the media, etc.) wants to remove QUALIFIED immunity from......but these rogue prosecutors who hide evidence, obstruct justice, lie profusely, and ruin peoples' lives, they're apparently AOK with that. Unbelievable, huh, these lunatics? 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

On the Fact that Taking a Tiny Sample of Events and Extrapolating from Them a Wider Theory Is About as Low-IQ as it Gets......and Yet this Is Exactly What Black Lives Matter and the Entirety of Their Enablers (the Media, Political Establishment, Academics, Hollywood Shits, etc.) Have Been Pushing Lately with this Virulent Anti-Cop Jihad of Theirs (Taking a Handful of Questionable Police Killings and Trying to Tar the Whole Profession with Them)

The lack of critical thinking, maturity, and perspective in this country is frightening, and unless we start electing some serious individuals who can bring to the table these attributes, we're screwed (the downside of course being that the smartest people usually don't go into politics; folks like Thomas Sowell and Heather MacDonald, and so it's extremely hard to be optimistic here). Full stop.      

On the Fact that Even Ole Willie Brown (Former San Francisco Mayor and Speaker of the California Assembly) Is Now Admitting that De-Funding the Police Is a Brain-Diseased Idea

So Willie is a centrist now, I guess (the fact that the left has moved so far to the extreme that even a liberal firebrand like Brown appears reasonable). Awesome.

On the Fact that as the Number of Corona-Virus Cases Goes Up (Due Primarily to Increased Testing) the Mortality Rate Goes Down......but Instead of Focusing On What Is Plainly Good News the Low-IQ and Dishonest Corporate Press Is Continuing with its Scare Tactics and Emphasizing the Rise In Cases

And the fact that Trump is harmed by the fear, panic, and economic uncertainty brought about by such a narrative is purely coincidental, I'm sure.......Yeah, right.

On the Fact that In a True White Supremacist Country, Being Labeled a White Supremacist Would Probably Be a Badge of Honor and the Likelihood of Losing Your Job Would Literally Be ZERO

As opposed to the U.S. where being labeled a white supremacist can potentially ruin your reputation and destroy you financially.............You do the math.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The Most Vicious Beat-Down Ever?

  Yeah, it's just a video-game but, still, 160 overall strikes (punches, elbows, knees, kicks, etc.) to 11 (with most of those 160 being haymakers) is so off-the-charts that I had to give it a shout-out. Just don't watch it if you're squeamish, that's all.

On the Fact that the Malaysian Authorities Have Been Systematically Discriminating Against the Chinese Minority for Decades Now (it's Actually Written Into Their Constitution) and so, Yeah, if These Grievance-Mongering Shits Want to Witness Some Actual Oppression......and Not the Nut-Job Version that They've Been Perseverating to, Exhibit A - the Malaysians, Start There

Simply a suggestion.

On the Fact that a Lot of These "Revolutionaries" Are Apparently Looking to Marxist and Former Felon, Angela Davis, to Spearhead the Prison Abolition Movement

A little ironic in that this is the same piece of shit who was totally down with the old Soviet Union gulaging people simply for having a different political persuasion. But sure, she's as good as any, I guess (the concept being so idiotic why not bring on yet another wack-job?).

Friday, July 3, 2020

On the Fact that There Are No Statues that Need to Come Down, Assholes

a) They were here before you were, b) future generations have the right to witness them, c) they do not require your approval, and d) this has nothing to do with your feelings AND NEVER WILL. So, yeah, grow up.

On Why Black Lives Matter (the Organization, Not the Hashtag or Sentiment) Is Pure Poison

The harsh fact that a) when you norm for criminality and cop interactions, the police are actually more likely to use lethal force on a white suspect than a black one (I refer you here to the great work of Harvard economist, Roland Fryer), b) there were only 10 unarmed black men killed by police in 2019 and virtually all of them were either attacking the cop or going after his partner, c) interracial violence in America is predominantly black on white, black on Asian, black on Hispanic, and black on Jewish......and, so, no, blacks aren't the victims here but rather the victimizers, d) if you go to their low-brow web-site you'll notice that these morons are a bunch of anti-capitalist Marxists who want to overthrow the system, destroy the nuclear family, and who think that Israel is committing genocide (ignoring the fact that the Palestinian population is expanding and that there are legitimate genocides taking place in sub-Saharan Africa), e) a significant percentage of these cities where cops are supposedly out of control are already led by hard-left mayors, bleeding-heart district attorneys, and city councils that are totally down with the cause (and, so, what, elect even more leftists, that's there answer?), f) their combustible and irresponsible rhetoric has already gotten more than a few police officers murdered, g) the institutional left has been trying for decades to prove that the criminal justice system is biased against blacks and the evidence simply isn't there ( - for a brief summary), and h) there isn't a place on the planet where minorities are treated better than in the U.S. (that's why they all want to come here - HELLO!) and, so, yeah, maybe these clowns need to tamp down their bullshit, I'm just sayin'.............Yeah, there are probably other reasons but let's start here, what do ya' say?

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though White Europeans Were the First People to Abolish Slavery While Africa and Parts of the Muslim World Continue to Practice it Today, it Is the Former People that These Low-IQ SJW Basement-Dwelling Shits Predominantly Blame for the Institution

Frustrating, isn't it? Just keep fighting the narrative, I guess. 

On Your "Identity"

I don't give a flying fuck about it (other than your obsession with it I find rather perplexing). To me the only important things are a) do you have something interesting to say, b) do you have a consistent moral framework, and c) do you possess the common decency to not thrust your increasingly psychotic worldview upon me. Everything else is gravy. 

On the Strategy of Targeting a Group that Is Trying to Be Post-Racial by Dragging it Back Into Racial Politics............and Not Expecting a Backlash

It seems quite idiotic, doesn't it (the harsh fact that identity politics has almost always led to bloodshed and/or subjugation; Nigeria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, etc.)? And yet this is exactly what the identitarian crowd and their enablers in the media and political class (many of them Republicans, sadly) are attempting to institute. Hopefully there are still enough sane people out there to squash this bullshit but I just don't know at this point. 50-50, at best. 

On Having a Well Thought-Out Opinion and Being Denounced for it Simply Because of Your Race (AKA, Residing In the World of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, John McWhorter, Shelby Steele, Coleman Hughes, Roland Fryer, Larry Elder, Jason Riley, Carol Swain, Glenn Loury, Deroy Murdoch, Candace Owens, etc., etc.)

Yeah, that's gotta' be tough being a black conservative these days, having to hear idiots like Biden telling you that you aren't black unless you vote for him. Thankfully we still have guys like Sowell, Williams, McWhorter, and Steele who don't give a shit what the Bidens of the world have to say. I just wish that we had a wee-bit more, that's all. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

On the Fact that Robert E. Lee On Any Objective Measure Was a Far More Moral and Dignified Individual than Shaka Zulu, a Genocidal Maniac, and Yet Because of this Virulent Anti-White Bigotry that's Been Polluting Virtually Every Component of American Life, Lee Is Denigrated and Shaka Glorified

Yeah, I guess that when you combine 40 years of Marxist bullshit on American campuses with the white European proclivity towards piety a certain amount of self-hatred becomes inevitable. The only problem here of course is that there's eventually going to be a correction and if history is any indication it's not going to be pretty. Please, rest assured.  

On Governor Cuomo Referring to the Tearing Down of Statues as "a Healthy Expression"

Gee, I wonder if the dude will have those same sentiments once the mouth-breathing mob takes a torch to the Governor's mansion in Albany (he apparently believes that appeasing these idiots will insulate him but, yeah, that won't happen). Probably not, would be my guess.  

Saturday, June 27, 2020

On the Statists Telling Us that We Don't Need Guns for Self-Defense While Simultaneously Kicking-Back and Letting the Rioters Run Roughshod, Destroy Personal Property, Murder and Terrorize People, etc.

I have an idea. How 'bout instead of teaching bullshit foolishness like intersectionality, gender studies, Western hatred, and victimization, we focus on logic and critical thinking (tools of white supremacy, the idiots claim) so that once these students reach adulthood they won't go around positing such off-the-charts buffoonery? I mean, it can't hurt, right?

On the Tearing Down of Statues, Including Those of Our Founding Fathers

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell......."A people without a heritage are easily persuaded." Karl Marx.......'Nuff said? Thought so.

On the Fact that the New York Times and the Atlantic Both Came Out with Editorials Lately In Which They Lauded China's Use of Censorship and Advocated that the U.S.A. Emulate Them, I SHIT YOU NOT!!!!!

These are mainstream publications, people, and they are advocating up front that YOU BE SILENCED (simply for disagreeing with their psychotic, parasitic, and buffoonish world-view). Think about that. Hopefully they'll remain in the minority but the way that this is all shaking out lately, who the fuck knows? I don't.

On the Fact that the English Used to Take Great Pride In Being the First Country to Abolish Slavery but Instead of Maintaining that Well-Deserved Pride, They've Gone Backwards and Are Now Beating Themselves Up for Having it In the First Place (this While Asians, Native Americans, Arabs, and Africans Feel Literally No Guilt for Their Role In Slavery)

Yeah, this white guilt foolishness needs to stop. I mean, I understand how badly that certain folks want to get rid of Trump and all but to constantly sew this brand of racial division and resentment has the destruction of the West written all over it............and if believe that that's a good thing, you're either a fucking recluse or a heavily indoctrinated gender-studies asshat fresh from the bowels of our once highly respected university system. An idiot, in other words. 

Friday, June 26, 2020

On the Fact that 250 of the 2,500 Prisoners that Douche-Bag Cuomo Released Because He Didn't Want the Poor Babies to Get the Corona-Virus (You Can't Social-Distance In the Hoosegow?) Have Gotten Arrested Again, Some of Them More than Once -

So to protect these scumbags from the corona-virus, they decided to put the safety of their law-abiding citizens at risk instead. Brilliant (and by, brilliant, I of course mean, a boneheaded move that even a 5 year-old child wouldn't conjure up)!

On the Fact that We've Seemingly Reached a Juncture In Our Society Where Speech and Even Silence Are Considered Violence......but Where Actual Violence Isn't

Yeah, it's just one more example of the idiot class trying to alter the language to make it fit their psychotic, parasitic, and buffoonish world-view. And nothing more, literally.

On the Fact that EvenThough Stanford's Scott Atlas Is One of the Most Respected Scholars and Physicians In the Country, Because the Fellow Doesn't Agree with the Entrenched Bureaucrats and Heavily Conflicted Political Class On the Corona-Virus Pandemic the Odds of Him Ever Being Invited On Bullshit Cable Outlets Like CNN or MSLSD Are of Course SQUAT

Yeah, I guess that when you already have towering intellects like Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and Don Lemon, the need just isn't there. My bad.     

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

On the Fact that These Chowder-Headed Socialist Congresswomen Are Always Talking About the Plight of Indigenous People and of How White Europeans Have Royally Screwed Them Over

Gee, I wonder what these clowns think about the indigenous Africa tribes that Shaka Zulu and his fellow psychopaths murdered by the hundreds of thousands (a conservative estimate, many believe) just so that he could have a fucking "buffer-zone" east of the Drakensberg Mountains. Probably not much, huh (ignoring it being much easier)?

On the Confederacy's Push to Emancipation

1) "Property in negro labor should not be a barrier to our independence. If it is found in the way, if it proves an insurmountable object to the achievement of our liberty and separate nationality, AWAY WITH IT, LET IT PERISH." The Jackson Mississippian, 1863. 2) "Slavery is not the object or end of this war. The South is fighting for national independence and freedom from Yankee domination. In addition to sacrifices already made, the people of these states are ready and willing when necessity arises to sacrifice any number or all slaves to the cause of national freedom." The Richmond Enquirer, 1863. 3) "This patriotic service would become a badge of merit, a certification of honor as long as they may live. This new status will make them a sort of aristocracy in their own class. After the war they would enjoy a popular favor and respect in the Confederacy from which they would  reap large advantages.......Southerners should cheer on the colored soldiers by showing them the favor and praise so justly due." The Richmond Sentinel, 1864. 4) General Thomas C. Henman and General Patrick Claiborne both urged the immediate mobilization and emancipation of slaves in 1863 (the latter petitioning Louisiana Governor, Henry Allen). Robert E. Lee also urged Jefferson Davis to arm the slaves in exchange for emancipation. 5) As early as the 1830s, the Virginia legislature nearly voted to emancipate all of the slaves in its jurisdiction (losing the vote, 73 to 58, with most of the 73 citing practical considerations, not moral ones). 6) Jefferson Davis in early 1864 purchased the freedom of 40,000 slaves to use in military service with their freedom assured in the Confederacy after the conflict (contrast this with Lincoln who didn't free a single slave in his jurisdiction during the war). He also altered laws to free the families of slaves serving in the military. 7) Robert E. Lee was a long-time critic of slavery and prior to the war claimed that, "slavery is a moral and political evil in any country." 8) All of the Confederate generals insisted upon a totally integrated military with white and black troops serving side by side (the Union army by contrast was 100% segregated). 9) For a more in-depth analysis, you cannot beat this video - - please, check it out.............Needless to say, none of these facts are taught in our present-day gulag indoctrination centers (formerly known as colleges) but even if these basement-dwelling buffoons who seemingly want to pull down every fucking statue under the sun (I recently heard that even Jesus is on their to-do list) were given them, their lack of critical thinking and cartoonishly binary analysis would make it a sure-fire exercise in futility. So, yeah, expect more destruction. A lot of it.          

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

On the Fact that New York City Police Officers Have Gone Heroic First Responders On 9/11 to Mouth-Breathing Racist Killers Today (Supposedly)

And all because of what, a bunch of violent, idiotic, and heavily indoctrinated basement-dwelling lowlifes have hijacked the narrative and the rest of us are just too damned cowardly to take a stand and call the bullshit out? Yep, that would be my guess. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

On the Media Scaring the Shit Out of Folks In an Effort to Dissuade Them from Attending the Trump Rally and Then Doing One Story After Another About the Low Turnout at the Event

These outlets have zero respect for the intellect of their viewership (as if anybody with an IQ over 90 couldn't connect these dots)............and based upon the comments section of their videos (which I'm sure get policed quite frequently) and the fact that they swallow such bullshit as this, it may be warranted, sadly.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Thursday, June 18, 2020

On the Fact that Trump Called this One (Predicting that These Low-IQ Anti-American Scumbags Wouldn't Stop Their Mindless Destruction with the Confederate Monuments and Would Eventually Turn Their Misplaced Idiocy to Jefferson, Madison, and Washington)

Yeah, these jackasses have no perspective whatsoever. Yes, Jefferson owned slaves but to be fair, a) so, too, did a major chunk of the planet - INCLUDING AFRICA, b) the guy was personally opposed to slavery and ultimately backed legislation which helped end the slave trade, c) the slaves in the Victorian South were far better off than the blacks in Africa in that the entire African landmass (circa the 18th Century) was in a constant state of war, ethnic-cleansing and genocide, and a brutal form of slavery that far superseded anything in North America (they were also better off than the freed blacks in the North and even many dirt-poor Southern whites), d) there were also tens of thousands of blacks in the U.S. who owned slaves (over the years) and so maybe the racial component has been oversold in this regard, too and e) the bondage that was practiced in the Victorian South wasn't the type of chattel slavery as typical of the old Roman period but rather a category of servitude in which slaves both had rights (there were laws all throughout the South against the mistreatment of slaves and a great many people were imprisoned for violating these laws, slaves were also allowed to learn a trade and often had part-time jobs off the plantation) AND the possibility of gaining their freedom via compensating their masters (hundreds of thousands of slaves obtained their freedom this way and many more probably could have but chose to stay on the plantation).........................................................................................................Look, I get it. We all want a simple story in which good guys and villains both wear easily identifiable outfits and where everything can be wrapped-up in a nice little bow BUT HISTORY AIN'T THAT.............And as for these young morons who perpetrated this vile bullshit, yeah, I'm kind of pissed-off at 'em, but I am far, far more outraged at these brain-disordered Marxist professors who've been indoctrinating an entire fucking generation into hating not just their country but themselves, too. These degenerates need to go.............................................................................................................Some interesting sources that you might want to check out some day (let's just hope that they don't get burned) - Sources - "To Hell or Barbados" by Sean O'Callighan, "White Cargo" by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh,  "Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics In the Antebellum Republic" by John Ashworth, "White Servitude In the Colony of Virginia" by James Curtis Ballagh, "The African Slave Trade" by Basil Davidson, "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Robert C. Davis, "Islam's Black Slaves" by Ronald Segal, "Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner" by Lochlainn Seabrook, "The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" by William O. Blake, "A Historical Guide to World Slavery" by Seymour Drescher and Stanley Engerman, "Modern Slavery" by Henry Nevinson, "Africa Yesterday and Today" by Clark Moore and Ann Dunbar, "Tropical Africa" by Robert Coughlan, "The Afro-American Experience" by James Dormon and Robert Jones, "The Myth of the Negro Past" by Melville Herskovits, "History of Africa" by Kevin Shillington, "Slavery as an Industrial System" by Herman Nieboer, "White Slavery In the Barbary States" by Charles Sumner, "Myths of American Slavery" by Walter Kennedy        

On the Fact that the Scumbag Who Killed David Dorn SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN PRISON -

Yep, that's correct, the guy committed armed robbery back in 2013, was sentenced to seven years in prison but only got probation which he proceeded to violate two times. That's your criminal justice reform in action, people. Care to explain it to the family of David Dorn?......Yeah, I didn't think so.

On When the Shits at CNN or MSLSD Might Interview this Gal

Not in a trillion years......or never, whichever comes first. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

On the Fact that if an Individual Was Truly Troubled by Slavery, Wouldn't They Would Be Far More Motivated to Focus On the Bondage Which Is Happening Today (In Libya and Sub-Saharan Africa, Especially) than On Slavery Which Happened Several Centuries Ago............and In a Country Which Has Made Countless Efforts to Right that Wrong?

The truth of course is that these assholes from Black Lives Matter could give a rat's-ass about slavery, black lives, the Palestinians, or any of the other bullshit causes that they've been spewing about. Nope, it's all about unbridled socialism, bringing down the system, hating-on the country, and shredding the Constitution......and unless a sufficient number of us see though the charade, these clowns just might succeed. Seriously. 

On CNN's Cynosure Idiot, Chris Cuomo, Requesting, "Show Me Where it Says that Protesters Are Supposed to Be Polite and Peaceful"

Not so certain about the polite part but peaceful protesting, let's see, how 'bout a) the U.S. Constitution and b) multiple ordinances in pretty much every city and town in the country. I mean, I get it that live television can frequently get off script and all but this is a level of idiocy that literally serves nobody. Please, CNN, if you're out there, you just might want to take a look at that line-up of yours and tweak it, just a smidge, 'cause this fucking rodeo-clown is embarrassing you, NIGHTLY.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

On Pelosi Jumping On the "We Must Take Down All the Confederate Monuments" Bandwagon While Simultaneously Leaving Aside the Fact that Her Father as Mayor of Baltimore In 1948 Dedicated a Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee Monument In Wyman Park -

Yeah, this is what happens when you a) cater to the mob and b) strictly adhere to a comic-book rendering of history in which the Northerners were these liberators (total bullshit in that if you read Lincoln's 1861 inaugural you'll quickly find out that the fellow was 100% accommodating to slavery) and the Southerners a bunch of Snidely Whiplash cutouts (the abolition movement actually started in the South and fellows like Lee were actually more opposed to slavery than Lincoln). But, hey, we are talking Pelosi here and, so, yeah, a certain level of idiocy - TO BE EXPECTED, and deliver she did, AGAIN!   

On Al Sharpton Going to George Floyd's Funeral (via His Private Jet, No Less) and as Part of His Eulogy Saying, "We're Going to Take the White House!"

What kind of a fellow turns an individual's funeral (somebody who he's never even met, for Christ) into some kind of buffoonish political rally? A pretty disturbed one, would be my guess, and does it get any more disturbed than Sharpton (Mr. Crown Heights and Tawana Brawley)? Dear Lord.

On the Obama Administration Having an Opportunity In 2015 to Change the Names of Those Military Bases Named After Confederate Generals and Ultimately Deciding Not to -

And not a single one of those cable news idiots made a peep about it. Hmm, I guess that it's not that big of a deal after all (and more about cornering Trump but I digress).

On Some Retarded Black Lives Matter Miscreant Looking Into the Camera and Threatening to Take His Stone-Age Caliber Violence to the Diamond District

And the fact that most of those shops are owned and run by Jewish-Americans is just one big, fat, hairy coincidence, I guess.......Yeah, right (this being the same bullshit outfit that's accused the Israelis of genocide while simultaneously ignoring the actual genocides in Nigeria, Sudan, and Sierra Leone).

Monday, June 15, 2020

On the Fact that Thomas Jefferson Was Born Into 18th Century Virginia Aristocracy and so of Course the Guy Had Slaves

But instead of comparing him to today's sensibilities, we stack him up against his contemporaries......and, yeah, when you do that he doesn't look so bad in that a) he recognized slavery as an evil institutions and b) he supported measures over the years that chipped away at it (from his time in the House of Burgesses circa 1769 to when as President he signed the Slave Trade Act of 1807 banning the importation of slaves into the U.S.)...............................................................................................And what do these absolute drooling morons believe was happening in Africa in the 18th Century? That, what, there wasn't any slavery going on over there? Surely they can't be that stupid (the reality of course being that slavery was rampant all throughout Africa, from the Barbary Coast all the way down through sub-Saharan Africa, and that it was practiced with an element of cruelty unfathomable even by 18th Century standards)............though, yeah, on second-thought, maybe they are (these damned fools being similar in ilk to the ones currently running roughshod in Seattle)................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I suppose that you could ask why Jefferson never freed his own servants but then you'd also have to ask, free to do what? Starve within weeks? My suspicion is that most of them would have simply remained on the plantation and requested a small stipend beyond their basic room and board. But being that that interpretation doesn't portray Jefferson as an 18th Century Snidely Whiplash, yeah, it'll probably be rejected.  

On the Fact that Those Losers Who've Apparently Taken Over a Six-Block Section of Seattle Have a) Put Up Barriers Around the Area, b) Drawn-Up Some Idiotic Ideological Purity Document, c) Instituted a Policy of Racial Segregation, d) Threatened Alleged Thieves with Baseball Bat Beatings, and e) Developed a "Conflict Resolution Advisory Council" Comprised Solely of Black People

Trump should put these bozos on his payroll......'cause I'm telling you here, the more that the left descends into this type of madness with the "grown-ups" in the Democratic party, their lackeys in the media, etc., not condemning this shit, the more that Trump's reelection chances go up. Shit, he might already be payin' 'em! 4-D chess, no?    

On the Fact that 18 (Mostly Minority) Individuals Were Slaughtered In a 24-Hour Time-Frame In Chicago Last Week............and What Is the Corporate Press Focusing On, Trump's Tweets and the Fact that Few of Military Bases Are Still Named After Confederate Generals (an "Issue" that They Didn't Give a Flying-Fuck About When Obama Was President)

These are not serious people, these journalists, and if you're continuing to get your news from these shits, please, at least balance it out with a few independent voices (the Intercept,, Zero Hedge, Consortium News, Counter Punch, Real Clear Investigations, H.A. Goodman's work, etc.) to counter the bullshit (the constant peddling of a narrative, the level-10 Trump Derangement Syndrome, etc.). I mean, that's not too much to ask, is it (at a time when we're seemingly losing the Republic, especially)?  

Sunday, June 14, 2020

On the Fact that You Can Tell a Lot About a Country by its Immigration Patterns......and, so, Yeah, Being that Millions and Millions More People Wish to Come to America than Vacate it, Maybe it Isn't Quite the Hellscape that These Low-IQ Agitators Have Portrayed it to Be (You Actually Have Folks Risking Their Lives to Get Here, for Christ)

And while I'm not arguing that we're a perfect country, the fact of the matter remains, being born in the U.S.A. (whatever your ethnicity or race) is like winning the lottery in that nowhere else in the world can you go from nothing to something any more quickly than here. But sure, burn it all down, that's the ticket. Fuckin' buffoons.

On the Fact that Black Lives Matter Is Apparently Asking that Shop-Owners Simply Leave the Money On the Counter Now............and that Not to Do so Would Be Little More than Yet Another Example of White Privilege

Getting a mite picky, wouldn't you say? Jesus.

On the Fact that (According to a Recent Survey Conducted by CDL Life News) 77% of Truckers Are Now Proclaiming that They Won't Delver Freight to Cities that Have Disbanded Their Police Departments -

So yet one more aspect of this idiotic proposal that the lunatic leftists in Minneapolis and elsewhere haven't considered (the fact that truck-driving is a dangerous job as is and when you have these Antifa and BLM drooling fucks pulling dudes out of vehicles and beating them to a frazzle it's even worse). Man, are these people ever dumb.

On the Fact that if Burning Private-Property and Stealing Profusely from the Charred Remains Are Permissible (as the Morons from CNN and MSLSD Are Seemingly Saying), Is There Anything at that Juncture Which Isn't?

Like, I don't know, murdering David Dorn, David Patrick Underwood, Natalia Marie Kelly, etc.; little items like that. I mean, we have to draw the line somewhere, don't we? 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

On the Fact that None of These Virtue-Signalling Entertainers and Athletes Who've Been Shitting All Over the Country for Weeks Now Has Ever Decided to Set-Up Residence In Watts, Harlem, North Philly, the South Side of Chicago, Cherry Hill, Rochester, Newark, etc., HAVE YOU NOTICED?

Yeah, they move instead to Brentwood, Santa Monica, the Hamptons, Greenwich Village, Watch Hill, Litchfield County, and a whole host of other places that are systemically racist. Go figure, huh?

On the Fact that (According to the Manhattan Institute's Heather MacDonald - AKA, My Next Wife, I Jest) Murders In New York City Have Decreased from 2,000 In 1990 to 319 In 2019, an 84% Decrease

Ms. MacDonald credits proactive-policing and a policy called Compstat in which precinct commanders are held ruthlessly accountable for crime in their jurisdiction.......and, while, no, it isn't quite as sexy and fashionable as the latest craze of getting rid of the police (truth be known, it's the exact opposite), it has saved a lot of black lives over the years and so maybe just tweak it a little, try to get other cities to emulate it, etc.? I'm just askin'. 

On the Fact that Dozens of Black People Have Been Murdered Over the Past Couple Weeks In New York and Chicago Alone and I'll Bet that Not One of Those Race-Baiting Jerk-Offs Who've Been Hand-Wringing Nonstop Over the Tragic Death of Mr. Floyd Could Name a Single One

Seems like a rather winning wager, no (the fact that these buffoons are clearly motivated by something a little more revolutionary and incendiary than the death of a few nameless, faceless ghetto-dwellers)? 

On Watching the Reagan-Mondale Debates from 1984 (They're On YouTube if You Wish to Watch Them) and Comparing it to the Way In Which Biden and Trump Have Been Acting Over the Past Several Months

Yeah, we've been like that frog in the slowly boiling water; failing to see just how far that we've fallen (and, yep, I put myself in that category as well) and now it's irreparable.......Or so it seems. 

On the Fact that Not All Photo-Ops Are Fully Equal Apparently

And to placate who exactly, Black Lives Matter, a violent, Marxist, anti-family, anti-Semitic and bullshit outfit that only gives a God damn about black lives when they're lost at the hands of a white officer? Really, this is where the Democratic party is these days?   

Friday, June 12, 2020

On Piece-of-Shit Anti-White Demagogue, Tim Wise, Going On CNN Recently and Arguing that White Parents Never Have to Worry About Their Children Getting Shot by Police While Holding a Toy Gun (as What Happened to Tamir Rice)

Well, save of course for the 27 TIMES that it happened in only the past two years (it happened 11 times to black kids during that same time-frame). Just a little off, huh? Needless to say, the idiots at CNN never fact-checked the guy and so kudos to independent journalists like Vincent James for doing so. Nice job, Vincent -

On the Fact that if These Crazy Idiots Had Said that They Wanted to Get Rid of the Police but that They Were Also Willing to Get Behind the Second Amendment so that Folks Could More Readily Defend Themselves (In Lieu of There Being No Cops), Perhaps I'd Hear Them Out............but of Course that Isn't What They're Saying so, Yeah, Flock 'Em, I Guess

Yeah, these folks are insane and haven't they figured out that with each and every one of these cockamamie proposals they're probably losing a dozen or so voters over to the Trump column? It certainly doesn't seem so, does it?  

On What the Riots Accomplished -

a) fully displayed that the lockdowns were total political bullshit. b) probably red-pilled a shitload of normie-lefties. c) increased the sale of weapons and essentially destroyed all anti Second Amendment arguments. d) gave us a frightening preview of what a democratic socialist future would look like. e) made an absolute mockery of "white privilege". And f) showed us who the real morons are.............They accomplished a lot, in other words. Well done, fellas'.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

On the Fact that the Media Went from Condemning People Simply for Swimming (and Having Fun) On Memorial Day to Championing Protestors Five Days Later (this While Also Refusing to Condemn the Rioters)

So either they were lying about the seriousness of the virus prior to these riots or they weren't and they just don't care anymore if folks get infected, just as long as they can racial grievance-monger. Either way, they look rather shitty, huh?

On the Fact that Daniel Shaver, Andrew Thomas, Dylan Noble, Loren Simpson, Tony Timpa, and Dylan Noble Were All Killed by Cops Under Questionable Circumstances and I'll Bet that Most of You Have Never Heard of Any of Them

Gee, might it be because they're white and the media can't stoke any racial resentment and division, highlight their bullshit narrative, etc.? 'Cause that would be my guess.

To All of the Young, Angry Black Dudes Who Somehow Think that the World Owes Them Something Because of Slavery

I'm going to cut right to the chase here. If your ancestors had not been sold into slavery and had remained in Africa, you either wouldn't be alive today (your ancestors likely having been killed in war - which was almost constant in Africa - or worked to death as an African slave - African slavery being the most brutal in human history) or you would be alive and living in abject squalor (Botswana being the only African country that's even remotely functioning and even there the GDP is only about a third of what blacks experience in the U.S.). I mean, I hate to be so crushing here but you have to learn the truth eventually and so why not hear it from Uncle Will?.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, those same ancestors could have also been sold into South American, Caribbean, or Arab slavery but that probably wouldn't have worked out all that great for you, either (places such as Haiti and Brazil also being pretty fucking poor while the Arabs used to castrate their male black slaves). For the record.........................................................................................................Several Sources - "Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner" by Lochlainn Seabrook, "Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics In the Antebellum Republic" by John Ashworth, "The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" by William O. Blake, "The African Slave Trade" by Basil Davidson, "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Robert C. Davis, "Islam's Black Slaves" by Ronald Segal, "A Historical Guide to World Slavery" by Seymour Drescher and Stanley Engerman, "Modern Slavery" by Henry Nevinson, "Africa Yesterday and Today" by Clark Moore and Ann Dunbar, "Tropical Africa" by Robert Coughlan, "The Afro-American Experience" by James Dormon and Robert Jones, "The Myth of the Negro Past" by Melville Herskovits, "History of Africa" by Kevin Shillington, "Slavery as an Industrial System" by Herman Nieboer

On the Fact that We Knew Two Things Early On In this Wuhan-Virus Pandemic -

the harsh fact that a) this was an infection which predominantly impacted the elderly and those with a problematic immune system and b) the negative health effects from a smashed economy would probably far exceed those from the virus (the evidence is abundant on this topic and the fact that none of the entrenched bureaucrats made any sort of effort to examine it is disgusting)............but instead of acknowledging these basic points and taking a much more measured approach with this issue (locking down nursing homes, providing services to the elderly still living at home, educating the general public, etc.) we allowed all of these fascist mayors and governors to engage in what was probably the most ruthless power-grab in American history.......Oh well, at least they're letting us out to riot. Thank God for that (he said, at a level-5 sarcasm alert). 

On the Fact that the Democrats Despise Trump so Much that They've Failed to See Just How Insanely Far Left that Their Party Has Become (Moving Swiftly Towards Socialism, Speech Suppression, Open Borders, Identity Politics, Political Correctness, Infanticide, etc.)

And please keep in mind that this was once the proud party of Al Smith, Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Paul Tsongas, Jimmy Carter, John Glenn, William Proxmire, Mayors Koch and Daley, etc. (all of whom would have probably been excommunicated from the ranks by now), just for a little perspective. Hopefully there are still a few cogent voices left in that flock but the way that everybody from Biden on down is capitulating (kneeling down to Black Lives Matter, really?), confident, I am not.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

On World Health Organization (Supposedly the Be-All and End-All According to Ole Muckerberg) Official, Maria van Kerhove, Now Claiming that, "it Is Rare that an Asymptomatic Person Actually Transmits Onward to a Secondary Individual"

So we've bludgeoned the world economy, caused the deaths of untold people, suppressed the immune systems of millions of healthy individuals, and obliterated civil-liberties it a degree that we haven't seen seen the days of Woodrow Wilson, and all because we listened to these government functionaries spouting bullshit. Man, does there ever need to be an investigation once this shit is over and "crimes against humanity" probably needs to be on the table (especially if it can be shown that far more lost years of life have resulted from the lockdown than from the corona-virus). It's certainly on my radar.

On the Fact that Domestic Violence Related Police Calls Are the Single Largest Category of Calls Received by the Police (Ranging from 15 to 50%), with the Overwhelming Percentage of Them Coming from Women -

So to all of those foaming-at-the-mouth buffoons on the Minneapolis city-council who voted unanimously to defund the police department, who's going to help those women and protect them from their nasty spouses? Black Lives Matter and Antifa?............Yeah, you haven't thought any of this through, have you? Didn't think so.

On the Fact that What Happened to Mr. Floyd was Tragic but Please Explain to Me How the Additional Slayings of David Dorn, Natalia Marie Kelly, David Patrick Underwood, and a Whole Shitload of Other Nameless, Faceless, and Innocent Human Beings Makes Things Better, 'Cause I'm at a Loss Here, Truly

You can't, can you? Nobody can.

On the Tendency of Biden and Hillary to Change Their Grammar When Talking to Black People (Using Words Such as Ain't, Y'all, No Ways Tired, etc.)

You would think that more people would be offended by such blatant condescension but apparently as long as you pander additionally by loading up the gravy-train the collectivists' limit knows no bounds, sadly. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

On the Fact that I Cry Sometimes During Movies but this Ain't a Fucking Movie


I Posted this Several Years Ago but Decided to Resurrect it for Obvious Reasons, Enjoy

On Why I Don't Feel Guilty Over Slavery

The harsh fact that: a) Slavery was a universal institution as late as the mid-19th Century and the slaves in North America were treated better than anywhere else on the planet (with African, Muslim, and Native American slavery being the worst). b) Over a million Europeans were enslaved by Muslims from the Barbary states and yet this is completely glossed over. c) The slaves in the American South were frequently better off than the free blacks in the North and even the dirt-poor whites in the South. d) Blacks were sold into slavery by their fellow blacks and so if there is guilt to be had it needs be shared. e) There were tens of thousands of black people who also owned slaves in North America (over the years) and, so, again, the guilt needs to be shared. f) There isn't a single place on the globe where black people are better off with white people not around and so maybe getting on those boats wasn't the worst thing. g) Whatever wealth that was accrued due to slavery was wiped out numerous times over by the Civil War. h) Hundreds of thousands of poor Scotch, Irish, and English were also shipped over to not just North America but the Caribbean as well. i) Far more black Africans were enslaved by Arabs than by white Europeans and as far as I know no calls for reparations have ever been made. j) Slavery continues to this day in Africa and yet the slantheaded and feral left continues to focus instead on the relatively benign servitude that happened in America centuries ago. k) All of the blacks that came to North America ALREADY WERE SLAVES (African slaves) and so if the they didn't come here, they simply would have gone elsewhere (in Africa, to South America, the Middle East, etc.)......and fared very poorly, I promise you. And l) the American taxpayer has already dished out TRILLIONS of dollars over the past half century to help black people (and, no, this doesn't even include the money that whites have lost due to affirmative action) and the sane reaction at some point would certainly have to be, "OK, enough"...……….There are probably more reasons (a weariness of identity politics, for example) but what do you say that we start with these?...…………………………………………………………………..Sources - "To Hell or Barbados" by Sean O'Callighan, "White Cargo" by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh,  "Slavery, Capitalism, and Politics In the Antebellum Republic" by John Ashworth, "White Servitude In the Colony of Virginia" by James Curtis Ballagh, "The African Slave Trade" by Basil Davidson, "Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters" by Robert C. Davis, "Islam's Black Slaves" by Ronald Segal, "Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery Is Wrong, Ask a Southerner" by Lochlainn Seabrook, "The History of Slavery and the Slave Trade" by William O. Blake, "A Historical Guide to World Slavery" by Seymour Drescher and Stanley Engerman, "Modern Slavery" by Henry Nevinson, "Africa Yesterday and Today" by Clark Moore and Ann Dunbar, "Tropical Africa" by Robert Coughlan, "The Afro-American Experience" by James Dormon and Robert Jones, "The Myth of the Negro Past" by Melville Herskovits, "History of Africa" by Kevin Shillington, "Slavery as an Industrial System" by Herman Nieboer, "White Slavery In the Barbary States" by Charles Sumner, "Myths of American Slavery" by Walter Kennedy

On the Fact that Clinton and Trump Both Posed for "Photo-Ops" at the Same Church (Each Holding a Bible) and Yet for Some Bizarre Reason, Only One of Them Got Roasted for it

Gee, I wonder what it could be. Please, media, illuminate. 

On the Fact that I Go to Bed Every Night Believing that the Left Can't Get Any More Nuts............and Every Morning I Wake Up to See that They Can (Getting Rid of Big-City Police Departments Their Latest Hair-Brained Scheme)

And you can't go to church............but you can try and burn one down. Let's not forget that little gem.......Yep, the hits keep comin'.

On Cleopatra Seducing Herod and Him Purportedly Rejecting Her

Yeah, I'm gonna go with, stupid move, on this one in that a) she was supposedly quite a babe (or maybe that was just Elizabeth Taylor, who knows?) and b) he was already getting reamed by her on Jericho and so maybe a little roll in the hay could have aided him with that. And it isn't as if the dude had any sort of moral compunction, for Christ (what's a little adultery when you've already ordered mass-murder?). Just go for it, I say.  

On the Piece-of-Shit Who Videotaped David Dorn Bleeding Out Instead of Putting the Damn Phone In His Pocket, Getting Down On His Hands and Knees, and Comforting the Guy as He Was Taking His Last Breaths

No, he isn't as much of a psychopath as the cretin who pulled the trigger......but he's in the ballpark, wouldn't you say? Fucking moron.

Monday, June 8, 2020

On the Fact that One of the Monuments and Statues that These Piece-of-Shit and Low-IQ Rioters Have Defaced Is Boston's Robert Gould Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial to Black Soldiers of the Civil War

Oh yeah, these idiots are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anti-racist. No doubt whatsoever (and by, no doubt whatsoever, I of course mean, these Antifa assholes could give a flying-fuck about black folks and are only using this George Floyd tragedy as pretext to bring down the system and replace with a bullshit ideology that killed over 100,000,000 people in the 20th century).

On the Fact that Even Though the U.S. Park Service Has Consistently Said that a) the Protesters at Lafayette Park Were NOT Peaceful and Instead Were Throwing Objects, Defacing Property, and Trying to Take Weapons from the Officers, b) the Method Used to Disperse These Hooligans Wasn't Tear-Gas but Rather Pepper-Spray and Some Smoke-Bombs, and c) it Wasn't President Trump Who Ordered These Strategic Measures but Rather the Commanding Officer, We Still Have These Absolutely Repugnant Bogus Journalists at CNN and MSNBC Attempting to Push this Cartoonish Narrative of Trump the Dictator Unleashing the SWAT-Team On a Bunch of Cub Scouts and Brownies Who Were Only There to Protest the Questionable Killing of Mr. Floyd

Vote for whoever you prefer (per usual the choice appears rather shitty) but, please, if you're getting the bulk of your news from these disgusting cable channels, maybe try and balance it out a bit with some independent voices (most of the mainstream shit coming out of six corporate conglomerates) because, well, they're lying to you......and you don't want that, right?

Sunday, June 7, 2020

On Joe Biden Suggesting that When an "Unarmed Man with a Knife" Comes Barrelling Towards a Cop, the Cop Should Shoot Him In the Leg

First of all, an unarmed man with a knife ISN'T AN UNARMED MAN and secondly, every police department, secret service detail, and military unit in the world instructs its officers to aim for center-mass, a) to stop the assailant from charging and b) to lessen the likelihood of that assailant discharging his own damned weapon (you can still fire a gun with a bad leg - HELLO!!). I mean, I get it that Biden isn't functioning on all cylinders these days but we're talking a simple internet search here......and doesn't the guy have handlers to prep him for speeches like this? One would hope, no? 

The Most Beautiful Van Morrison Songs - Edition 30

On the Fact that if the Democrats Run On a Platform of Gun-Control AND De-Funding the Cops, Yeah, that Just Might Be a Loser this Fall

Yeah, it's just pure emotionalism at this juncture and here we go again; taking a singular event, extrapolating from it in a completely idiotic manner, and overreacting like there's no tomorrow (and often in a manner that's completely at odds with their other overreactions). I mean, it's almost as if we're dealing with children here. Please, if there are still any adults left in the Democratic Party, steer that ship a little straighter, 'cause the iceberg, it is fast approaching, trust me.

His Name Was David Dorn

Please share this meme everywhere because the human filth in the corporate media needs to know that all black lives have value, not just those that can feed their brain-diseased leftist template. Thanks, in advance.

On the Fact that (According to the 2013 F.B.I. Crime Report) a Black Person is 12 Times More Likely to Kill a White Person than Vice Versa and a Black Person Is 70 Times More Likely to Be Killed by Another Black Individual than by a White Person (and These Are All Normed for Population)

These numbers need to be shared far and wide, not so much to denigrate black people but to stop dead in its tracks this poisonous narrative of unending black victimization and equally unending white depravity - you know, while we still have a city or two uncharred, a white person or two not on their knees, etc..  

Saturday, June 6, 2020

On the Fact that 82 People Were Shot In Chicago Last Weekend (19 of Them Dying, Most of Them Black) and We Haven't Heard One Fucking Peep from Black Lives Matter, Joy Reid, Cory Booker and the Rest of Those Race-Baiting Miscreants, Nada! -

It's been said a million times already and I'll say it again. These pieces of shit could give a rat's-ass about black lives and only crawl out from under their rock when the killer is a white cop. It's disgusting and we really need to start marginalizing this shit.

On the Fact that Joy Reid and the Rest of Those Buffoonish Anchors Over at MSLSD Are Actually Trying to Convince Their Viewership that the Rioters and Looters All Throughout America Are Actually White Supremacists Trying to Stir Things Up

How deranged do you have to be to come up with something like that? I mean, just open your damned eyes and watch the video. Virtually all of the rioters are either black or white assholes dressed in Antifa garb. And even if you buy the fantastical notion that these Antifa buffoons are actually white supremacists disguised as Antifa, we do have intelligence to indicate otherwise. "U.S.A. Today", for instance, states that, "Intelligence reports indicate that most of the hard-core protesters in Minnesota are far-left anarchists and that far-right groups have not yet made a significant appearance." Please, if you're watching MSNBC and you don't like being lied to, switch the channel, for Christ.

On the Fact that this Guy Was Nearly Beaten Into a Coma by Undercover Cops Simply for Walking Down the Street and Not, I Repeat, NOT, Looking One Iota Like the Actual Crook

  And, no, I don't seem to recall Cory Booker, Lebron James, Kamala Harris, Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, Colin Kaepernick, Don Lemon, the Young Turks, and the rest of those race-baiting grievance-mongers out there having much to say about it. Oh well, maybe they'll get around to it, someday.

On the Fact that Two Black Law Enforcement Officials Have Been Slain During These Disgusting Riots (Dave Dorn and Patrick Underwood) and, Please, Correct Me if I'm Wrong, but I Haven't Heard Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, or Any of These Other Race-Baiting Media Shits Talk About How These Black Lives Must Have Mattered to Their Friends and Family

Probably too narrative-busting, huh? My guess, at least.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

On the Left Being More Pissed at Trump for a Doing a Photo-Op at that Historical Church than They Are at the Slantheaded Hooligans Who Torched it

The sad thing here is that there actually ARE some legitimate criticisms that one could levy against the guy; huge deficits, bloated military spending, aiding and abetting Saudi Arabia, more bomb-dropping than even Obama, etc. and so why this fucking petty bullshit? I mean, are these people THAT partisan and filled with spite? Seemingly, huh?

On the Fact that I Turned the Volume Down and the Paint Still Came Off

Much appreciated, fellas'. Much appreciated.

On the 19 Unarmed White Fellas' Who Were Killed by Cops In 2019

Nameless, faceless, and forgotten. Just like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris want it, apparently (white lives mattering a hell of a lot less than their narrative, it seems).

In the Fact that These Authoritarian Statists Would Rather See People Die (the Effects of Unemployment, Despair, the Postponement of Medical Treatment, etc.), Children Abused, Spouses Beaten, Businesses Destroyed, Dreams Crushed, Substance-Abuse and Overdoses Skyrocket, etc. than Have to Admit that the Lockdown Was Bullshit, that Their Adoration and Embrace of Bald-Faced Fascism Was Probably Not the Best Way to Proceed, and that Maybe, Just Maybe, Those Protesters Who Simply Wanted to Open Their Fucking Businesses Had a Sage Point to Make

Yes, politicians will occasionally change their minds (flip-flop, as we often call it) but it's almost always in a pandering manner to get elected (George Bush Sr. on abortion, for example) and NOT when you've dug yourself in so deep. These people, yeah, they're probably gonna' die on the hill. My prediction.   

On Clownish Senator, Cory Booker, Proclaiming that Most of the Black Men Killed by Police In 2019 Were Unarmed

He's either a liar or an idiot who's too fucking lazy to do a simple Google search. The fact of the matter of course is that there were only 10 unarmed black people (out of a grand-total of 236) killed by the cops in 2019 and even of those 10 at least half of them were either charging or attacking the officer. Yes, what happened to Mr. Floyd was absolute bullshit and that lunatic cop needs to meet with some swift justice but for demagogues like Booker to try and strong-arm this event (with zero factual basis) to enhance their political standing is repugnant. Hopefully New Jersey votes him out of office next time but being that that's unlikely just keep pounding the clown on his bullshit, I guess, the next best thing. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

On the Claim by Stanford Medical School's Scott Atlas that the Economic Lockdown Has Resulted In Approximately 1.5 Million Lost Years of Life (the Effects of Unemployment, Despair, the Postponing of Medical Treatment, etc.), Nearly Double that of What the Corona-Virus Has Produced -

And these number could get much worse ( claims that the damage could be as high as 7 million lost years) depending on how long the unemployment-rate stays at these depression-era levels. Hopefully we get something real soon that at least resembles a V-shaped recovery because anything less than that, those empty shelves will start to become familiar and the price of what's left, pretty damned steep, my prediction.

On the Fact that Black People Are the Disproportionate Victims of Violent Crime In America (and the Margin Is Huge)......and Yet this Is One Disparity that Politicians, Racial Grievance-Mongers, and the Corporate Press Never Seem to Address BECAUSE In Doing so They Would Then Have to Report that the Perpetrators of this Violence Are Also Black (Overwhelmingly so) and, Yeah, They Just Don't Have the Stones for that, at All

 Hard to imagine being THAT wedded to a template (in this instance, perpetual black victimization together with equally unyielding white villainy) but, yep, they most certainly are. Every day.

On the Fact that (According to the Washington Post Data-Base - There Were 41 Unarmed Suspects Killed by Cops Last Year; 10 Black (9 Men and 1 Woman) and 19 White - this Despite the Fact that There Are Literally Millions and Millions of Police Interactions Every Year

Maybe I'm old fashioned but I just don't see these numbers (which the media consistently hides from us) as a sufficient reason to, you know, BURN DOWN THE ENTIRE DAMNED COUNTRY!!!!! I mean, come on.....................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, when you norm for population, blacks are more likely to be killed by cops BUT THAT's THE WRONG BENCHMARK. You also have to look at criminal activity and the number of cop interactions. When you control for those two things, whites are actually more likely to be killed by cops. Surprise. surprise. 

My New Favorite Line of the Decade (Funny and Yet Also Spot-On)

Comes courtesy of the inimitable Peter Schiff. On rioting - "Rioting is socialism without the middle-man."......Pretty much nailed it, huh?

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

On the Fact that the Average Age of Death of Corona-Virus Victims In Italy Is Older than the Average Life-Expectancy In that Country

Again, for the gazillionth time, this is a disease that primarily impacts the elderly and those with an already compromised immune system and it was beyond idiotic to crush the economy, flush the Constitution down the toilet, etc. to try and combat it. Please, focus here, it's not that difficult. For Christ.

On the Fact that a Celebrity Would Rather Croak than Say Something Unfashionable

And, so, yeah, it's one virtue-signalling low-IQ entertainer after another bum-rushing to the microphone forewarning the world that Trump is Satan. Of course it wouldn't amount to a pile of beans if the media simply ignored them (because who gives a shit what Taylor Swift thinks about anything, frankly) but, noooooooooooooooooooo, if it's a dis on Trump, they cover the shit as if it was an actual news-story. So pathetic.

On the Fact that Merriam Webster's Definition of White Supremacist is, "a Person Who Believes that the White Race Is Inherently Superior to Other Races and that White People Should Have Control Over People of Other Races"

I've been around for over six decades and I have yet to meet one, single, solitary person who meets that definition.......and I doubt that very many other folks have, either, and yet if you listen to these venal, race-baiting literal piles of garbage over at CNN and MSLSD you'd probably think that the country was being overrun by such individuals. It's ludicrous and, yes, the explanation of course revolves around the fact that the shitheads who run those propagandist outlets continuously alter the language to the point where people who simply wish to strengthen the border and not have their country transform into another Yugoslavia or Sri Lanka (multicultural societies that have evolved into bloody dumpster-fires) are lumped into the same category as genocidal maniacs. Unfortunately not a lot of people fact-check these buffoons (we still have dictionaries, folks - they're online now) and so they tend to get away with their bullshit but, damn, we have to at least try and counter the narrative, no? 

On the Fact that While Most of the Residents of Cape Cod (Plymouth, Falmouth, Sandwich, Hyannis, Provincetown, Chatham, Wellfleet, etc.) Are Probably Liberal Democrats, They're Also Business Owners, Artists, and People Who Largely Make Their Livelihood Through the Tourist Industry and, so, Yeah, if These Draconian Measures Ultimately Wipe Out an Entire Season's Worth of Activity, There Will Be Hell to Pay, I Promise You

Yeah, I guess that they're "allowing" restaurant takeout now but in Wellfleet and Provincetown (for example) there really aren't a lot of places to eat outdoors and, so, what, everyone is going to have to chow-down in their cars? Oh yeah, that sounds like a great vacation. And what about parking (a nightmare during normal times)? Do the cars have to be six feet apart as well? I mean, this is fucking insane, and all over a virus that we now know is generally innocuous to healthy folks under 60. Fucking A, huh?...........................................................................................P.S. Just for a reminder, here are the death-rates of COVID coming out of the Netherlands; ages 20-29 - 0.004%, ages 30-39 - 0.007%, ages 40-49 - 0.014%, ages 50-59 - 0.103% (approximately that of the seasonal flu), ages 60-69 - 0.492% (roughly 5 per thousand). Yes, the rates go much higher after 70 but unlike these politicians I trust folks to gauge their own risk (and here the government actually can be helpful by supplying information) and act in their own self-interest/accordingly.

On George W. Bush Apparently Endorsing Biden Now (Probably In Response to Trump Having Skewered Him Over the Iraq War)

So Biden's getting the neocon vote (as did Mrs. Clinton in 2016). Interesting (and by, interesting, I of course mean, not something that I would attach to the top of my resume). 

Monday, June 1, 2020

On CNN's Main Headquarters In Atlanta Getting Defaced by a Small Army of Mouth-Breathing Rioters

Frankenstein's creation turning on Frankenstein? Sorta' looks that way, huh (the fact that CNN has been stoking the flames of class and racial resentment for a while now and the chickens have seemingly come home to roost)?

On the Fact that Back In April When the Corona-Virus Pandemic Was at its Peak, Dr.s Fauci and Birx Did Not Wear Masks but Now that We're Well Past the Height of the Virus, They're Suddenly Wearing the Cork-Soakers Like There's No Tomorrow

So what's the angle here? Did they suddenly change their mind on mask-wearing or is there something deeper here (like, I don't know, trying to keep the state of fear going so that we don't open up the economy because that would help Trump)?......It just seems kinda' strange to me, that's all.

On the Fact that Whenever Some Racial Grievance-Mongering Liar Like Joy Reid Attempts to Guilt-Trip You Over White-On-Black Violence, Just Pull Out this Little Graphic, Drop the Damned Mike, and Simply Walk Away......'Cause that's What I Would Do

Of course you could also bring out that evidence from the Bureau of Justice Statistics which shows that 537,204 of the 593,598 incidents of interracial violence (in general) between black and white folks was black on white......and that when you norm for population we're looking at a 40 to 1 disparity, but being that that would likely cause her fucking head (and narrative) to detonate, maybe you shouldn't.......On second thought. 

On the Fact that We Should Never, Ever, Sell-Short the Power of Stupid People (Especially Those Who Are Young, Impulsive, Hormonal, Living-Out Pointless Lives, Filled to the Brim with Misdirected Rage, and Highly Susceptible to Group-Think) In Massive Crowds

And yet, here we are, once again, doing exactly that. WHEN......we ever learn?

Sunday, May 31, 2020

On the Fact that Even Fauci Has Now Concluded that These Unending Economic Lockdowns Could Produce "Irreparable Damage" to Our Society -

Yeah, I guess that when something is staring you in the face like this, what choice does one have, really (save, of course, for turning into a CNN or MSNBC zombie)?

On the Fact that the Neocon Claim of an al Qaeda, Iranian Axis Has Always Been Implausible at Best (Hell, Iran Was Even Considering an Attack On Afghanistan In Retribution for the Terrorist Group's Treatment of Shiites In that Country) but, Please, for the Ultimate Coup de Grace, You Just Might Want to Listen to this Dismantling by the Legendary Gareth Porter

  I'd invite Bill Kristol and John Bolton to listen, too, but they're apparently hiding under their desks AGAIN. Those guys!

On the Fact that Black Lives Matter

Ditto, flat-screen TVs, apparently.

On Yahoo News Sewing Even More Seeds of Racial Division by Running a "Story" with the Heading, "Black and Brown People Are Being Killed for No Reason" (it Was Evidently a Quite from Some Agitator) -

As opposed to that elderly white couple who got assassinated in a Delaware cemetery by some deranged black asshole. That was for a "reason", I guess. Got it!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

On the Fact that if Joe Biden and Tara Reade Had Been College Students and the Incident Had Taken Place During the Obama Administration (Yes, I Understand that this Involves a Wee-Bit of Time-Travel but, Please, Humor Me Here), Ole Biden Would Have Been Assumed Guilty and Probably Expelled from the College (with Criminal Charges Possibly On His Horizon)

Ironic, huh (the fact that those very Title 9 reforms that he and Barack had championed would be cooking his goose right now, BIGLY - to steal a line from his adversary) ?

On Michael Smerconish Asking Amy Klobuchar if Her Husband Had Taken Hydroxychloroquine as a Part of His Therapy Regimen for COVID-19 and Her After a Noticeable Pregnant Pause Admitting that, "Yeah, He Was On it for a While" -

Yeah, that had to have been painful for her (the fact that Trump had recommended it and we must never, ever give the dude credit for anything) but here's the thing, she didn't lie when she clearly could have and for that, I'm impressed (yes, my bar has gotten extremely low of late). Well done, Amy.

On the Counter-Protesters In L.A. Accusing the Citizens Who Were Protesting Against the Strict Lockdown Measures of Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti of Fascism (Even Though a Large Chunk of Them Were Libertarians)

So the folks who were protesting against quite possibly the greatest abuse of power in American history (worse than Adams, Lincoln, Wilson, and FDR), they're the bad guys. Man, has our education system ever shit the bed.

On Minneapolis's Bonkers Mayor, Jacob Frey, Asking the Rioters and Looters of His Increasingly Third-World City to Continue Wearing Masks and Practice Social-Distancing

Yeah, the world is either going insane or this is the longest Saturday Night Live skit in human history. Just can't decide.

Friday, May 29, 2020

On Calling People Out, Ratting On Them, etc.

What, are we a country of 7 year-olds now? Kinda' seems like it, huh (the much more mature approach of course being to get your own house in order first but I digress)?

On the Fact that These Chowder-Headed Reporters from CNN and MSLSD Are Seemingly More Pissed Off at Some Poor Bastard Kicking-Back On the Beach Without a Mask than They Are at Those Disgusting Governors Who Forced Nursing Homes to Accept Corona-Virus Patients, an Order that Likely Killed Thousands of Elderly Residents

Yeah, these folks are so deranged with ideology that they literally have no perspective and, boy, does it ever show here. And they don't even wear the masks themselves (save when the camera's running), that's what really gets me (the ballsiness, hypocrisy, etc.). Fucking nimrods. 

On the Fact that These SJWs Up Their Insanity Ante On an Almost Daily Basis (Fucking with the Language, Creating "Rights" Out of Thin Air, Throwing Basic Science Out the Window, etc.) and Unless You Agree with Them Fully and On the Spot, You Will Be Tarred as a Racist, a Homophobe, a White Supremacist, a Xenophobe, a Transphobe, a Neo-Confederate, and Various Other Substitutions for Thought

It's almost self-parody at the point but I must admit that I do enjoy it when they devour each other (certain feminists not being fully on board with the trans thing and being tossed aside because of it, for example). Very entertaining!      

Thursday, May 28, 2020

On the Fact that 1,268 White People Have Been Killed by Cops Since January, 2017 (Source, Statista) and I'll Bet that Can't Name a Plug One

You can't, can you?...........................................................................................................P.S. And I'll also bet that not every one of these 1,268 kills was a righteous one. Just the law of averages.

On CNN's Insufferable Reporter, Gary Tuchman, Brow-Beating One Person After Another On the Beach for Not Wearing a Mask, Only to Be Photographed Afterwards Himself (Along with His Trusty Cameraman) Not Wearing One, Either

So just like those lunatics at the Presidential press conferences; wearing the masks while the camera's on and immediately taking them off once the event is done. Gee, I'm beginning to think that these folks don't wish to live according to the same rules as the rest of us. What do you think?

On Bill Gates's Plan to Vaccinate the Planet's 7,000,000,000 People

I have a better idea. How 'bout we vaccinate Bill Gates and his lovely wife 3.5 billion times each and let the rest of the world decide for itself? That seems fair, no?

On the Latest Chris Hayes (MSNBC's Number One Male Feminist and SJW) Powder-Puff Interview of Nancy Pelosi

Yeah, I haven't seen this many softballs since I umpired a slow-pitch game at my neighborhood convalescent home and how is this fellow a journalist again? Please, explain it to me................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, I get it that Fox does interviews like this, too, but at least it isn't around the clock (fellows like Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, and Bret Baier are at least somewhat balanced) and, hell, even Fox and Friends will sometimes ask a pointed question or two. MSNBC, NOT SO MUCH! 

On the Fact that We Could Probably Reduce the Number of Highway Deaths On this Planet (Currently About 1.3 Million) by Over 1,000,000 per Year if We Simply Reduced the Speed Limit Around the World to 20 MPH

And yet no serious individual has ever suggested this. Hmm, could it possibly be that we DO put a "value on life" and that we do so every damn day (risking our lives whenever we travel by car; to work, on vacation, etc.)? Just some food for thought here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

On the Fact that There Are Presently Seven Corona-Viruses that Effect Humans and so Far No Vaccine Has Ever Been Developed FOR ANY OF THEM!!!!!

So, yeah, to all of those disgusting politicians who are crashing their economies and shredding the Constitution while waiting for some magical vaccine, three words, go fuck yourselves.

On the Fact that that Idiot Chick In Central Park Who Called the Cops On Some Poor Black Fellow After He Politely Asked Her to Put Her Dog On a Leash......and Who the Brain-Diseased Corporate Press Has Tried to Convince Us Is Some Racist Trump Supporter Is Actually a Liberal Who Voted for Obama Both Times and Who's Donated to Kerry and Buttigieg -

And of course as soon as the shits at CNN and MSLSD caught wind of this the entire story disappeared and they moseyed on to their next hit-piece per business as usual.......Nothing ever changes, does it?

On a 2012 New York Times Article Which Stated, "Error and Fraud at Issue as Absentee Voting Rises"

Needless to say, Twitter didn't use this particular story......or Congressman Nadler's 2004 testimony......or the recent incident in West Virginia in which a mailman was busted for tampering with absentee ballots ( when they recently "fact-checked" Mr. Trump on the issue of Mail-In voter fraud. Nope, they used CNN and NBC (two outlets that clearly hate Trump) instead.......Yeah, they're definitely a publisher. Sue away, folks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

On Michigan's Dictatorial Governor Mandating that Nursing Homes Accept COVID-19 Positive Patients Onto Their Premises -

So exactly what Cuomo did............but worse, because at least with Governor Cuomo the dude changed course once he saw the damage, this Michigan psycho, yeah, not so much. And to think that Biden is actually considering this schmuck as his running-mate (just one heartbeat away). Frightening, huh?

On the Fact that Back In 2004, Jerry Nadler Claimed that Paper Voting Ballots "Were Extremely Susceptible to Fraud" - - @ 56:11

He's evidently changed his mind and that's OK (I've changed my mind on numerous issues; immigration, the first Gulf War, etc.) but wouldn't you think that at least one journalist would press him as to why? Apparently not, huh? 

BREAK CURFEW by Adam Lawson

Not generally a big fan of rap but, yeah, I really this one. Guess why.

Monday, May 25, 2020

On the Fact that YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the Rest of These Bastions of Full-Throated Fascism Are Literally Banning Videos of Physicians and Epidemiologists Simply Because They Disagree with this Preposterous Policy of Quarantining Healthy People, Destroying the Economy, and Constantly Scaring the Shit Out of Folks Over a Virus No More Lethal than the Season Flu (a Fact that Even Dr. Fauci Agreed with In a Recent New England Journal of Medicine Article)

So we're living in a world now where soulless freaks like Muckerberg (look in his eyes, empty only begins to describe it), Dorsey, and Wojcicki control the flow of information to society. Are you OK with that? Hope not.

On the Fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Has Only Two Options at this Point; Induct Johnny Rivers OR CHANGE THEIR FUCKING NAME!!

Option one, please.

On the Fact that if the U.S. Had an Honest Press-Corps, the Under-Oath Admission by Crowdstrike's Shawn Henry that They Had Unearthed No Hard Evidence that the Russians Were Behind the DNC Computer Breach Would Have Been Front-Page News FOR WEEKS but Being that Our Media These Days Is Absolute Bullshit, Pretty-Much Zero Coverage

But, no, let's keep poking that nuclear-equipped Russian bear 'cause as we all know that'll be great for world-peace. Fucking morons. 

On the Fact that YouTube Has Gone from Censoring Profane Material to Engaging In Bald-Faced Viewpoint Discrimination While Simultaneously Turning a Blind-Eye to that Profanity

It's clear now that YouTube and the rest of these big-tech fascistic operations have officially made the move from platform-sites to publishers......and, while, yeah, it's entirely their decision to do so, it does come with a cost in that as a publishing-site they are no longer protected from law-suits by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. So, yeah, if you see something even remotely actionable get yourself a lawyer and sue the cork-soakers. Hell, we might even be able to bankrupt 'em and wouldn't that be great. OH, YEAH.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

On the Fact that if I Had a Dollar for Every Heather MacDonald IQ Point, I Could Retire for Life and Still Have Enough Leftover Money for that Vacation Home In Puerto Vallarta

And, yes, I have a thing........................................................................................................Oh, and her resume; BA from Yale, MA from Cambridge, and JD from Stanford. Not too shabby.

A Few Quotes that Describe Our Current Situation Better than I Ever Could

1) "To act without clear understanding, to form habits without investigation, to travel a path without knowing where it really leads - such is the behavior of the multitude." Mencius  2) "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." Voltaire  3) Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's own ignorance." Confucius  4) "To most people, nothing is more troublesome than the effort of thinking." James Bryce 

On the Fact that 66% of New York's Most Recent Corona-Virus Patients Are People Who Were at Home, Sheltering In-Place -

So the lockdown isn't even working, and the reason for it is that folks are still grocery shopping, going to gas stations, talking with their neighbors and family, going to the mailbox, handling plastics bought at the store (germs can live on plastic for days), etc., etc........and so unless you want to hermetically seal every person's house and have people in hazmat-suits delivering their food and medicine every day, a more common-sense approach is probably the answer (i.e., focusing on the elderly and sick, educating the general public, etc.). 

On the Fact that this Smart and Courageous Woman Is Now Arguing that if the Economic Lockdowns Ultimately End Up Causing More Deaths than the Wuham-Virus, the Politicians Who Instituted Them Should Be Charged with Crimes Against Humanity

   Only in a sane world, I fear. Only in a sane world. 

On the Fact that Medications Have Been Used for Off-Label Purposes In this Country Every Fucking Day For Years and Until Now No One Ever Made a Stink About it but with this Hydroxychloroquine Stuff We Have People Coming Out of the Woodwork Protesting its Use and All Because President Trump Had Touted it

The politicization of this stuff by the leftist media has been disgraceful. I mean, you have a drug here that's been around for decades, has an exceptional safety profile, was found to be effective with SARS corona-virus, and has been used successfully by physicians all over the planet to treat this corona-virus......and all that the shit media can do is dump on it. It's revolting and the sooner that these psychotic people are off the air the better.  

Saturday, May 23, 2020

On the Fact that the Democratic Party Has Quickly Become the Party of Socialism, Anti-Americanism, Speech Suppression and Political Correctness, Tech Tyranny, Illegal Surveillance, Cultural Marxism, Identity Politics, Race-Baiting, "the Ends Justify the Means", Intersectional Feminism, Radical Environmentalism, Executive Caprice (the Present-Day Tyranny of Blue-State Mayors and Governors), Transgenerational Debt-Slavery (the Republicans Unfortunately Joining Them On this One), Open Borders, Anti-White Bigotry, Postpartum Abortion, Trans-Kids, and Rabid Gun-Control

And they have the balls to call Trump an "extremist". Unbelievable, huh? 

On the Fact that the Netherlands Has Done a Fair Amount of Antibody Testing for COVID-19 and Here Are Some of the Death-Rates for Various Age-Groups

Ages 20 to 29 = 4 per 100,000, Ages 30 to 39 = 7 per 100,000, Ages 40 to 49 = 14 per 100,000, Ages 50 to 59 = 103 per 100,000, Ages 60 to 69 = 492 per 100,000 - So essentially those of the seasonal flu, just like we've been saying. And, while, yeah, I'm quite certain that those odds go much higher in one's 70s and 80s, did we really have to crash the entire economy to protect these people? I would argue, probably not. 

On the Fact that We Now Have Audio of Former Ukrainian President Poroshenko Telling Joe Biden that They Couldn't Find Any Corruption with Prosecutor Shokin but that They Dismissed the Guy Anyway and Biden Responding with, "Good" -

So not only do we have that Council of Foreign Relations tape in which Biden essentially confesses to extortion, we now have this recording which puts on full display Biden's overt willingness to destroy another human being for personal reasons. Yeah, I'd say that it's time for the Dems to go to the bullpen here......while there's still time.

Friday, May 22, 2020

On the Claim by California Trauma Doctor, Michael deBoisblanc, that He's Witnessed a Year's Worth of Suicide Attempts In Just the Last Four Weeks (as the Lockdowns Drag On......and On) -

And in the brain-diseased minds of those who broadcast on CNN and MSNBC, these people apparently don't even exist. Yeah, time to end the craziness for sure................................................................................................"I have never seen so much intentional injury." R.N. Kacey Hansen, from that same hospital. For some additional graphics, in case you needed some.

In the Fact that (According Research Examined by and Dr. Joseph Damore from Cornell Medical School) the Stress and Anxiety Being Brought About by These Draconian Economic Shutdowns Will Probably Destroy Seven Times as Many "Life Years" as the Wuhan-Virus Would Have Without Such Tyranny -

And even if accept the argument that the lockdowns were a necessary measure to "flatten the curve" (I personally don't and believe that we should have focused strictly on the sick and elderly but whatever), that has long since been accomplished and so either these politicians are sadistic fucks or they're pushing an agenda (like, I don't know, beating Trump in the fall, perhaps). Either way, kinda' scary, huh?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

On the Fact that as Bad as Saddam Hussein Was (Just Ask the Kurds), the Disparate Elements Within Iraqi Society (Shiites, Sunnis, Christians, Secular Journalists, Hindu Guest Workers from Nepal, Unveiled Women, etc.) for the Most Part Coexisted In Peace During His Reign - After His Deposing, Yeah, Not so Much

Of course it wasn't fortuitous that the void was immediately filled by an al-Qaeda backed career criminal named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who pretty-much murdered everybody from school teachers to journalists to Christian ministers to liquor-store owners to any Shiite who wasn't nailed down. But hey, as long as we destroyed those nonexistent WMD, it was all worth it I guess NOT.Thank you, Cheney and Bush.

On the Fact that Claire McCaskill and Countless Other U.S. Senators Had Also Met with Ambassador Kislyak (General Flynn's Supposed Sin) and I Don't Believe that Any of Them Were Ever Spied Upon (by the Obama Administration) Because of it -

And let's be honest here. The Democrats didn't give a rat's-ass about Russia (Obama making sport of Romney when the latter called Russia a threat, Hillary with the whole Uranium-One deal, Obama with his "more flexibility" discussion, etc.) and it was only when Hillary lost to a certain reality TV star that they suddenly got ballsy with Russia. It could not be more transparent......and yet with the corporate press backing them 100% and the general public largely remaining clueless, they get away with it. Frustrating, isn't it?

Probably the Day After Biden Gets Elected President

What would be my answer to the question, "So, when do you think that these blue-state Governors will finally open up their economies?"

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

On the Fact that Not a Single One of Those 53 Witnesses Who Appeared at Adam Schiff's Underground Show-Trial Provided Any Semblance of Actionable Evidence that Trump Colluded with the Russians and Yet We Still Have Chuck Schumer Going On the Floor of the Senate Attempting to Resurrect this Conspiracy Tripe

Yeah, I guess that as long as the corporate media hacks continue to run interference for him, why change, he probably figures............and so he won't (ditto, Brennan and Schiff).

On Why Anyone Would Give a Rat's-Ass About What Seth Myers, Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, John Oliver, Jimmy Fallon, Samantha Bee, and the Rest of These Low-IQ Late-Night Buffoons Think About Anything, Let Alone Politics?

I'll answer that question but, please, allow me first to find a cure for heart-disease and establish world peace (both of which would be easier).......and then we'll talk. Promise.

On the Fact that I Recently Saw a Guy Who......

......a) stepped out of a store with a bandana covering his face, b) pulled that same bandana down and parked it on his scruffy beard, c) lit a cigarette and puffed away at it, d) used the same hand that handled the cigarette to pull the bandana back up over his face, and e) went back into the store (he was apparently an employee).............So, ya' still believe that those cloth face-coverings are a good idea? Maybe not, huh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

On the Fact that Crazy-Assed John Brennan Is Still Going On MSLSD, Punishing Us with that Diabolical Countenance, and Continuously Accusing Trump of Having Committed Treason (Projection Much?)

Which is hilarious, because when under oath Mr. Brennan said no such thing......and even had to admit that there was no evidence WHATSOEVER of Trump EVER having colluded with Russia. But, hey, keep appearing MSLSD, ole boy, for it is after-all, comic-relief.

On that Fact that OnlyTwo Months Ago, Dr. Fauci Was Correctly Telling Us that the General Public SHOULD NOT Be Wearing These Face-Masks (the Fact that They Don't Stop All Aerosols, Often Trap Germs, Prompt Face-Touching, Reduce Oxygen Flow, and Create Shortages) and Now for Whatever Fucking Reason, the Dude Is All About the Things; Wearing Them a Pressers, etc.

  Yeah, this is what drives me crazy about Fauci and Birx, they say some very sensible and modest stuff but then they ruin it with bullshit like quarantining healthy people, shutting down the economy, endless mitigation, etc., etc.. Time for some fresher perspectives, I say (people like Katz, Ioannides, Atlas, Wittkowski, Bhattacharya, Brosseau, etc.).

On Dr. Birx Now Saying that She Doesn't Trust Numbers Coming Out of the C.D.C. and that the COVID-19 Infection and Mortality Rates Could Be Inflated by as Much as 25% -

Wow, so even Dr. Birx is a conspiracy ramrod now. Interesting (and by, interesting, I of course mean, explain that, Jack!).

On Obama's Claim that General Flynn Had Committed an Act of Perjury

The guy was a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago (one of the top 10 law programs in the country) and he doesn't know the difference between perjury and providing false statements to the F.B.I. (and Flynn didn't even do that according to the agents who interviewed him)? Kinda' seems like it, huh (the only other explanation being that he's trying to play us)?

On the Fact that Numerous Governors (Those from New York, Pennsylvania, California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, to Name a Few) Mandated that State Nursing Homes Accept COVID-19 Patients Onto Their Premises, an Edict that Resulted In the Needless Deaths of Thousands of Their Residents

This is a scandal of humongous proportions and, yet, neither the media nor the U.S. Congress seems particularly interested in it. If you can't cripple Trump with it, I guess. Sad, huh?

Monday, May 18, 2020

On the Fact that 88% of the COVID Patients Who Were Put On Ventilators In New York's Northwell Health Hospitals Died While On Them

Yes, I understand that folks who end up on ventilators tend to be the sickest ones but, man, a 12% success rate seems pretty poor, no? At the bare minimum these things don't seem to be working......and being that a decent number of the professionals who are currently using them may not have had the proper training, you have to wonder if they're making matters worse....................................................................................Of course there's also the financial incentive (up to $40,000 in some cases) but that I'll save for another session.

On the Fact that According to Georgia Statutes, for a Citizen's Arrest to Be Legally Binding, the Person Making the Arrest MUST BE A WITNESS TO THE CRIME, the Crime Must Be a Felony, and Excessive Force Cannot Be Implemented......and, so, Yeah, Those Two Throwbacks Who Considered it a Noble Act to Detain Arbery Are Likely In a World of Hurt

The only problem here of course is that the authorities are seemingly going after a murder conviction which as we all know is very difficult to get in a trial setting (proving intentionality, etc.). If it was up to me I'd hammer them with one count of reckless endangerment and one more of negligent homicide because that way a conviction is all but guaranteed......and being that each of those charges can get you up to 7 years in prison (so 14 in total), it's not a bad outcome (certainly better than having them walk), all things being equal.

On the Fact that Journalists Are Seemingly More Interested In Wearing Their Face-Masks When the Camera Is Running............than When it's Not

So they've figured out that it's been way overblown and, gee, what a big shock, they're now acting accordingly. Unbelievable, huh, these schmucks?

Sunday, May 17, 2020

On the Fact that the Total Number of Deaths In the U.S. for the First Four Months of 2020 Was 944,251, Only 2.4% More than the Average of the Previous Four Years (921,603) and Actually Less than the 2018 Stat of 946,067 -

So we've essentially crashed the economy over what is tantamount to a bad influenza season.......Yeah, this isn't going to look good in the rear-view mirror, I suspect (much like the Iraq War and the Wall Street bailouts). We'll see.

On My Overwhelming Suspicion that the Vast Majority of People Who Wear These Cloth Masks and Bandanas Do Not, DO NOT, Wash Them Every Day......and that Because of this They've Probably Morphed Into Petri Dishes of Bacteria and Other Nastiness

Yeah, this whole mask bullshit needs to come to a screeching-halt (and, yes, I'm talking about the general public here and not healthcare workers where it's a little more complicated) that not only are these cloth masks largely ineffectual, they might actually be making us sicker. Time to speak up, I say.

On CNN's Gonzo and Frighteningly Dumb Host, Chris Cuomo, Accusing His Counterparts Over at Fox News of Race-Baiting

So some knucklehead who works for the biggest race-baiting operation in all of human history is accusing others (with a straight face, no less) of what they've been doing around the clock FOR YEARS. Wow, WOW, talk about projection - we've hit pay-dirt!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

On the Fact that (According the Christopher Hitchens Classic, "God Is Not Great") the Government of Croatian General, Ante Pavelic, Was so Ruthless and Bloodthirsty During WW2 that Even a Fair-Share of German Officers Were Like, "Yeah, I'm Outa' Here, Man"

Yeah, I guess that Pavelic's approach to the Serbs was sort of like Charlemagne's was with the Saxons, convert (in the case of General Pavelic, from Christian Orthodox to Roman Catholic) or die - and die unfortunately tens of thousands of them did.................................................................................Of course 50 years after this the shoe was on the other foot and it was the Serbs dishing out the punishment. Long memories, those Serbs. 

On the Fact that President Obama's Attacks On the Media Included the Wiretapping of 30 Associated Press Office Phones, the Decision to Make Fox News's James Rosen an Unindicted Co-Conspirator, the Seven Year Long Pressuring of New York Times Reporter James Risen to Give Up His Sources, the Outright Banning of News Photographers from Certain Events, the Refusal to Comply with Numerous Freedom of Information Requests, and the Prosecution of Nine Whistle-Blowers -

And, yet, in the minds of this same press corps, Trump is the bigger threat............because he calls them names. Go figure, huh?

On the Fact that Trump Seems Saner to Me with Every Passing Moment

And, no, it isn't so much that he's changed (the fellow is still a train-wreck at times) but rather that the Democrats have gone full-bore bonkers. I mean, you have these socialist morons in Congress now and on top of that a bunch of Governors who are literally using our founding documents as toilet-paper. It's truly amazing. And when you throw in the fact that they're gone to such raw measures to regain power (unleashing the full weight of the surveillance-state on their adversaries, conducting proceedings in the Congressional basement, attempting to impeach the President over bullshit, persecuting Judge Kavanaugh, and even going as far as to float such fascistic ideas as deep-sixing the Electoral College, packing the courts, and letting 16 year-olds vote), yeah, it's really difficult to envision me voting for 'em again. Sorry but, no (and, yes, this is coming from someone who admires fellows like Daniel Patrick Moynihan, JFK, RFK, Mayors Daley and Koch, Jimmy Carter, John Glenn, William Proxmire, and numerous other cogent Democrats from the past). 

Friday, May 15, 2020

On the Fact that Every Doctor Who Claims to Have Had Success Using Hydroxychloroquine as a Treatment for the Wuhan-Virus Has Been Viciously Attacked by the Same-Old Conga-Line of Low-Brow Bullshit Leftist Sites (The Daily Beast, Vox, Slate, Salon, etc.) and Portrayed as Some Right-Winger

And only because Trump had touted this medication. If he hadn't the coverage would be 180 degrees the opposite and how fucking petty and infantile is that? Pathetic, huh (the fact that these schmoes apparently have no shame and even less of a moral compass)?

On the Fact that When These Deranged Politicians Throw Around Terms Such as, "COVID-19 Associated Deaths" and "Deaths Linked to COVID-19", You Would Think that that Would Trigger Something In the Psyches of American Journalists but Sadly it Hasn't as They Continue to Buy, Hook, Line, and Sinker the Entrenched Bureaucracy's Doomsday Narrative

Clearly there have been deaths from this virus but isn't it also important that we get an accurate number? One would believe so, no (he queries in the midst of an increasingly post-factual society) ?

On the Fact that In the "Mind" of this Parasitic Psychopath, Anyone Who Disagrees with Her Fascistic Idiocy (Quarantining Healthy People, Making Face-Masks Mandatory, Outlawing the Sale of Gardening Equipment, Disallowing Travel to One's Own Property, etc.) Is a, Yep, You Got it, Racist

Can't they come up with something new? Apparently not, huh?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

On the Fact that I Don't Recall a) Asking Bill Gates a Damn Thing or b) Ever Casting a Vote for the Asshole

And yet the cork-soaker seems to have inserted himself into my life somehow. Funny how that happens.

On the Fact that Bimbo Politicians Like Nancy Pelosi and Kirsten Gillibrand Have Shifted from "All Women Need to be Believed" to "All Women Need to Be Heard"

Allow me to translate. What they're actually saying is that, "all women who accuse Republicans deserve to be believed but those who accuse Democrats only need to be heard." Got it? Awesome.

On the Fact that as Recently as March, the W.H.O. Was Instructing People to Only Wear Face-Masks if They Were Sick or Caring for the Sick and Now for Some Idiotic and/or Perverse Reason We Have These Buffoonish Mayors and Governors All Over the Country Mandating that Everyone Wear the Damned Things, EVEN TO BUY A LOAF OF BREAD!! -

And not only are these things ineffectual in many instances (those made of cloth especially), they might even be bad for you in that they can give you headaches, suppress your natural immune system, cause you to breathe in germs (you can have the Wuhan-Virus but still be asymptomatic - hello!), etc.. I mean, I get it that these political stooges want to come across as decisive and all but wouldn't it be nice if they at least occasionally borrowed the Hippocratic Oath from doctors............and did no harm? I'm just askin'.

On the Repugnance of Passionately Hating the Country Which Saved You, Marrying Your Brother to Evade Immigration Laws, Reducing Literally Every Issue to the Most Brutish Form of Race-Baiting, and When Called Out for Said Ingratitude, Dishonesty, Cynicism, and Sheer Stupidity, Embracing that Victim-Role Yet Again

Way off the charts, I'd say, and, yeah, send her back, PLEASE!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

On the Claim by Researchers at University College London that the Corona-Virus Lock-Down In Great Britain Could Cause an Extra 18,000 Cancer Deaths Just In 2020 (Folks Putting-Off Treatments, Diagnoses, etc.) -

And, so, no, it's not about lives versus the stock market. It's about coming up with a policy that results in the least amount of damage and suffering IN GENERAL............and, I'm sorry, but if the political buffoons on the left are incapable of grasping such a fine point, I'm done with 'em. Just too tiring.

On Illinois Releasing 146 Sex Offenders from Their Prisons for Fear that They Might Get COVID, this While Dallas, Texas Is Putting a Female Small Business Owner In Jail for Seven Days for the Horrible Crime of Trying to Put Food In Her Children's Bellies (by Going Back to Work)

There have been a lot of insane things that have happened over the past several months that I just can't wrap my head around......but this one has to be the worst, a literal Bizarro World......AND WE NOW LIVE IN IT. Lord have mercy.

On the Fact that You Can't Reach Herd-Immunity............BY QUARANTINING THE DAMNED HERD!!!!!

This whole thing would probably be over if we had simply done what the Swedes did; protect the sick and elderly and institute some modest measures for the rest of the population but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we had to go scorched-earth full-bore insane by crashing our economy (which will probably result in more deaths than the virus) and all but guaranteeing that this thing will come back in the fall for a second go-round. It's pure insanity and yet there is still a large segment of the population that is willing to follow these fascist idiots. Disturbing, huh?

On that Valley-Girl Caliber C.E.O. of YouTube Proclaiming that They Will Remove All Corona-Virus Videos Which Contradict Statements from the World Health Organization

The little tyrant can't even get on board with her own program in that even the W.H.O. is now admitting that the Swedish approach for battling infectious diseases (in which an economic lock-down is NOT put in place) may in fact be the more effective one (any positive discussion of the Swedish model up til now being seen as "misinformation"). Granted, she'll probably do an about-face on Sweden and "allow" such material but wouldn't a better policy be to just let everyone have their say and stop underestimating the viewership? That would be my advice......................................................................................................And, besides, it isn't as if the mainstream has been hitting it out of the park, either (their models having been ridiculously off, for example), so, yeah, there's that as well.......For the record.

On the Fact that Two Elderly White Folks Were Recently Gunned-Down In a Delaware Cemetery by Some Deranged Black Asshole and so Far I Haven't Seen Any Bullshit Memes from Virtue-Signalling Low-IQ White Buffoons About How They're "Standing" with Them (as Has Consistently Been the Case with that Arbery Fellow) -

White live don't matter anymore, I guess. A pity, huh? 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

On Obama's Claim that No One Has Ever Been Pardoned for Lying to the F.B.I. Before

Except of course when he pardoned General Cartwright on his way out the door in 2017 ( Must have forgot......................................................................................................P.S. And, yes, it also has to be reiterated that Flynn didn't lie. Even the agents who interviewed him said so and so Obama is lying about that, too. Nice fella', huh?

On the Fact that Virtually Every Act of Violence Directed at Asian-Americans Since the COVID-19 Outbreak Has Been Perpetrated by a Black Individual

  So not by people who hang on Trump's every sentence, in other words (though, yes, they'll still try and blame Trump somehow). Interesting (he said, with a strong sense of irony, contempt, etc.).

Monday, May 11, 2020

To All of the Cops Who Are Enforcing These Unconstitutional Edicts Coming from Lunatic Governors

Just because you possess a shiny badge, dress up in a costume, carry a gun, and have the blessing of the state doesn't mean that you can act like some Gestapoesque thug and steal our rights. I mean, I never thought that I would ever have to say this but apparently I do. Enough, for Christ...............................................................................................P.S. And, yes, this is why we will never surrender our guns, for shit like this.

On the Fact that if John Brennan Had Compelling Evidence that President Trump Had Committed Treason He Would Have Taken it Straight Over to Robert Mueller............but Being that He Had Jack-Shit He Did the Next Best Thing; Appear On MSNBC with His Compatriot Crazies, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, and Spew Abject Buffoonery

And of course it doesn't help that the dude looks like a Bond villain.......Not even a little. Ew, huh?

On Crowdstrike's Shawn Henry Under Oath Stating that, "We Did Not Have Concrete Evidence" of Russia Hacking the DNC

So that whole thing about the 17 agencies being certain was horse-pucky after all (what I've been proclaiming for three years now but whatever). Well I'll be damned.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

On the Fact that America Is Eventually Going to Achieve Herd-Immunity with the Wuhan-Virus, the Only Question Is Do We Do it Quickly with Minimal Impact On the Economy (and, Yes, that Horse May Have Already Left the Barn) or Do We Stretch it Out with Social-Distancing (Waiting for a Magical Vaccine that May Never Come) and Cause Extraordinary Economic Damage (Something that Would Cause Additional Health Problems)?

Seems like an easy choice and yet damned if our politicians proceeded to make the crappy one AGAIN. Hopefully at least a couple of 'em get voted out.

On the Fact that We've Known for Over a Century that the Best Way to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases Is Through Thorough Handwashing but Being that that's Something Which the Government Can't Oversee and Institute via its Iron-Fist (at Least Not Yet) What They've Decided On Instead Is to Morph Us Into a Country Full of Unquestioning Mask-Wearing Social-Distancing Stepford Wives -

And how's that working out for you? I'm just askin'.

On the Fact that the Unemployment-Rate Has Now Reached 14.7% and I Have Yet to Hear a Single Corporate Media Shit Ask Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates (Yeah, Let's Throw that Asshole Into the Mix, Why Not?), or Any of These Tinpot Power-Hungry Governors About the Possible Negative Health Consequences of Such a Horrific Economic Event

Yeah, they eventually might............but only if they can tie it around Trump's neck. Otherwise they'll keep on ignoring it. It's how they roll.    

More Compelling Evidence that the Donning of Face-Masks en Masse Doesn't Stop the Spread of Infectious Diseases -'t_Work_A_review_of_science_relevant_to_COVID-19_social_policy

And it's total waste of resources in that unless you're coughing profusely or are in the vicinity of others who are coughing profusely you really don't need to wear one (per Dr. Atlas from Stanford) and in fact are taking them away from those who do require them (i.e., healthcare workers). Of course once the government goes down this road of mandating shit the odds of a course-correction are pretty small, so, yeah, we might be wearing these cork-soakers for a spell. Nice, huh?

Saturday, May 9, 2020

On My Sneaking Suspicion that if These Blue State Governors Had to Pay for the Full Cost of Their Decision-Making (Instead of Going to the Feds for a Bailout), the End-Result Probably Would Have Been More Long the Lines of What They Did In Sweden and Not a Total Destruction of Their Economies, a Stamping Out of Civil Liberties, etc.

It only stands to reason, no (if you're a political hack and you can pass the buck, you more than likely will)?

On the Fact that Those 53 Witness Transcripts Pertaining to the Russia Inquiry Are Now Available to the Public and, Gee, What a Surprise, We Now Know with Absolute Assuredness that Adam Schiff Was Lying Through His Teeth When He Went On One Cable Show After Another Proclaiming that He Had Hard Evidence of Trump Colluding with Russia -

Hard to see how anyone could survive such an embarrassment but being that the media will probably keep running interference for the clown, yep, he just might. Sadly. 

On New York's Pinko Mayor, Bill de Blasio, Singling Out the Jewish Community for Having the Audacity to Meet Collectively at the Funeral of a Recently Fallen Rabbi

Can you imagine this asshole throwing shade like this at the black or Hispanic communities? Of course you can't because he's a coward and wouldn't even think out it. Frigging moron. Time to shame HIM, I say.

Friday, May 8, 2020

On the Bike-Rider Who Caught CNN's Narcissistic and Gonzo Anchor, Chris Cuomo, Breaking His Quarantine On Long Island......Recently Referring to Cuomo as "Crazy Stupid"

Sounds about right (the fact that the fellow isn't too bright and constantly goes ballistic whenever anybody calls out his partisan foolishness) and, yes, A+ for conciseness.

On the Fact that if the F.B.I. Can Target and Attempt to Destroy Mike Flynn, a Three-Star General and War Hero (Setting Up a Perjury Trap via an Ambush Interview, Telling Him that He Didn't Need an Attorney Present, Prosecuting Him for Lying When Even the Agents Conducting the Interview Stated that He Didn't Lie, Continuing the Investigation Even After the Guy Was Cleared, Threatening to Target His Son, etc.), Can You Even Begin to Imagine What These Parasitic Sociopaths Can Do to a Bunch of No-Names Like Us?

It's not very pretty, is it?............If only we could change things, huh?

On the Fact that During the Asian Flu Pandemic of 1957 the New York Times Cautioned Their Readers to "Keep a Cool Head" and Now During the Wuhan-Virus Pandemic They're Spewing Fear-Porn Like, "Restarting America Means People Will Die"

While it's true that the Times has a questionable record at best (backing Stalin, propagandizing for Castro, failing to report on the Holocaust, spewing crap about WMD, etc.), they were never this bad. And why, because of Trump? I mean, is the dude really that much of an existential threat to these people, these establishment types? Kinda' seems that way, huh?

On the Fact that for Three Years Now Adam Schiff Has Be Claiming that He Had Rock-Hard Evidence that Trump Colluded with the Russians but Now that it Appears as if the Transcripts of Those 53 Witnesses Are About to Be De-Classified and Made Available to the Public, Instead of Being Happy About it, Feeling Vindicated, etc., Ole Schiff Seems to Be Shitting Bricks

What's that classic Claude Rains line from Casablanca, "I am shocked, shocked that gambling is going on here"? Well, that's kind of how I feel about Schiff and lying, shocked but only in a sarcastic sense, the guy being a cold-blooded liar for sure.

On Governor Cuomo's Claim that Blue States Bail Out Red States Every Year

It's true in the sense that blue states pay more per-capita in federal taxes but that's because blue states tend to be wealthier......and being that the left is all about progressivity in taxes, maybe they shouldn't be making too much hay over this. And then there's the amount of funds given back to the states. On this part, yes, the red states get a larger percentage of their state budgets paid for by federal funds but here, too, you need to unpack the stats. The reason for the higher percentage is that red states tend to have smaller state budgets. A better way to look at it is from a per-capita perspective and here you'll see that blue states actually get a fair amount MORE from the feds than do red states; $2,124 versus $1,879 ( My conclusion - I'll give Cuomo a "half true" on this one and that's probably being generous.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

On the Fact that Only In the Perverse and Troubled Mind of Adam Schiff Would the Incoming National Security Advisor Meeting with a Russian Diplomat (One that Numerous Democratic Senators Had Also Conversed with) Be Considered "an Illicit Russian Contact"

And please keep in mind that HIS candidate, Mrs. Clinton, handed over a fair amount of cash to a British national who then used that money to dig up dirt on candidate Trump, and his sources for this "oppo research", yep, you got it, RUSSIAN OPERATIVES!!!!! You can't make this stuff up. 

On the Fact that the Asian Flu of 1957 Killed 116,000 Americans and Nobody Even Contemplated Putting Tens of Millions of People Out of Work as a Strategy to Stop it

So what's the difference today? Are we dumber? Not as compassionate? Or are we looking at something a little more sinister here? Who knows but that's where I'm leaning (the left seemingly wanting to crash the economy in an effort to defeat Trump).

On the Fact that One of the Easiest Ways for a Government to Control its Population Is to Scare Them and Right Now Ours Is Very Scared

Unfortunately they're also becoming pissed and that has never been a good combination. Just consult history.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

On this "New Normal" Concept that Government Functionaries Like Dr. Fauci and Self-Deified Corporate Mamby-Pambs Like Bill Gates (a Grown-Up Who Apparently Had a Few too Many Wedgies as a Youngster) Are Trying to Jam Down Our Throats In Which We Can No Longer Shake Hands with People and Have to Constantly Wipe Down Surfaces with Disinfectant - to Become Bubble-Boys and Bubble-Girls, In Other Words

It's pure insanity. Like I've stated before, our immune systems need a certain amount of exposure to fomites in that that is how we develop the antibodies necessary to fight off infections (Immunology 101) and for these influential individuals (who may also be conflicted but I digress) to try and encourage this brave new aseptic society is very disturbing.

On the Fact that Tens of Thousands of Folks Die Every Year from Influenza, and that's WITH a Vaccine and so Even if We Can Get a Corona-Virus Vaccine Before the Country Becomes a Total Wasteland from this Idiotic Economic Shutdown, it May Not Be the Panacea that Bill Gates (and How In the Hell Was this Clown Able to Wiggle His Way Into the Situation?) and the Rest of These Fascistic Actors Apparently Perceive it as

And what about the people who refuse the thing? Are you going to hold a pistol to their head and force them to take it and/or imprison them? I mean, I get it that the tyranny is already bubbling and so what's a bit more but this shit would be taking it to an entirely new level and if you think that there's resistance now, you ain't seen nothing yet.

On the British Schmuck Who Came Up with Those Preposterous COVID Death Projections and Who Talked His Prime Minister Into Locking Down the Entire Country Has Been Forced to Step Down In Disgrace for Violating Those Protocols Himself In the Form of FUCKING A MARRIED CHICK!! -

And of course what makes this even more obnoxious (hypocrisy aside) is the fact that the dude himself had tested positive just a few weeks before and so he was literally and knowingly putting this gal (and the rest of her family) at risk. Nice fella, huh?

On Michelle Obama Lecturing America's Black Community On the Importance of Staying Inside During the Corona-Virus Crisis............While Her Own Husband Was Out Playing Golf with His Wealthy Asshole Cronies -

Wouldn't it be nice if these elitist leftist buffoons at least occasionally lived up to their own standards? I mean, is that too much to ask? 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

On the Fact that Even Though There Exists No Compelling Evidence that Mask-Wearing by the General Public Halts the Spread of Infectious Diseases, We Still Have These Power-Hungry Politicians, Bureaucratic Functionaries, and Weak-Kneed Corporate Buffoons Forcing Us to Wear the Damned Things Almost Everywhere - -

And 95% of us (unofficial, of course) don't even question it. A compliant citizenry, indeed...........................................................................................P.S. And, yes, the cloth masks are especially problematic in that they don't block all the aerosols, need to be adjusted often (more hands to face), and unless you wash them every day can become contaminated. For the record.