Tuesday, November 12, 2019

On the Fact that it is a Natural Inclination of Most Moral People to Protect Innocent Children and so When Those Vile Piles of Garbage at ABC News Decided to Put Their Business Interests (and Possibly Other Much More Sinister Ones) Ahead of this Rather Elementary Charge, What Does that Tell You About Them?

Nothing decent, I hope. Please. PLEASE.

On the Fact that We've Actually Reached a Juncture In Our Rapidly Devolving Culture Where "When You Niggas' Gunn' Unite and Kill Those Police Mutha'-Fuckers" Somehow Constitutes Poetry

In the mean time Shakespeare, Milton, etc. are being scrubbed from numerous college curriculums simply because they were white men. Unbelievable, huh (this almost psychotic level of self-flagellation, etc.)?

Livy On Political Fuckery (Yes, I'm Paraphrasing)

"There is nothing that is more often clothed in an attractive garb than a false creed."......Wow, so they actually had shit like the "Green New Deal" and "Medicare-for-All" back in Livy's time, too. Interesting.

On the Fact that After the Fall of Saigon In 1975, Opponents of Communism Were Either Shipped-Off to Re-Education Camps or Imprisoned......and Make No Mistake About it, if Antifa and Their Puppet-Masters Ever take the Reins of Power In this Country, that Same Type of Bald Tyranny Will Happen Here

Hopefully we all start to wake up before it happens but, yeah, based upon what I've been seeing on the West coast these day (the dystopia that is present-day San Francisco, Portland, etc.), it might already be too late. Damn, huh?

Monday, November 11, 2019

On this Warped Notion that the West Is Only About Oppression

It's absolute bullshit and I truly think that most people deep-down know that it's bullshit (the knowledge that, while, yes, the West has done some rotten things, it has also given the world science, modern medicine, the rule of law, equality before the law, freedom of thought and expression, the universal concept of human rights, the separation of church and state, free markets, limited government, secure property rights, enforceable contracts, the abolition of slavery, cheap and abundant energy, etc., etc.). But somehow it's gotten traction, this foolishness. Me, I mostly blame the academy but the hard truth is that this idiocy has permeated countless other institutions as well (the media, entertainment, the Democratic establishment, corporate America, etc.) and so, yeah, digging ourselves out won't be easy. Not even a little.

On the Fact that Elizabeth Warren's 50-Something TRILLION Dollar Medicare-for-All Plan Includes Reduced Reimbursements for Providers and Price Controls On Drugs

And we're led to think that none of this comes with any sort of perverse incentives (hospitals going belly-up, less people going into the medical field, fewer drugs coming to market, etc.), that price-controls will somehow work for the first time in human history, etc., etc.. Oh well, batten down the hatches (i.e., take much better care of yourself because a doctor might not be available), I guess.

On the Fact that Even Though No One with a Scintilla of Common Sense Still Thinks that Epstein Killed Himself (Both Guards Falling Asleep at the Same Time, the Cameras Malfunctioning at that Precise Moment, His Cell-Mate Being Transferred Days Before the Shit Went Down, the Fact that Numerous Powerful People Wanted Him Silenced, etc.), the Mainstream Media Continues to Try and Gaslight Us Into Thinking that He Did

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, EPSTEIN DIDN'T KILL HIMSELF - DUH!! In a roundabout way, that is.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

On the Fact that Every Member of "The View" (from Mildly Retarded Leftist Buffoons Like Joy Behar to Bulbous Neocon Schmucks Like Meghan McCain) Hates Trump

Well, being that roughly half the country either supports the guy or doesn't despise him (I place myself in that latter category), maybe that's not the most persuasive strategy moving forward, I'm just sayin'. But who knows, right (the fact that CNN is still on the air with only 13 viewers, etc.)?........................................................................................................P.S. And Epstein didn't kill himself.......Sorry, had to get in on it.

On Neocon Congressman/Buffoon, Dan Crenshaw (Think, John McCain with an Eye-Patch), Apparently Suggesting that Criticism of Israel Is Not Protected Speech

Wow, so it isn't just hard-leftists who are threatening free speech in this country. It's the neocons now as well. Just great.

On the Fact that the Left's Most Redeeming Quality to Me Has Always Been its Opposition to War and Damned if Obama and Hillary Didn't Show Up and Destroy that (to the Point Where These Leftists Can't Even Call Out Trump's Yemen Policy Because it Started Under Obama)

And, no, I'm not suggesting that ALL progressives have given Obama and Hillary a pass. To their credit, people like Glen Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill were really tough on Obama's Middle East policies but overall, yeah, it was slim-pickins. Sadly.

On the Fact that We're Now Supposed to Pretend that Chopin, Liszt, Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Bach Are Literally No Different from the Hip Hop Artists of Today In that a) All Cultures Are Equally Worthy and b) Those Former Individuals Were Privileged (Being White European Men) and so We Therefore Must Penalize Them

What is happening in the West these days is truly unprecedented. Aside from perhaps the cultural revolution in China, no society has turned against itself the way that we are and it seems to be accelerating. If I had to make a guess here, it would likely be that a) things will eventually come to a head and b) the best, least violent, outcome will be some sort of secession/separation. We'll see, I guess.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

On Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Having Just 1 Interception In the First Nine Games this Season (293 Throws)

Wilson has long had a reputation for taking care of the pigskin (only 1.8% of his throws having been intercepted going in to this season) but this is off the charts even for him. Hopefully he can keep it up 'cause he's a great competitor and role-model and boy do we ever need that these days. Russell Wilson, everybody, give it up!

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 3

Why did you try and run to the left of an avowed socialist moron in 2016 after years of having referred to yourself as a moderate? Were you lying about being a moderate or were you simply changing your stripes yet again for political gain?

Friday, November 8, 2019

On Richard Gere Becoming a Dad Again at Age 70

I heard once that 70 is the new 60. The new 30, that I haven't heard yet.......Hopefully he makes it to the youngster's graduation. Wanna' lay odds, anybody?

On the Fact that if the Democrats Are Such Staunch Champions of Whistle-Blowers, Why Then Didn't They Lambaste Obama, a Fellow Who Prosecuted More Whistle-Blowers than All Prior Presidents COMBINED (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0u1dYz1dSs)?

That's a fair question, no? If only we had a halfway honest media to ask it.

On Victoria's Secret Caving to the Regressives and Signing a Plus-Sized Model

Seriously? What's next, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar modeling lingerie? My God, do they have to ruin everything?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

On the Fact that For Slavery Reparations to Have Any Justifying Basis to it, You Would First Have to Substantiate that the Black Descendants of Former Slaves Are Financially Worse off than the Descendants of Those Who Were Not Enslaved......and Being that the per Capita GDP of Blacks In the U.S. Is Many Multiples Greater than Those of Blacks In Africa, Yeah, it's a Pretty Damned Hard Case to Prove, I'd Say

Though, yes, continuing to try, I'm certain that they will (idiots like Booker, Harris, etc.).......It's what they do!

On ABC News Refusing to Run a Story that Would Have Exposed Quite Possibly the Biggest Pedophile In U.S. History (Mr. Epstein) and Doing so Because They Were Afraid of Not Getting an Interview with Duchess Kate and Prince William (the Fact that that Inbred Piece-of-Shit Douche-Bag, Prince Andrew, Is Up to His Eyeballs In Epstein Slime and the Royals Clearly Want that Kept Under Wraps)

Mr. Trump is spot-on. These media fucks ARE the enemy of the people (putting access to the chowderheaded royals over protecting children as young as 13). And make no mistake about it. These bastards weren't just protecting Prince Andrew in that this Epstein miscreant had his claws into a whole fucking nest-egg of powerful men (including you-know-who). Hopefully the axe is gonna start dropping on these vile people and America can get back to being a halfway decent society but until then what do you think about not letting ABC News into our parlors ever again? I'm game. Are you?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 2

Why did your husband fly down to Haiti to get a convicted child-trafficker, Laura Silsby, off with just a slap on the wrist? Surely you must think that human-trafficking is a serious crime, no?

Questions that the Impudent Jerk, Trevor Noah, Should Have Posed to Mrs. Clinton During His Sycophantic Interview with Her Rather than the Softball Ones that He Did Put Forth - Edition 1

Why did you tell the families of the Benghazi victims that the attack on the compound was due to some cockamamie video when you had already informed your own family that it was a planned terrorist attack (per the Wikileaks releases)? I mean, were you simply pushing a narrative or what?

On the Fact that if These Environmental Nut-Cases Truly Cared About the Environment, They Would Be Lambasting China and India In that These Countries Aren't Just Billowing Out More CO2 but Much More Pollution In General (CO2 Isn't an Actual Pollutant but for the Sake of Argument, I'll Continue) but They Aren't and Instead Are Trying to Ram Down the West's Throat the Same Type of Central-Planning Paradigm that Made East Germany an Environmental Basket-Case and Which Is Currently Plaguing China

Which leads me to think that this has precious little to do with climate change and a whole lot more to do with enhancing the power of an already behemoth central-authority. I mean, you have to determine who benefits the most, correct? And in this case, BINGO!!!!!

On Michelle Obama Recently Discussing "White Flight" and, Gee, What a Huge Shock, the Bim Blames it All On White Racism

I had always thought that she was a half-way decent first-lady (better than Hillary, for sure). Yeah, she had a few hiccups early on but overall her work on childhood nutrition and stuff like that was quite commendable. HOWEVER, however, since then she's become this racial grievance-monger along the lines of a female Michael Eric Dyson and it's really nauseating. Please, Mrs. Obama, stop with the identity politics and try bringing the country together again. Please, before it's too late.  

On the Fact that ABC News Squashed this Epstein Story at Precisely the Same Time that the Me-too Movement Was Starting to Gain Traction and so What Does that Tell You About Their True Commitment to Protecting Female Victims of Sexual Abuse?

It tells me that they don't give a shit about them and would much prefer to protect certain politicians, colleagues, etc.. Thankfully the truth seems to be finally coming out and maybe we can't start burying these loathsome media whores once and for all. Amen.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On ABC News Reporter, Amy Robach, Being Caught On a Hot-Mike Saying that the Head-Honchos of the Network Squashed a Huge Story that She Had Been Working On About Jeffrey Epstein......and that They've Been Suppressing it for Three Years Now - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lfwkTsJGYA

Needless to say, ABC is in full damage-control, spitting out the usual bullshit lines about needing more corroboration (something that the clearly didn't worry about when it came to Judge Kavanaugh, those Covington Catholic kids, and Officer Wilson, to name a few), etc.. But, yeah, being that the toothpaste is already out of the tube COMPLETELY, it's gonna be extremely hard for them to overcome this one, I pray.

Monday, November 4, 2019

On the Fact that Climate-Related Deaths Are Down by Over 95% Since the Early 20th Century and the Reason for this Is Probably Because Cheap and Abundant Fossil Fuel Energy Has Delivered Billions of People Out of Poverty and Provided These Newly Prosperous Societies the Capacity to Protect Their Citizens from the Dangers of Harsh Weather Events

And so, yeah, this whole notion that we should totally eliminate this technology in favor of more expensive and lesser reliable ones and because of some ludicrous theory that man can control the earth's temperature by tweaking our CO2 emissions probably isn't our best strategy moving forward (especially if both nuclear and hydro are also off the table), I'm just sayin'

On this New Tendency of Those On the Hard-Left to Use Not Just Children but Mentally Ill Ones as Human-Shields for Their Disturbing, Pugnacious, and Increasingly Anti-Freedom Agenda

Yeah, it really borders on child-abuse and might someone in the media call them out on it? Just once? Maybe?

Sunday, November 3, 2019

On the Fact that 90% of the Amerindians Who Perished Due to the European Colonization of the New World Died Due to Diseases that They Didn't Have the Necessary Immunity for and, so, Yeah, Being that Genocide Is an INTENTIONAL Action Towards a Population, this Whole Idea of a Native-American Genocide Is Seemingly Just One More Vehicle to Demonize White Folks and Extract Still More Collective Guilt Out of Them

Another factor here is that there was an extraordinary amount of interbreeding/marriage between the European and Native populations (according to historian and Columbus scholar, Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, it was not uncommon for Columbus's men to assume as many as a half dozen native wives and you know how those Spanish fellows tend to get busy) and so a lot of that DNA still exists, it's simply watered-down, that's all....................................................................................................P.S. And, no, I'm not implying that the native-Americans didn't get screwed in certain regards. They clearly did. But what happened was inevitable because whenever civilizations collide, the more advanced one generally wins. And that's what happened here (as it did when the Sioux pushed the Ojibwa from their land, for example). Time to move on.

On the Fact that if Climate Change (Previously Known as Global Warming Before the Slight-of-Hand) Truly Was this Existential Threat to the Earth, Wouldn't it Be Logical to Think that the Green New Deal Would Be 100% About that and NOT 70% About Social Justice Foolishness?

It's an elementary question that even a 6th-grader would probably think of and yet I haven't heard a damned one of these supposedly professional journalists ask it. Pathetic, huh (the absolute lack of professionalism, critical thinking, inquisitiveness, etc.)?

On David Stockman Going On Maria Bartiromo's Neocon-Laced Fox Business Show, Dropping One Truth-Bomb After Another On the Military-Industrial-Complex, Interventionism, Regime-Change Wars, etc., and Getting Ganged-Up On by a Bevy by Buffoonish War-Hawks (and, Yes, Fox Has Quite a Stable of Them)

Yeah, it was more than likely a one-off (the fact that another invitation is highly unlikely) but, boy, was it ever an awesome one. Well done, David Stockman! 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

On the Fact that if the Democrats Ever Nominated a Jack Kennedy, a Bobby Kennedy, a Jimmy Carter, a Jim Webb, a Mayor Koch, or Any of the Other too Numerous to Mention Sane and Decent Democrats from the Past (Webb, the Only One Still Living), I Would Be More than Willing to Consider Him (or Her) but this Current Crop of Asshats (Socialist Lunatics, Racial Grievance Mongers, Low IQ Jerks, etc.), There Ain't a Chance In Hell - Sorry but, No

Have I made myself clear? Yes? Good.

On the Fact that (per a 2017 Article from "Nature") Nearly 90% of the Plastic Waste that Ends Up In the Oceans Comes from a Handful of Asian Countries; China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, and Several Others and, so, Yeah, When Places Like San Francisco Ban Plastic Straws that Probably Won't End Up In the Ocean, it Kinda' Misses the Mark, No? - https://bigthink.com/robby-berman/where-is-the-plastic-in-the-ocean-coming-from-try-asia

And now we even have retards suggesting that we do away with Halloween candy because of the plastic wrappers (yeah, just try enforcing that one). Unbelievable, huh (the fact that these assholes apparently wish to socially engineer every ounce of fun from our being and won't rest until they do so)?

On Boston College Tallying Up 486 Yards of Total Offense (Much of it On the Ground) at Syracuse Today......IN THE FIRST HALF!!!

Yeah, the Orange defense is pretty anemic (though they actually started the season pretty well shutting-out a decent Liberty team) and while Dino Babers is overall a pretty decent coach, he had better start recruiting some higher-ranked athletes on that side of the ball or he could be out of a job by the end of next year. Good luck to him.

Friday, November 1, 2019

On the Fact that There Have Been a Rash of Violent Attacks Against Jews In Brooklyn Recently and the Venal and Agenda-Driven Media Schmucks Aren't Covering Them Because the Perps are Almost Exclusively Black and Hispanic

Yeah, they don't give a shit about public safety (at least not when it comes to exposing the ridiculously high black crime rate). It's obvious and here's the proof - THIS SHIT (the fact that they would much prefer to push this bullshit narrative about black victimization and European villainy than accurately provide us with the basics - the fucks).

Remove a Chunk from His Forehead and Stitch it to His Neck

I'll take, "Ways to Make Adam Schiff Appear More Like an Actual Human Being and Less Like a Space-Alien", for a thousand, Alex.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

On Al Franken Lamenting How He Wasn't Afforded Due Process When Those Sexual Misconduct Accusations Started Bearing-Down On Him

I agree with Stuart Smalley. I just wish that he had said the same thing about Judge Kavanaugh (though, yeah, that was probably asking way too much), that's all.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

On the Fact that In this Increasingly Strange World of Ours, Trump Is More of a Villain for Killing al Baghdadi than John McCain Was for Palling Around with Him

You really shouldn't have needed additional evidence that McCain was an absolute piece of shit but if you did, allow me to tie this sucker up in a bow for you. No added charge.

On 70-Something Actress, Suzanne Somers, Recently Informing Us that She's Still Having Sex Twice a Day

Please, can we all safely agree to place that little tidbit into the Too Much Information category? I sure as hell hope so.

On Low-Ball Race-Baiter/Mediocre Negro (to Steal a Term from the Asshole Himself), Marc Lamont Hill, Questioning His BET Audience (They Actually Gave this Moron His Own Show, Try and Let that Sink In) if They Feel Safe Around White Folks

Yeah, this stooge is either an ignoramus who doesn't know the F.B.I. data which shows that black on white violence is far more prevalent than vice-versa (27 to 1 when you norm for population) OR he does know the stats and is bullshitting his audience in an effort to build resentment. Either way he is one hell of a dangerous asshole and needs to be taken to task...…......and being that the mainstream media clearly isn't up to that task, it's all up to us, folks, ALL up to us.

On the Fact that Either Hillary Clinton Truly Believes that Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein Are Russian Assets and Therefore Needs to Be Institutionalized OR She's Intentionally Slandering These Two Women and Therefore Needs to Be Taken to Court

Coin-flip, anybody?

Monday, October 28, 2019

On the Fact that the Russians Have Anti-Aircraft Operations In Syria and so Of Course Trump Had to Provide Putin a Heads-Up On Our Going After al Baghdadi - HELLO!!!

Yeah, at this point Trump just needs to tell these delusional anti-Russian sociopaths to go pound sand and continue to do what any sane person would do; i.e., forge a better relationship with the world's number two nuclear power and not give a rat's ass what idiots like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton say about it. I mean, he still is the President, right?

On the Washington Post Referring to Recently-Slain ISIS Honcho, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, as an "Austere Religious Scholar"

Yeah, when I think of austere religious scholars I think of guys like Paul Tillich, Martin Buber, Zen Buddhist monks, etc.. I don't think of guys who blow civilians to smithereens and decapitate folks...……….but that's just me, I guess...………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, yes, the obvious motivation of those morons at the Post was simply to deny Trump a victory, even one in which partisanship shouldn't play a role. That much they hate the guy. 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

On Mayor Pete Proclaiming that He'd Be Down with Removing Thomas Jefferson's Name from Buildings and Streets, Taking Down Some of His Statues, etc. (this of Course Because Jefferson Owned Slaves and Ole Pete's Modern Sensibilities Simply Can't Handle that)

And then my question for ole Pete would be, "What about Mount Rushmore, asshole? Would your next move be to sandblast TJ from that? And what about the nickel coin? Are you going to purge him from that, too?" Of course, I would also point out to the ignorant buffoon that a) slavery was a universal institution as late as the mid-19th Century (so, yeah, post-Jefferson even) and the slaves in North America were treated better than anywhere else on the planet (with African, Muslim, and Native American slavery being the worst), b) more Europeans were enslaved by Muslims than blacks by North Americans (380,000 to over a million) and yet this is completely glossed over, c) the slaves in the American South were frequently better off than the free blacks in the North and even the dirt-poor whites in the South, d) blacks were sold into slavery by their fellow blacks and so if there is guilt to had it needs be shared, e) there were tens of thousands of black people who also owned slaves in North America and, so, again, the guilt needs to be shared, f) there isn't a single place on the globe where black people are better off with white people not around and so maybe getting on those boats wasn't the worst thing, g) whatever wealth that was accrued due to slavery was wiped out numerous times over by the Civil War, h) hundreds of thousands of poor Scotch, Irish, and English were also shipped over not just to North America but the Caribbean as well, i) far more black Africans were enslaved by Arabs than by white Europeans and as far as I know no calls for reparations have ever been made, and j) the American taxpayer has already dished out TRILLIONS of dollars over the past half century to help black people (and, no, this doesn't even include the money that whites have lost due to affirmative action) and, so, yeah, maybe some mitigation there, too...……….As for Jefferson specifically, yes, he was a flawed man but he was also far more enlightened than 99% of the men of his age and for a clown like Mayor Pete to try and tar him strictly by modern standards is revolting. Fuck Mayor Pete, I say.

On Some Young Black Student In North Carolina Posing as a White Person In Order to Get On a PRIVATE Chat-Room and Discovering that Some of the Participants On it Don't Like Black People - https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article236258548.html

And now she's this massive hero 'cause as we're all aware what a few white adolescents say to each other in private is much more important than the black on black carnage that happens every fucking day in this country. Awesome job, Cenayia (following the rules of phonics not that important to the mother who named her evidently).

Saturday, October 26, 2019

On the Fact that Several of the Headlines Pertaining to the Passing of Elijah Cummings Referred to Him as a "Frequent Target of Trump"

Just a few points on this. a) Trump was just as much of a target of Congressman Cummings as vice versa and so referencing their relationship as strictly one of victim versus victimizer is more than a trifle unfair (what else is new?) and b) I found it a bit insulting to Cummings himself that they would define him on something as frivolous as this as opposed to his much more positive accomplishments. I mean, I get it that they were attempting to slam Trump by putting it that way but, damn, somebody in the editing-room should have caught this one.

On the Level of Brain-Disorder that an Individual Needs to Still Believe that the Collapse of the Soviet Economy Had Nothing to Do with Central-Planning

In this general neighborhood would be my guess (her track record of foolishness and economic illiteracy being the tell-tale signs). Agree?

On the Slantheaded Sanders Now Proposing that We Take a Certain Percentage of a $10,000,000,000 Grant and Use it to Train Ex-Convicts On How to Grow Marijuana

Does this clown lay in bed at night conjuring up with these harebrained schemes? I've got a better idea. How 'bout we give the $10,000,000,000 back to the taxpayer and let the damned convicts fend for themselves? And besides, this whole notion that millions of harmless pot-smokers have been thrown in prison is pure bullshit. Yes, some of those in prison have that as their charge but that was either because it was pleaded down from a much more serious crime or some sort of parole violation, so Sanders is full of shit on that, too...….Convicts growing marijuana - come on!! Even Sanders can do better than that.

Friday, October 25, 2019

On Idiot College-Aged Kids Referring to Liberty-Minded Individuals as Fascists and Nazis, 'Cause as We're All Aware, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and Pinochet Were Such Strident Advocates of Secure Property Rights, the Nonaggression Principle, etc.

We are quickly approaching a post-reality world in which words have no consistent meaning and are used predominantly as weapons......and until we fix the academy (where a lot of this shit originates), it'll probably get much worse before it gets better. Sadly but, yeah.

On YouTube Branding Some of Dennis Prager's "PragerU" Videos as "Unsafe for Young People" and Then Placing Them In Restricted Mode

I've never been a big fan of Dennis Prager and disagree vociferously with some of his videos (the one where he drags out some old general who tries to convince us that we need to give Israel MORE money, for example)......but unsafe for younger viewers? Come on, does anybody truly believe that? 'Cause I certainly don't (the much more obvious interpretation of course being that ole Prager is being targeted for "wrong think" and that those fascistic pricks at YouTube are putting their fingers on the scale YET AGAIN).

On Pedestrian Republican Ramrod, Charlie Kirk, Referring to Israel's 1967 Attack On the U.S.S. Liberty as a Conspiracy Theory (Accepting, I Gather, Israel's Bullshit Explanation that it Was an Accident)

The guy's in way over his head. The fact of the matter is that we now know with close to certainty that this was a deliberate attack by Israeli fighter-jets (communication intercepts, Dean Rusk's testimony, interviews with the survivors, etc.) with the goal probably being to lure us into a war with Egypt (having us do their dirty work, I guess). Of course (and unfortunately), in much the same way that you can't teach a hard-core leftist economics (other than Keynesian idiocy, that is), so, too, you can't teach a Neocon Military-Industrialist Israel-First Republican about the foolishness of Middle-Eastern involvement and, so, yeah, we're stuck with the schmuck, I guess.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

On the Fact that Officials In Ukraine Didn't Know About the Withholding of U.S. Military Aid Until August of this Year, One Month AFTER the Trump Phone Call to Mr. Zelensky (Who Also Claims that He Was Not Pressured) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adEpAGkKK0Y&t=2702s

So if President Trump was using coercion on Zelensky, he was evidently doing a pretty shitty job in that Zelensky was seemingly unaware of it. Compare this to the Biden quid-pro-quo where the idiot actually brags about getting Shokin shit-canned through a threat of withholding aid AND DOES SO WHILE BEING VIDEOTAPED!!!!! But no, the media has no interest in covering this. Fucking A, huh?

On the Fact that if Disgraced Spy, Christopher Steele, Decides to Cooperate with the Justice Department and Admit that a Crap-Load of that So-Called Dossier Originated In the Minds of Glen Simpson and Various Other Clintonistas……......and that John Brennan Knew About the Dossier Well Before He's Admitted to, Yeah, this Whole Sucker Could Break Wide Open to the Point Where Not Even Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Cuomo Can Sweep Up the Carnage

Hopefully Mr. Steele doesn't suffer an attack of Epsteinitis and end up belly-up somewhere, 'cause, yeah, that would clearly throw a monkey-wrench into things (i.e., the truth).

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

On Some Lowlife Rapper by the Name of A$AP Rocky Recently Proclaiming Himself to Be a "Sex Addict"

Yeah, in the old days we simply used to call chaps like this, horney-assed dudes, but now, with everything having to be either an "identity" or some sort of victim status, this is what we get 24/7. Wonderful, huh? 

On Dave Chappelle's Anti-Woke Comedy Tour-de-Force On Netfix Having a 99% Approval Rating from the Fans (Three Times Higher than that of the Critics)

How delicious is that? And while, yeah, that 1% continues to be extremely loud and sometimes even violent, simply knowing that they are the minority is certainly helpful. AMEN.

On Some Deranged SJW Trying to Convince Us that the Norse Vikings Were "Multicultural"

It's of course pure bullshit in that, while, yes, the Vikings probably were a conglomeration of various Scandinavian and Celtic tribes, the fact of the matter is that they were all uniformly white and for morons like this to try and pull a slight-of-hand and somehow fuse race with ethnicity is as deceitful as it gets. Sorry but, yeah.

On the Psychotic Notion that a Fellow Who Didn't Have a Regular Job Until He Was 40 and Who Was Actually Bounced from a Commune for Laziness Can Somehow Regulate 20% of the U.S. Economy from His Idiot Perch In Washington D.C.

It seems absolutely preposterous and yet a significant percentage of the population seems to buy this dunce's bullshit. Oh well, we get what we deserve, I guess.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

On the Persistent Rumor that Hillary Clinton Has a Haitian Sex-Slave Who's Forced to Shave the Golden Moo-Moo's Twat Every Morning Just to Earn Some Breakfast

Probably not and yet still more likely than Tulsi being a Russian asset...….If only I was a betting man, huh?

On Joy Behar Accusing Tulsi Gabbard of Being a "Useful Idiot" of the Russians, Essentially Parroting the Brain-Disordered Slander of Her War-Mongering Hero, Mrs. Clinton

Let's see, where do I start? How 'bout a) you'd have to be a paranoid buffoon to even entertain such a fantasy and b) to have such a use-LESS idiot like Behar be one of your proxies is just way too ironic, delicious, etc. EVEN FOR ME?…...And Tulsi, if you're out there, girl, you really need to sue these fucks, 'cause if you don't it's just gonna' get worse. Trust me, it will.

On the Fact that Most of Trump's Truly Outrageous Actions (the Syrian Missile Attacks, the Sale of Weapons to Saudi Arabia, Fueling the Military-Industrial-Complex, etc.) Are Things that His Two Predecessors Also Did and so What Is the Media to Do?

Yep, that's right, focus on bullshit (to the point of literally making a cottage-industry out of the foolishness). Pretty obvious, huh?

On the Fact that Non-White Immigrants Vote Democrat by a More than Two to One Margin

So, yeah, if your goal is to completely crush the opposition party and seize control of the political apparatus of the country in perpetuity, nonstop third-world immigration just might be your winning ticket...……….I guess.

Monday, October 21, 2019

On the Fact that Packing the Courts, Doing-Away with the Electoral College, Getting 16 Year-Olds to Vote, Getting Convicts to Vote, Opening the Borders, Enacting Hate-Speech Laws, etc., etc. (All of Which the Democrats Are Currently Toying with) AREN'T Reforms but Rather Naked Stabs at Procuring Perpetual Power and so of Course Everyone from the Old Blue-Dog Democrats to the Anarcho-Capitalist Libertarians to the Old-Fashioned Paleo-Conservatives Need to Come Forward and Oppose this Tyranny

Yes sir, even if it means Trump getting reelected. There, I said it. Happy?

On Hollywood Reporter, Mario Lopez, Making the Inarguable, Unimpeachable, and Scientific Point that Six Year-Olds Are Way too Young to Determine Their Gender, Only to Apologize for it Later On When the Low-IQ Outrage-Mob Came Drooling for His Head

We really need to stop apologizing for this shit. I mean, I get it that Mr. Lopez was probably fearful of getting canned and all but, please, is any job so worth it that you literally have to deny reality in order to maintain it? I can't think of many myself.

On the Warped Notion that President Trump Vociferously Proclaiming His Innocence (i.e., that He Isn't a Russian Spy) Is Somehow Tantamount to an Obstruction of Justice (this Even Though Mr. McCabe Himself Is Under Oath Admitting that the Investigation Was Not In Any Way Stonewalled by the White House - this During Questioning from Senator Graham)

Yeah, using this logic, every instance that Johnny Cochrane came forward and said that O.J. Simpson was innocent during his proceedings was also an obstruction of justice. It's ludicrous and every fair-minded individual knows it. Please, enough already.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

On Hillary Clinton Now Saying that Former Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein, Is Also a "Russian Asset"

Can we all now safely say that this chick is "certifiable"? I mean, this has gotten so far beyond the essence of normalcy that she's actually beginning to resemble Nixon's paranoia. Please, somebody get this woman some help, for Christ.

On Donald Trump Referring to Barack Obama In 2008 as a "Clean African-American"

Oh, wait a minute AGAIN, that was Joe Biden. Damn, why do I keep making these mistakes? Could it possibly be because of the media's constant demonization of Trump? I'm just askin'.

On When Donald Trump Made that Joke About All Black Politicians Looking Alike

Oh, wait a minute, that was Hillary Clinton. Cancel that one, too, please.

On When Donald Trump Told Ted Kennedy, "a Few Years Ago this Fellow (Obama In 2008) Would Have Been Parking Cars and Getting Us Coffee"

Oh, wait a minute, that was Bill Clinton. Cancel that, please.

On the Fact that Even Though No Cogent and Fair-Minded Person with an IQ Over 85 Truly Believes that Tulsi Gabbard Is a "Russian Asset", the Corrosive Mr. Clinton and Her Brain-Disordered Proxies In the Corporate Media Have Somehow Convinced Themselves that They Can Gaslight Enough of the Electorate Into Buying this Vile and Palpable Bullshit......and to that I Loudly Proclaim, FUCK YOU!!!

One last word -   PERIOD!! 

Friday, October 18, 2019

On the Fact that We Are Presently Staring-Down at a Grand Solar Minimum Which if it's Anywhere Near as Bad as the Maunder Minimum of the 17th Century, Could Negatively Effect Global Food Production and Maybe Even Cause Famines......and Yet All that We Hear About from These Parasitic and Fascistic Politicians, Their Sponsors In the Media, and a Whole Host of Brain-Rotting Celebrities Are Platitudes About Nonexistent Global Warming and the Dangers of CO2 (One of the Fundamental Building-Blocks of Life)

My only hope is that there are at least a few grown-ups left in the administrative state who are preparing for multiple climate eventualities, 'cause if they're only focused on global warming, yeah, that could be trouble. Just ask those who made it through the Little Ice Age (through books of course).

On the Fact that a Ukrainian MP by the Name of Andriy Derkach Is Now Accusing of Joe Biden Himself of Getting Money from Burisma; $900,000 for Supposed Lobbying - https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-10-13-ukrainian-joe-biden-laundered-lobbying-fees-hunter.html

I have no idea if this is true or not......but you have to know that if this was a Trump family member being mentioned, the press-corps would have been all over it (justifiably so - I unlike the leftists want ALL politicians under the microscope). Please, at least admit that. Come on.

On Hillary Clinton and Her Lapdogs at CNN Sliming Tulsi Gabbard with All Sorts of Idiotic Russia Innuendo (the Same Foolishness that They Tried with Trump to No Avail)

While I certainly don't agree with Ms. Gabbard on every issue (Medicare-for-All, for instance), she is clearly a person of higher integrity than the Clintons and to see this woman getting slandered by Hillary and her small regiment of bootlickers at CNN really makes me want to vomit. Sorry to be so graphic here but, yeah.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

On the Fact that (According to F.B.I. Stats) Gun Homicides In General Went Down 7% Between 2017 and 2018 and Homicides by Rifles Went Down Even More; a Whopping 26% - https://bongino.com/the-fbis-newest-crime-report-has-bad-news-for-gun-control-advocates/

And this isn't simply a blip, either, in that homicide rates have been dropping for decades now (this while gun-ownership continues to increase). Gee, do you think that maybe we don't need the government to solve a problem that seems to be getting better on its own (recognizing of course that we can never eliminate ALL murders; the 1500 every year by various knives, for example)? I'm just askin'.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

On the Fact that the Democrats Wanted Grand Jury Testimony Released When it Came to the Mueller Report (a Request that Was Fully Illegal) but Now They Won't Even Inform Us Who the Deep-State Operative Who Tried to Take Down Trump Is (nor Do They Wish that Individual to Testify)

Not all transparency is created equal, I guess. Fucking A, huh?

On the Global-Warming Mafia Putting Pressure On Carl Mears (Head of Remote Sensing Systems) to Change the Satellite Temperature Data to Make it More In Accord with NASA's Contaminated Land Temperature Readings and, gee, What a Surprise, the Spineless Buffoon Caved

 Yeah, what the fellow did (and this might even be more egregious than what Michael Mann did when he merged two separate data sets) was remove the entire error band from his graph and strictly go with the higher mark of the range, AND THE DUDE DID IT FOR EVERY YEAR!!!!! Seriously (and, yes, I've given this analogy before but it's a solid one so, please, just humor me), that would be like flipping a coin dozens of times and getting a "head" every damned time. It's just not plausible and yet these radical leftists just keep lapping it up. It's frustrating. Truly.

On ABC News Using Old Footage from a Kentucky Artillery Show and Attempting to Convince Us that it's from the Kurdish Region of Syria (the Angle of Course Being to Underscore How Trump Is "Abandoning the Kurds)

 Yeah, this was either a deliberate attempt to damage Trump (they're suddenly these mega interventionists now that Trump is trying to end these endless, stupid wars) or one of the worst examples of editorial mismanagement in broadcast history. Either way it doesn't instill much confidence, does it?

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

On the Fact that if the Democrats Wanted to Impeach President Trump for Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia, an Act that Has Contributed Heavily to the Current Genocide In Yemen, I Might Actually Be Down with that...……...but this Other Bullshit (a Relatively Innocuous Call to a Foreign Leader), No, Not so Much

And the reason why they're not going after the guy on Saudi Arabia is because if they ever did, they would also have to go after Bush and Obama FOR DOING THE SAME FUCKING THING and THAT they would not do (cowardly a-holes that they are).

On the Fact that Obama Destroyed Libya and the Left Didn't Hammer Him for it, Why, Because He Did it with "Dignity"?

Yeah, this is what happens when you combine brain-dead partisanship with a total unwillingness to scratch below the surface of something. Pathetic, isn't it?

On Kamala Harris Telling Chris Cuomo that Her "Preferred Pronouns" Are She, Her, and Hers

Have we reached critical cringe yet (the fact that these radical Democratic candidates are pandering to literally every aggrieved group that they can think of, using the lingo of identity politics to a tee, etc., etc.)? OF COURSE THOSE ARE HER DAMNED PRONOUNNS!!!!! She's a woman, for Christ! My God. These idiots.

Monday, October 14, 2019

On the Left Siding with the C.I.A. and F.B.I. (Two of the Most Repugnant Outfits In the Nation's History) Against an Anti-Establishment Politician Who Could Potentially Disinfect Those Rump Organizations...……...and All Because He Argued that Mexico Wasn't Sending Their Finest and a Handful of Other Poorly Articulated Comments

Yes, Trump says some dumb shit from time to time but this could be our final opportunity to cleanse the D.C. government of these venal and corrupt deep-state bureaucrats...…and, so, yeah, maybe we need to get behind him. At least for this.

On Louisville Beating Wake Forest Saturday, 62 to 59, IN FOOTBALL!!

Yeah, I haven't seen this little defense since Tonya Harding put can fulla' whuppin' on Paula Jones back in the era of Celebrity Boxing. And it was just as much fun, too. RAININ' TOUCHDOWNS! Oh yeah! 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

On the Bizarre Reality of Having a Republican President Pushing for Better Relations with Russia and a Democratic Party Trying to Initiate Another Cold-War

Imagine some fellow coming out of a 40 year coma and seeing this. Man would he ever confused. Hell, I'm confused!

On the Fact that if a Democratic Politician Had Made this Tweet Bashing the Iraq War and Thereby Throwing the Bush Administration Under the Bus, He or She Would Be Lionized but Because it Was Trump Who Did it, Crickets

So even when the dude sings from the left's own supposed songbook, they still won't give him any due. Trump-Derangement-Syndrome, indeed.

On the Fact that Since None of the Doomsday Scenarios Uttered by Environmentalists Over the Years Have Ever Come Close to Coming True, the New Strategy Now Appears to Be One of Putting Mentally Deficient Congresswomen and Young Swedish Girls On the Autism Spectrum Front and Center to Scare the Folks

It's worth a shot, I guess (low-information voters being what they are these days).

On the Concept of Taxing Capitalist Western White-Majority Countries for Climate Change, Sending Those Factories Off to China and India Which Don't Have Anywhere Near the Environmental Protections that We Do, and Thinking that You're Somehow Protecting the Earth

These people are brain-dead and being that the media is so far up their butts on this and damn near every subject, they never get questioned for such full-bore idiocy. Oh well, maybe some day.

On the Fact that "Criminal Justice Reform" Apparently Has as One of its Central Tenets the Early Release of Cold-Blooded Murderers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nlwizTURaY

Yeah, the chick was only 16 and had had a hard life but, I'm sorry, 15 years for murdering some dude in his sleep (in addition to pilfering his shit) doesn't ring right with me and I truly hope that this isn't a portent of things to come, 'cause if it is, you think that there's violence now. Look out!

The Most Beautiful van Morrison Songs - Edition 28

Saturday, October 12, 2019

On Celebrity, Sam Smith, Recently "Coming Out" as "Nonbinary" and "Genderqueer" - https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2019/03/15/sam-smith-comes-out-nonbinary-and-genderqueer-jameela-jamil/3175363002/

So two things that didn't exist until about a week ago and which were plucked out of thin air by a bunch of deranged leftists, in other words. What a world, huh?...……...Oh, and for the record, the dude's a dude. A confused dude but a dude nonetheless.

On Georgia Tech Losing to Duke In Football Today, 41 to 23

And how did the Georgia Tech Beat-Writer for Rivals.com handle the lopsided loss? Give the Blue Devils some credit? No, of course not. That would have been much too magnanimous and so what this schmuck did instead was make fun of the poor attendance at Wallace Wade Stadium. Real classy, huh? Fucking moron.

On the Fact that Even Though Anyone Can Inspect the Interrogations On YouTube and Easily See that There Was No Coercion Involved In Them, You Still Have Brain-Diseased Beached-Whales Such as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar Trying to Argue that the Confessions from the Central Park Five Were Brought About via Duress

And these confessions weren't any garden-variety confessions, either, but rather incredibly detailed ones. So there's that, too. But, please, don't take my word for it. Watch the videos for yourself and then decide.

Friday, October 11, 2019

On Deliverance Boy, Joe Scarborough, Arguing that Mr. Trump Is Unfit to Serve as President (Implying that He's a Nut-Job, I Guess)

Coming from a dude whose own past includes a dead intern suddenly showing up in his office one night, yeah, he just might want to tone it down a trifle (especially if Trump is as unstable as he alleges). I'm just sayin'.

On the Fact that if We Reduced Military Spending by 5%, Cut Foreign-Aid by 10%, and Stopped Funding the Afghanistan War Fully, it Would Reduce the Federal Deficit by Nearly $90,000,000,000

Yeah, that's nearly a 10% reduction in the deficit and while I get it that entitlements are the biggest problem moving forward, if we could cut some of this other bullshit first the haircut required for some of these bigger ticket items won't have to be so draconian. You see what I'm sayin' here, right?

On the Concept of Taxpayer-Funded Outfits (Like, I Don't Know, Planned Parenthood Maybe) Funneling a Sizable Chunk of Those Dollars Back to the Political Party that Is Significantly Bankrolling Them

Seems majorly corrupt and yet this is how a great deal of the sausage gets made. Infuriating, isn't it?

Thursday, October 10, 2019

On Ellen DeGeneres Taking a Shitload of Grief from Her Fellow Celebrities for Hanging Out with George W. Bush

I detest the entire Bush family (and, yes, that includes George Sr.) but, no, I'm not going to blast someone simply for sitting down with one of 'em while watching a ballgame...….And then there's the double-standard. The fact of the matter is that Obama dropped even more bombs on the Middle-East than Bush did (this According to Consortium News) AND he smashed Libya but you never hear Meryl Streep, Mark Ruffalo, or any of these other low-IQ actors saying that you can't sit down with him. Nope, 'cause he's on THEIR team. Disgusting, isn't it (the lack of moral compunction, etc.)?

On the Fact that (According to Writer, Douglas Murray) by the Middle of the 21st Century, There Will Be More Muslims Under the Age of 15 Residing In Austria than Native Austrians (of that Same Age)

So at best Austria will turn into Turkey and at worst they'll become yet another failed-state. Way to destroy your country, guys. Great job!!

Note to Partisan Hack Masquerading as a Real Journalist, Chuck Todd (Pertaining to the Dude's Claim that Trump Is "Digging Up Dirt On Joe Biden")

A few points here, asshole. a) It wasn't so much "dirt" that Trump was trying to uncover but rather corruption (dirt conjuring up such stupid nonsense as extramarital affairs while corruption is much more serious) and b) you really didn't have to shovel all that deep to find the stuff in that ole Joe is on fucking tape bragging about it!!…...And, dude, this idiotic retort of yours, "debunked conspiracy theory" (the one that you dredge-up whenever somebody bashes you between the eyeballs with a fact that blows to shreds your low-IQ narrative), it's gotta' go. a) It isn't helpful and b) it makes you look like a total moron. Look, I get it, you can't stand Trump and you're scared to death that some of your "faves" might be taking a fall but being that you're still technically a journalist, can you at least try to do some actual reporting? Please. Pretty please.

On the Fact that Since Two of the Central Tenets of Fascism Are the Merging of State and Corporate Power and the Suppression of Opposition Viewpoints, Yeah, I'd Say that the Modern-Day Democratic Party with its Incestuous Ties to Big-Tech and the Legacy Media (with the Goal of Course Being to Stifle Dissent) Is Pretty Fucking Fascistic These Days, Sorry but, Yeah

And yet if you asked the average sub-100 IQ citizen who the real fascist is, they'd probably say, Trump (he does, after all, say a lot of nasty things). Go figure, huh?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

On the Fact that Burn Acreage In the U.S. Is On Pace to Be Lower than 7 of the Prior 10 Years https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTxP488GhyY and Yet We Still Have Drooling Buffoons Like Leonardo di Caprio and Bill Maher Attempting to Convince Us that Fires Are Getting Worse Due to Climate Change

Why can't this chowderheads simply entertain us?......Or if they're going to talk about politics, science, etc., can't they at least do a little research before they do? Too much to ask?

On Norman Mailer Suggesting In 1971 that He Was Considering Voting for President Nixon Come the Next Election

Part of it was the fact that Nixon had made peace with China and the Soviet Union but it also had to do with Mr. Mailer's sense that the media and the left had been exceedingly unfair to Mr. Nixon. Hmm, yeah, that kinda' sounds familiar, huh (the strong likelihood that a lot of people who didn't support Trump the first time will end up voting for the dude as a response to the insanity of the mediaites, hard-core leftists, etc.)?

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Douglas Murray's 2017 Clarion-Call, "The Strange Death of Europe") by 2015, There Were More British Muslims Fighting for ISIS than for the British Armed Forces

And you'd think that that would be something worth being concerned about...……...but, alas, it apparently isn't. At least not in the minds of most British politicians. Perplexing, huh?

On Back When Late-Night TV Was Interesting, Thought-Provoking, etc.

  Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal in an epic throw-down. Just try finding something like that today. You can't!!

On Mitch McConnell Fearing that a U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Northern Syria Will "Strengthen Assad"

Which is actually a good result because (and here's where morons like Mitch McConnell, Mrs. Clinton, Lindsey Graham, Meghan McCain, etc. get lost in the details) the alternatives to Assad aren't Democratic Republicans like Jefferson and Madison but rather al Qaeda and al Nusra. I mean, I get it that these war-hawks seem to believe that there are a flock of moderate and reasonable rebel forces out there who we'll somehow be able mold into our own mythical prototype......but that's bullshit and we need to call it out completely moving forward, 'cause we can't fight another war, people. We simply can't.

On President Trump Stating that He Plans to Pull All U.S. Soldiers Out of Northern Syria and, Gee, What a Huge Shock, this War-Mongering Miscreant Voices Her Usual Bromide-Addled Protestations as a Response to it (I Guess that She Wants Us to Stay There FOREVER)

Like father, like daughter. What can I say?

Per the IPCC's Third Assessment, Circa 2001

"In climate research and modeling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore that LONG-TERM PREDICTION OF FUTURE CLIMATE STATES IS NOT POSSIBLE (emphasis, mine)."...…………………………………………………………..This is quite instructive in that it shows just how far that this whole process has descended from one of hard-science to one of political idiocy where we actually have mildly challenged Congresswomen proclaiming that we only have 12 years to act and an hysterical young Swedish girl having a nervous-breakdown for the entire planet to witness. It's sad. It really is.

On the Fact that Google Has the Capacity to Roughly Approximate an Individual's Political Affiliation by Their Searches and it Is Altogether Likely that (In this Upcoming Election) They Will Post Get-Out-the-Vote Logos to Those Who They Think Are Democrats, an Action that Could Potentially Deliver Hundreds of Thousands of Extra Votes to the Democratic Candidates

And the corporate media is seemingly OK with it. Big surprise, huh?

Monday, October 7, 2019

On Cretins Like MSNBC's Katie Tur Proclaiming that the Politico Story Which Alleges Democratic Interference with Ukraine to Deep-Six Trump Is Nothing but a Conspiracy Theory

Well except of course that we now have documented evidence from the Ukrainian embassy in Washington and their sitting ambassador that some sleezeball DNC operative named Alexandra Chalupa had made contact with Ukrainian officials trying to dig up dirt on Trump (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmpAWldvV_k&t=929s), all of which makes Katie Tur either a liar or a crap journalist. Please, you decide.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

On the Fact that the Whistleblower Form Was Changed from Not Allowing Second-Hand Information to Allowing for it......and this All Apparently Took Place at Around the Same Time that that Leaker Came Forward Trying to Damage Trump (Regarding His Phone-Call with Ukraine's President) - https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/02/the-key-point-about-whistleblowers-first-hand-knowledge-isnt-the-law-its-the-shady-regulation-changes/

Just another coincidence? Yeah, right.

On the Fact that There Are Actually Some Slantheads Out There Who Are Pissed Off by the Lack of Black People In "Game of Thrones"

Yes, 'cause as we all know, there were tons and tons of sub-Saharan black Africans in Medieval Europe. I mean, come on (and by, come on, I of course mean, wink wink).

On the Distinct Possibility that this Counterproductive and Extremely Vapid Re-Racialization of Our Society Will Ultimately Cause People to Notice Things (the Ridiculously High Black Crime-Rate, the Penchant for Hispanic Immigrants to Utilize Welfare Programs, and the Poisonous Nature of Islam, to Name a Few)......and that These Noticed Things Will Do Absolutely Nothing to Bridge Whatever Divide that Our Douche-Bag Politicians Have Fostered Over the Past Decade or so

Yeah, we're sitting on a huge powder-keg. That's for certain (and, no, that doesn't even include the $22,000,000,000,000 debt, $220,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities, etc.............which could easily light the match).

Saturday, October 5, 2019

On Dumb-as-a-Fucking-Fire-Hydrant Leftist Actor, Robert De Niro, Recently Getting Accused by a Former Female Work Associate of Gender Discrimination, Harassment, Unwaned Physical Contact, and Verbal Abuse

Believe all women, no (as in, I don't seem to recall any stipulations)?

On the Fact that We Have Actually Reached a Juncture In this Rapidly Devolving Society of Ours In Which the Skin Pigmentation, Gonads, Sexual Preference and/or Identity, Religious Affiliation, Ethnicity, etc. of the Speaker Are More Important than the Speech Itself

And while the West is engaged in this abject foolishness, the Countries of Eastern Asia are working hard to preserve their cultures and focusing on the hard-sciences. Gee, I wonder who the 21st Century will belong to. Yeah, huh?

On Miami Hurricane Quarterback, Jarren Williams, Completing All 7 of His Passes to Start the Game Today (Versus Virginia Tech)

Unfortunately for the 'Canes, 3 of them ended up in the hands of Virginia Tech defensive-backs and, so, yeah, in came the backup who seems to be doing better. For now, at least. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

On Nimrods Like the Young Turks Claiming that They Aren't In Favor of Open-Borders Policies

No, they don't come right out and proclaim that they want open-borders (that would be much too obvious) but being that these folks also a) don't favor a border-wall, b) support amnesty, c) desire to abolish I.C.E., d) argue against more deportations, e) want illegal aliens to vote, f) don't want to detain people at the border (they apparently want us to release them into the country or put them up in the Hilton), and g) support sanctuary cities, might they simply be parsing words? I'm just askin'.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

On Neocon Dolt, Bill "I've Been Wrong On Everything so Far" Kristol, Signing On to a Soho-Forum Foreign Policy Debate with Anti-War Radio's Scott Horton (Scheduled for Some Time Next Spring)

I kinda' doubt that it happens (the likelihood that Kristol will ultimately read up on Scott and determine that he doesn't to risk the probable humiliation)…...but if it does, look out, 'cause it could get ugly.

On Bernie Sanders Putting Forth a Wealth Tax Proposal (AKA, a Plan to Legalize Theft)

Yeah, it's only 1% for couples worth $32,000,000 but, still, that's $320,000 a year on top of everything else that they're already paying the government. And morons like Sanders also have to realize that a sizable portion of that $32,000,000 is probably in property, capital investments, and other such things that aren't so easily liquidated and so, yeah, simply cutting a huge check every year might not be all that doable...………………………………………………………………….Of course the biggest problem with this parasitic money-grab is the fact that it will likely change behavior; folks either making less of an effort to accumulate wealth or simply moving out of the country (much akin to what people did in France in response to their punitive taxes) with tax revenue plummeting as a result. Not that Sanders has thought that far ahead, mind you, OBVIOUSLY.

On "Assad Murdering His Own People" Being the Pretext for Our Involvement In the Syrian Civil War

Well being that it was a war and a war that was largely started by the U.S.A. (on the behest of Israel, no less), yeah, I'm probably gonna have to cry, foul, on that one...………………………………………………………………...P.S. I would also instruct you to go back and listen to that presentation by General Wesley Clark when he said that the neocons were planning to do regime-change in seven different Middle-Eastern countries......and that Syria was high on the list MEANING that the civil war was probably just a convenient pretext for what they wanted to do anyway. My theory at least.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

On Race-Baiters, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, Jumping All Over the Jussie Smollet Story Trying to Make Political Hay Over it and Then When We Ultimately Discovered that it Was Total Bullshit They Acted Like Nothing Happened and the Media Never Once Pressed Them On it

How do these assholes not get completely laughed off the stage? I mean, this is some seriously disgusting shit that they've been pulling and you'd think that there would eventually be a price for it. But, no, never. Unreal.

On Some Guy Telling Me Once How He Tried to Get a Ticket to See Taylor Swift but Wasn't Able to and so He Went to See a Bottle Rockets Show Instead...……...and Then Smiling at Me as I Evidently Looked Quite Perplexed

Yeah, he got me. No worries, though, as I'm already plotting my revenge......which will be sweet, I promise you.

On the Fact that a National Gun Registry Will Make it so Much Easier for the Politicians to Confiscate Weapons from the Public and I Kinda' Think that this Is Why Lowlifes Like O'Dork and Mayor Pete Are In Favor of One

Agreed? Hope so.

On the Distinct Possibility that the Hard-Left Will Ultimately Turn On Bernie Sanders In an Effort to Destroy Him 'Cause the Fellow Is Just too White, too Straight, too Male, etc.

So for stupid reasons, in other words (the smarter reasons of course being that he's a moron, a parasite, and a collectivist buffoon). Just great.

On the Fact that Hard-Core Grievance-Mongers Like Kamala Harris Seemingly Wish to Make Known Gang-Members (You Know, that Group In America Which Perpetrates Approximately 50% of the Murders In the Country) Exempt from Red-Flag Laws - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7r0uF_5RQ0&t=46s

Yeah, this is what happens with leftism. It has so many ridiculous precepts that it ultimately eats itself and this is a pitch-perfect example of it (their desire to confiscate guns colliding with a psychotic need not to offend black people). Damn, huh?

Sunday, September 29, 2019

On Reverend Jesse Jackson Once Claiming that Semi-Automatic Rifles (and Please Keep In Mind that that Includes Most Rifles These Days) Can Shoot Down Planes and Blow Up Railroad Cars - https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/jesse-jackson-assault-weapons-shoot-down-airplanes-blow-up-railroads/

Do these folks simply not have an internet connection? I mean, I get it that they despise guns and wish to give the monopoly on force to the state and all but could they at least have a rudimentary level of knowledge on the friggin' subject? Too much to ask?

On "Believe All Women" (Even the Delusional Ones)

I have a better idea. How 'bout instead of articulating something as buffoonish, preposterous, naïve, and reductive as that, we go with something like, "believe anyone who you suspect is telling the truth regardless of their sex-organs"? Seems a bit more doable, no?

Probably When Jim Cramer Told His Audience to Hold On to Bear Stearns at $62 a Share and Within a Week it Had Bottomed Out at $2

What would be may answer to the question, "So, what would get your vote for the worst prediction in all of human history BY FAR?" 

On the Fact that at the Time of His Divorce from Then Wife, Kathleen, Hunter Biden Owed Over $300,000 In Back-Taxes - https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/apr/4/biden-son-estranged-wife-reach-settlement-in-divor/

So yet one more "do as I say, not as I do" leftist making their presence felt (in this instance, not paying their fucking taxes while advocating that others pay through the nose). Man, is that classroom ever getting full.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

On the Fact that Biden Was President Obama's Point-Man In Two Places; China and Ukraine and In Both Instances His Drug-Addled, Degenerate (Diddling His Dead Brother's Widow, Really?), and Talentless Offspring, Hunter, Inexplicably Fell Into a Boatload of Money

Please, do a little mental exercise for me. Imagine that this same scenario had taken place with Trump and one of his offspring, and then imagine how Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Don Lemon would have covered it. Seriously, if you can get through that and still think that the media is fair...……...I really don't know what to say.

On CNN's Low IQ Anchor, Chris Cuomo, Proclaiming that President Trump Called a Free-Press, the Enemy of the People

He's a liar. Trump didn't label a free press, the enemy of the people. He labeled the biased, corporatist, and dishonest segments of the current press-corps (of which CNN is clearly a component), the enemy of the people. A major distinction, wouldn't you say?

On the Fact that While There Are Certainly Numerous Factors that Go Into A Country Being Able to Establish a Cogent Fiscal Policy, There Are Two that Seemingly Stand Out More than the Others; a) Having Serious Leaders and b) Having a Cohesive Society with Shared Values - Neither of Which the U.S. Has

And, so, yeah, ending well, it probably will not (as in, it isn't exactly rocket-science). Sorry...….I guess.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

On Conservative Commentator, Michael Knowles (Think, a Gentile Ben Shapiro, Only Not Quite as Smart), Referring to that 16 Year-Old Swedish Climate-Change Prop as a, "Mentally-Ill Girl"

Yeah, he probably should have referred to her as brainwashed or indoctrinated, instead, but being that the girl's own mom has stated that she has both Asperger's Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I've decided not to get too exorcised over it. Sorry but, no...….Too many victims already.

On the Democrats Threatening to Impeach Trump Over Second-Hand Information from a Leaker that They Haven't Completely Examined Yet and Before the Phone-Transcript Is Even Released

Yeah, I've heard of premature ejaculations before but this one takes the cake. Down, fellow, down!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

On the Fact that There Was a Huge and Fully Documented Drop In Temperature from 1945 to 1975 (this Despite the Fact that the Industrialized World Was Bellowing Out Massive Amounts of Carbon Dioxide) and Just Like that it Was Stricken from the Record by a Cadre of Dishonest Climate Hucksters Because it Was Just too Inconvenient (that Word Again) for Them and Their Stupid-Assed Theory

While, yes, there's clearly a fair amount of deceit and deception on this issue, most of it, I would argue, pertains to the bureaucrats and political class, the rest of the people (those who appear to be gun-ho), it's probably as simple as short and imperfect memories and a basic unwillingness to check things out. Not that that's an excuse, mind you, just not as bad, that's all.

On the Fact that In January of 2017, Politico (Not Exactly a Trump Stronghold) Came Out with an Article Entitled, "Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire" - https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/ukraine-sabotage-trump-backfire-233446

So even Politico has admitted that the Clinton campaign probably COLLUDED with a foreign entity (and, no, this doesn't even take into account Christopher Steele, the Five Eyes, Italy, those Russian disinformation agents, etc.) and yet the only thing that CNN and MSNBC are interested in are the bogus Trump narratives. OK, I guess (no, not really, but it is what it is, bears pooping in the woods, etc.).

On the Fact that In Spite of Having No Perceptible Business Acumen Whatsoever, Joe Biden's Drug-Addicted Son, Hunter, Was Able to Land a $600,000 a Year Gig at a Corrupt Ukrainian Oil and Gas Company (so Much for the Leftists Going Green, huh?) Called Burisma, a Large Firm that Was Being Investigated Until Ole Papa Biden Put a Screaming Halt to it by Strong-Arming the Ukrainian President

Nothing to see here, though (this, according to CNN). Nothing whatsoever (even though, yes, we now have video footage of Joe bragging to the slants at CFR that he got the prosecutor who was looking into Burisma shit-canned).

Monday, September 23, 2019

On Scarlet Johansson Proclaiming that She Believes Director, Woody Allen, After He Recently Denied (Again) Ever Having Molested His Daughter, Dylan Farrow, When She Was Young (as She Has Claimed for Decades Now)

Ooh, not a smart move there, kiddo. Yes, Mr. Allen is a great director who can probably get you some juicy parts but we're always supposed to believe the woman. What, you didn't get that memo? Mmm, yeah, you gotta' do some serious damage-control......and rapidly, 'cause there are thousands of pretty young women who could step in and do what you do in a heartbeat. Please, your career's at stake. Act. Now!

On the Fact that if Videos Do Exist Which Show Powerful People (Politicians, Celebrities, Royals, etc.) Having Sex with Underage Girls, the Likelihood Is that These Clips Will NOT Be In a Digital Format and so the Possibility of Them Being Deep-Fakes Is Rather Low, Wouldn't You Think?

Not that they won't try that, of course. A caged animal will try anything. We just have to be prepped for it (locked and loaded, if you prefer), that's all.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

On the Feds Putting Out a National Climate Assessment Which Shows a Number of Graphs, One of Which Starts In 1983 and Shows a Slight Uptick In Forest-Fire Burn-Acreage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8455KEDitpU

Of course what they didn't show was the other two-thirds of the original graph because that would have displayed that the burn-acreage of the 1920s, '30s, and '40s was significantly higher than what we've experienced recently and they simply couldn't have divulged that fact, now could they (it being a major hit on their narrative and all)?

On the Fact that I've Decided to Run for President and My Next Proposals Will Be a 5 Mile-per-Hour Speed-Limit to Eliminate All Road Deaths, an Out-Right Ban On BB-Guns 'Cause as We're All Aware You Can Put Somebody's Eye Out with One of Those Suckers, and a Healthcare Plan In Which the Doctors Have to Pay YOU Damn it!!

Yeah, this is too much fun...….What's that, I just passed Buttigieg and O'Dork in the polls? Awesome!!

On the Fact that I've Decided to Run for President and My First Proposal Will Be a $100 Minimum Wage

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

On the Idiot, Michael Moore, Trying to Argue that "Medicare-for-All" Polls Extremely Well with the American People

This clown has no sense of nuance whatsoever. Yes, if you simply ask people if they like Medicare-for-All, a lot of them will probably say, yes BUT if you ask them if they still like it if it means that private insurance becomes illegal (with Bernie's plan you can't even pay a doctor with cash) AND that their taxes will probably go up significantly, the support for it goes down quite a bit. I mean, I get it that this is probably too much for Mr. Moore's minuscule little brain to handle but, still, you gotta' call him out and, yep, that's what I'm doing here.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

On the Capacity to Fully Examine One's World View and to Change it In Response to Contrary Evidence

It seems to be lacking these days, wouldn't you say (the fact that the evidence for items such as socialism, man-made global warming, regime-change wars, etc. is practically nil and yet the masses continue to believe in the shit)?

On the Fact that There Is No Compelling Evidence Whatsoever that Carbon Dioxide Is the Primary Driver of Climate Change; Not In the Short-Term, Not In the Long-Term, and Not In the Intermediate-Term, and Yet We Continue to Have These Power-Addicted and Low IQ Political Buffoons Trying to Tell Us that Not Only Is Carbon Dioxide the Main Driver of Climate but that it's Actually a Poison and Pollutant (as Opposed to What the Stuff Truly Is; One of the Fundamental Building-Blocks of Life)

I've been on this globe for more that six decades now and this whole catastrophic anthropogenic global warming nonsense has to be the most bizarre thing yet that I've encountered. And it just will not go away (this as the sun is rapidly approaching a Maunder Minimum level of activity and with it several decades of possible global COOLING!!). Perplexing, isn't it?

On the Parasitic Statists and Globalists Dragging Out Some Indoctrinated Young Scandinavian Girl to Lecture Us On the Dangers of Climate Change (Previously Known as Global Warming) and to Inform Us that if We Don't Act Immediately We're All Doomed

Is there any depth that these fascistic bastards WON'T lower themselves to to secure more power? I mean, really, to parade around a child who clearly knows nothing on the subject (ask her about the pause, for example) simply in an effort to tug at our heartstrings, that seems pretty fucking blatant to me but, whatever. I guess.

Friday, September 20, 2019

On the Fact that if Some Dude Presented to Me a Theory In Which He Stated that a) the Number of Deaths During the French Revolution Has Been Greatly Overstated and b) the Mode of Death Was Not the Guillotine but Rather Something Else, I Would Probably Say to Him, "Hmm, that's Interesting, Let's Take a Look at What You've Got", I Wouldn't Call Him a "French Revolution Denier" and I Certainly Wouldn't Proffer that He Be Imprisoned for this Theory and Yet this Is Exactly What They Do In Europe to Folks Who Question Various Aspects of the Jewish Holocaust (the Ludicrous Treblinka Narrative, for Example)

Yes, I understand that this is a very delicate subject but when you're talking about restrictions on speech, inquiry, etc., to me that trumps everything and it's very important that we stand up to this type of tyranny, cause it won't stop with this, trust me.

On the Fact that In Order to Run Our Economy Solely On Wind and Solar Energy, We Would Have to Pave an Area the Size of California, Construct Thousands of Miles of New Transmission Lines, and Trip-Wire a Worldwide Strip-Mining Operation that Would Significantly Pollute the Developing World......AND IT STILL WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH (the Harsh Fact that These Forms of Energy Are Fully Unreliable and Would thus Need a Fossil Fuel Backup Anyway - HELLO!)!!!

Of course in the mean time (as we devastate our entire economy), China and India will continue to build hundreds of additional coal-fired power-plants, making our sacrifice count for virtually nothing. But hey, go ahead and vote for Bernie Sanders if it makes you feel good......'cause that's what it's all about, right?......These days.

On the Daily Beast Referring to Justin Trudeau's Blackface as "Face Darkening Makeup"

Perhaps I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that if the legacy media ever got their grubby paws on a picture of Trump in blackface they would probably refer to it as, you know, BLACKFACE!!! I mean, come on.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

On the Fact that There Have Been a Slew of Anti-Jewish Attacks In New York City Recently and the Corporate Media Has Largely Been Ignoring Them Probably Because the Perpetrators Are the Wrong Skin-Color - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxHHWdS7XZk

Yeah, if it goes against their fantasy/narrative that black folks are always the victims, they're simply not interested (a fact that makes them not just shitty reporters but dangerous people as well) and this is just another example of that. Pure and simple.

On the Fact that Pictures of Canada's Douche-Bag Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Wearing Blackface Have Recently Emerged and the Media Is Struggling On How to Cover it (the Fact that Wearing Blackface Is Supposedly Some Big No-No but They Also Adore Trudeau and Probably Don't Want to Bitch-Slap the Dude too Badly)

FOR EXAMPLE, one of the stories that Yahoo did on this referred to it as "brownface", as opposed to blackface (a seeming attempt to mitigate the fallout) but whatever the coverage, wasn't it just delicious to see one of the most venal SJWs on the entire planet getting a taste of his own self-righteous indignation (at least from some people)? I sure as shit know that I enjoyed it.

On the Guradian Publishing an Article About How Air Pollution Harms "Unborn Babies"

So they're unborn babies when you're talking about pollution but fetuses when you're taking about slicing and dicing them during the second and third trimesters. GOT IT (and by, got it, I of course mean, heaven help us before we all turn into psychopaths)!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

On the Fact that if You Reside In a Country In Which Transgender Bathroom Rights Are Amongst the More Contentious Issues, You're Probably In Pretty Decent Shape and May In Fact Even Be a Wee-Bit Pampered, I'M JUST SAYIN'!!

 Yeah, there are just too many people in this country and in Europe who have no idea what's it's like to live in a non-Western region of the world and because of this they literally have to look everywhere that they can to find stuff to complain about. Of course while this bullshit is going on, the country as a whole is cratering (insane levels of debt, unending third-world migration, moral decay, etc.), choking on political correctness, etc. to the point where the only way out might be a peaceful separation. Sadly but, yeah.

On the Fact that They Recently Found a Kernel of Corn In Elizabeth Warren's Stool

Wow, so the chick might be part Native-American after all. Well I'll be damned.

On the Fact that Two Books Have Recently Come Out On Kavanaugh; One Supporting the Guy, the Other In Opposition and Take a Wild Guess Which One that the New York Times Has Glommed On to

I'll give you a clue - you don't need a clue.

Monday, September 16, 2019

On the Latest Accusation Against Justice Kavanaugh Being that He Allowed Some Other Fellow to Grab His Junk and Push it Into the Hands of Some Unwilling Female

It's of course ludicrous (hell, even the woman in question doesn't seem to recall it) and yet you still have these buffoonish Democrats going after the guy as if it was a plausible accusation. Unbelievable, huh (the fact that they desire power so desperately that they would even entertain such idiocy, etc.)?

So Long, Eddie

  For now.

On the Fact that if President Trump Ever Decided to Construct a Foreign Policy Team of John Huntsman, Tulsi Gabbard, Jim Webb, General Wesley Clark, and Scott Horton, it Would More than Likely Cause the Heads of Warmongering Buffoons Like Liz Cheney, Meghan McCain, and Ben Shapiro to Detonate and Wouldn't that Be Just an Awesome Sight?

And I robustly believe that he just might do something like that...…......…...during his second term, when he doesn't have to placate the war faction of the Republican party. Of course he first has to win the damned election but if he does, I'm saying, yeah, it's possible.

On the Fact that President Obama Once Stated, "at a Certain Point You've Made Enough Money"

Hmm, I wonder, now that the fellow's worth $40,000,000, makes $400,000 per speech, and just snagged a $15,000,000, 7,000 square foot home on Martha's Vineyard, might he be approaching that stage? Kinda' seems like it, no?...………………………………………………………………….P.S. And, no, I could give a rat's ass what the dude's net-worth is. I'm only pointing out how a individual's perspective changes once he (or she) starts making the big bucks AND of how the hypocrisy really starts to rev up once it happens. That's it!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Diversity - a Strength?

Yeah, I'm going to dissent on this one. First off, where's the diversity? Four brain-disordered socialist lunatics who think the exact same poisonous and anti-American thoughts every fucking day isn't diversity. And how is the infusion of such a disgusting ideology into our politics strengthening the society? It's ludicrous and yet the media continues prop these chowderheads up as if they were these stellar new leaders when in fact the buffoons only where they are because of the country's increasing rapid trend towards balkanization. And this is just the beginning, people. Heaven help us and I guess that I'll leave it there.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

On the Fact that Even Avowed Leftists Like Rahm Emanuel and Bill Maher Are Saying that These Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Gone Completely Off the Rails (Maher Even Referring to this Hard Shift to the Left as a "Cancer") and that Unless They Rein the Bullshit In, Trump Will Probably Get Reelected

Yeah, these debates are almost turning into a self-parody with each person on that stage trying to out-crazy the others and unless they start to moderate a little, whoever survives this literal shit-show to become the nominee is going to have an extremely challenging go of it in the general attempting to convince the voters of their sanity. Right now, I don't think that it's possible and so, yeah, you can probably expect a lot more talk of open borders, illegals, minors, and felons voting, getting rid of the electoral college, etc., etc...…..Winning through the back door, in other words. They're good at that.

On the Fact that the Left Has Been Saying for Decades Now, "We're Not Going to Take Your Guns, We're Not Going to Take Your Guns, and Now We Have Multiple Democratic Candidates On that Dumpster-Fire Debate Stage Saying the Exact Opposite and so What Gives?

Yeah, I get it, they're just going after AR-15s and other scary looking guns but does anybody truly think that it will stop there? I mean, rifles in general aren't responsible for that many murders (compared to handguns, knives, etc.) and so you have to believe that they're eventually going to go after all guns. The slippery-slope, no?

Friday, September 13, 2019

On the Gun-Control Crowd Wanting to Keep Guns Out of the Hands of People Who "Hate"

I'm not exactly sure what they're driving at here. There are a shit-load of things that I hate; politicians, opponents of free speech, the modern-day academy, the media, leftist celebrities, neoconservatives, organized religion, the DNC, the RNC, hard-core environmentalists, tech censorship, socialism, bureaucracy, pedophiles, race-baiters, etc., etc.. It doesn't mean that I'm going to go on some killing rampage or anything even remotely similar to it. Yeah, they really need to operationalize this one, I think

On the Overwhelming Likelihood that the Jimmy Carter of 1976, the Bill Clinton of 1992, or the John F. Kennedy of 1960 Would Not Be Able to Get the Democratic Nomination for President In the Current Political Climate

Yeah, they would be perceived as right-wingers and probably wouldn't be able to crack 2%. THAT FAR LEFT THE DEMS HAVE TRAVELLED. Sad, isn't it?

On the Fact that I've Gotten so Immersed Into this Life as a Simulation or Hologram Paradigm that for the First Time In My Whole Life I Looked Up at a Quarter Moon Set Upon a Midnight-Blue Sky and it Actually Looked Fake

Yeah, I probably need to take a powder from those videos. Maybe go back to watching cats play piano or something similarly less mind exploding...….For a while anyway.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

On the Fact that a Lot of These Same People Who Are Criticizing Trump for His Treatment of Brown People at the Border Never Voiced a Single Complaint When President Obama Was Blowing to Smithereens Brown People In the Middle East

When your guy and team does it, it's OK apparently...……….Don't join a team, I guess.

On the Ups and Downs of President Trump

Dumbest move - hiring John Bolton. Smartest move - firing John Bolton. Everything else - somewhere in between.

On Tulsi Gabbard Recently Blasting the Other Democratic Candidates for Their de Facto Open Borders Proposals - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Alrk0RATYY

Wow, so Tulsi's rock-solid on three issues now; foreign affairs (i.e., staying out of shit wars), freedom of speech, AND immigration policy. YES, now if we could only dissuade her away from that Medicare for All boondoggle (getting her closer to John Delaney on the issue, perhaps) she'd be unbeatable. Metaphorically, of course. 

On James Comey Getting Completely Eviscerated In the Recent Inspector General's Report and Instead of Displaying Some Humility and Contrition, the Parasitic Sociopath Stuck His Chest Out Even More and Proclaimed to Be Exonerated (Simply Because He Wasn't Indicted)

Unfortunately for Mr. Comey, he isn't out of the woods yet in that the FISA investigation remains in the pipeline and the asshole could still get the book thrown at him once that report comes out. It's what I'm hoping for at least.

On the Fact that Open-Carry Is a Tactical Disaster Just Waiting to Happen In that if a Lunatic Walks Into Walmart Aiming to Kill People, the First Person that He's Likely to Smolder Is the One with the Weapon - HELLO!!

Yeah, that's why if you're going to carry, concealed-carry is the much better choice. That way if some crazy-assed SOB starts shooting the place up, you at least have a fighting chance to take him out before the carnage gets too high. Open-carry, yeah, not so much (with the morgue being your final destination).

On PewDiePie Now Having Over 100,000,000 Subscribers On YouTube

And Will Hart continues to not be one of 'em. Damn, huh (all the good shit that I must be missing)?...……...But seriously, though, that is quite impressive when you think that there are "only" 7,000,000,000 people on the entire planet, many of whom are young children and over a billion of which still don't have electricity, never mind an internet connection. Gotta' give him kudos......I guess.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Most Dominant Athlete of All Time?

The names that most folks come up with are Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali (his first go-round prior to incarceration), Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Jim Brown, and several others but I would argue that a solid case could be made that Edwin Moses deserves that moniker. The fellow won two Olympic gold medals in the 400 meter hurdles (it probably would have been three but we boycotted in 1980) and from 1977 to 1987 he won 122 straight races. Granted, his specialty is a little more obscure than the sports of those other fellows but, I don't care, 122 to 0 is off the charts no matter what your endeavor may be.   

On Judging People from 300 Years Ago for Not Having the Same Ethical Standards that We Possess Today

Yeah, that's like hammering a doctor in the 1700s for not prescribing antibiotics or ordering up a cat-scan and yet we have these idiotic Presidential candidates (clowns like O'Dork and Mayor Pete) and their clueless SJW supporters going around lambasting great Americans like Jefferson and Madison for having slaves when it a universally accepted practice (never mind the fact that both of these men were against slavery and supported measures to curtail it). Hopefully these buffoons get a sufficient enough pushback to cease and desist with this moronic strategy but being that it's all about identity politics nowadays, confident clearly I am not.

On the Fact that if the Israelis Had (from 1967 to the Late 1980s) a) Done a Better Job of Keeping Arafat and Company Out of the Occupied Territories and b) Helped the Sane and Competent Palestinians (of Which There Were Tens of Thousands) Build an Alternative Political Framework, There's a Decent Chance that We Would Have a Palestinian State Today

And, no, I'm not suggesting that it would have been a perfect solution in that there no doubt would have been some skirmishes, bumps in the road, etc. but I really do believe that with the help of Jordan and possibly some Western diplomats, it truly might have worked. In hindsight anyway.

Monday, September 9, 2019

On Marxist Strongman and Murderer, Robert Mugabe, Finally Kicking the Bucket and the Media Doing Everything Possible to Soft-Sell His Atrocities ("Controversial" Was About as Tough as it Got) 'Cause We Just Can't Criticize a Black Leader, Now Can We?

Yeah, here was a guy who actually WAS like Hitler but because the corporate media is so hung up on demonizing Trump over total nonsense, he gets a pass. Unbelievable, huh (the rank double-standard, hypocrisy, etc.)?

On the Fact that One of the Major Provisions of New York State's SAFE Act of 2013 Was a Mandatory Registration of All "Assault Weapons" and so Far 44,000 of These Guns Have Been Registered - https://reason.com/2019/09/05/the-futility-of-a-gun-buyback/

Wow, sounds like a major success. The big problem of course is that there are more than a million of these rifles in the state and so 44,000 is only a little more than 4% AFTER 6 YEARS!! 
Couple this with the harsh fact that the cops really don't seem all that interested in enforcing this silly, little law (only 11 arrests so far for failure to register) and, yeah, you really have to ask yourself, a) what's the whole point here and b) do you really think that a gun-buyback program will give you a better compliance rate? Me, I kinda' doubt it.

On the Fact that if Islam Ever Assumes Control In the West (and Europe Is Significantly Closer to that than the U.S. Is), the LGBTQ (and Sometimes Y - KIDDING!!) Community Will Be Amongst the First to Feel the Oppressive Nature of this Poisonous Ideology and, so, Yes, this Idiotic Alignment Between the Two Groups Continues to Stump Me (Yes, I Understand that it Has Something to Do with Intersectionality but Being that that Itself Is Irrational, of Little Help it Is)

I suspect that a lot of them will ultimately wake up from this self-imposed insanity (with the others simply accepting what happens as some sort of just punishment) but, yeah, a tad too late it just might be. We'll just have to wait and see, huh?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

On Stefanie Powers, Natalie Wood, and Jill St. John All Being In the Same Ballet Class at One Time

It sounds pretty smokin'......until you find out that they were 8, 10, and 12 respectively and then it's, OK, I am outa' here!!…...Unless of course your name is Jeff Epstein. Then it's a little more complicated.

On the Persistent Rumor that Fox News Will Be Replacing Tucker Carlson with Ben Shapiro

So they're going to shit-can one of the few anti-war voices on that entire network and replace him with one of the biggest chicken-hawks to come down the pike in a very long time. Yeah, I don't know about that one. Seems a tad short-sighted to me (especially given Tucker's ratings) but, hey, what do I know.

On the Fact that Prince Andrew Has Purportedly Always Been the Queen's Favorite but In Lieu of Current Events, Yeah, We Just Might Be In Store for a Reshuffling of Those Rankings, I'm Just Sayin'

Needless to say, he's innocent until proven guilty but, yeah, if it can be shown that the dude engaged in statutory rape or worse, off with his royal head, I say. Full bore.

On a 43 Year-Old Tito "the Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz Knocking Senseless a 48 Year-Old Chuck "the Iceman" Liddell In a Recent MMA Bout

Anyone who dished out money to watch this shit-show really needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves, is this really something that I want on my resume? I sure know that I wouldn't be bursting with pride to put it there.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

On Former MSNBC Host, Crystal Ball (Yep, that's Her Name), Recently Coming Out and Blasting the Network for Their Deranged and Paranoiac Coverage of the Trump-Russia Collusion Fake-News Bullshit (and, Yes, She DOES Name Names; Rachel Maddow, for One)

And, yes, I strongly suspect that there will be additional folks out there ultimately doing the same, if for no other reason than to salvage their careers, reputations, etc.. We'll see, I guess.

On the Fact that if You Truly Wish to Know Who the Domestic Terrorists Are, Simple, Stop Paying Your Taxes

And, no, it isn't just the I.R.S.. You also have the C.I.A., the Military Industrial Complex, and the Federal Reserve, all of which are more than happy to terrorize you and your family. Hopefully Trump disbands them all but being that he's probably been coopted himself, rotsa ruck, huh?

On the Ultra Leftist San Francisco Board of Governors Recently Voting On a Resolution Which Would Label the N.R.A. a Terrorist Organization

Yeah, these are a lot of the same lunatics who want to call CONVICTED FELONS , "Justice-Involved Persons", so, please, take this full-throated buffoonery with a grain of salt. Know that I am!!

On UConn Being a Three Touchdown Underdog at Home to a Shitty Illinois Team

And to think, just 11 years ago we were playing in the Fiesta Bowl (losing but, still). Damn, huh?

Thursday, September 5, 2019

On the Fact that Not One Single Reporter Has Ever Asked John "Skippy" Podesta What Those Clearly Coded Messages In the WikiLeaks Emails Mean - NOT ONE

And like I've said numerous times before, I am more than willing to accept a much more benign explanation as to what this shit means but I first have to be provided one and as of yet none have been forthcoming. Please, press, do your damned job!

On the Fact that Blassie Ford's Reprobate, Troglodytic and Fascistic Lawyer, Deborah Katz, Has Actually Been Caught On Tape Saying that the Main Motivation for the Whole Kavanaugh Fiasco Was this Fear that the Judge Would Peel Back Abortion Rights - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOE0pWRCKc4 - @ 21:43

Most of us kind of already knew this. But to hear the slant actually come out and say it (granted, she probably didn't think that it would come out to the public) was rather disturbing, I thought (that whole ends justifying the means thing, her antiseptic view of abortion, etc.). Hopefully she gets some blowback.

On the Fact that if Three Year-Olds Can Select Their Gender (as a Deranged Segment of the Hard-Left Is Proclaiming), What's Next; that They Can "Choose" to Have Sex with Some Old Fucking Pervert?

Just trying to follow this pure insanity to its logical (or, illogical, if you prefer) conclusion, that's all.

On the Fact that There Are Actually Political Shits Out There Who Desire to Label Conspiracy Theorists, Domestic Terrorists

Be careful there, Osama bin Maddow. They just might be comin' for ya'...……….If only, huh?

On the Fact that Freshwater Withdrawals Have Increased by Seven Fold Since 1900 While Population Growth Has Only Increased by Four Fold - https://www.lifenews.com/2013/10/02/how-to-debunk-the-myth-of-overpopulation-in-three-easy-steps/

So, yes, this whole anti-human notion that population growth is this horrible thing that needs to be controlled by politicians (Such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc.) continues to be what it's always been; pure, unadulterated cow manure.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On Low IQ O'Dork's Gun Buyback Proposal for AR-15s and AK-47s

First off, I'm not envisioning a huge compliance rate. But even if there was, most people will simply take the money and buy another rifle that does the same thing as the banned guns, the lone difference being that it doesn't look quite as scary...……...and so what have we really accomplished other than adding to the deficit? Nothing, it seems to me.

On Joe Biden Recently Coming Out and Saying that He Wanted to Do Away with All Multiple Round Magazines

So ALL magazines then, one bullet at a time. Yeah, I don't see that happening. Not without a battle at least.

On the Fact that the Hard-Core Left (Including Those Four Socialist Idiot Bimbos In Congress) Is Actually Raising Bail Money for Some Knuckle-Dragging Antifa Degenerate Who Recently Injured a Cop In Boston - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CsRqE6D_vo

So instead of raising money for autism, cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, these POS politicians have decided to help out a violent communist terrorist who is simply incapable of leaving peaceful people alone. Yeah, that makes absolute sense - NOT!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

On a Recent Cornell-Backed Study Which Essentially Divides Conservatives Into Three Camps; the Alt-Right, the Alt-Light, and Something Called "the Intellectual Dark-Web", with the Latter Two Being "Gateway Drugs" to the Former

So what they're saying here is that if you follow Ben Shapiro (a Jew and a neocon who the Alt-Right despises and often makes sport of), you will eventually fall in line with hard-core buffoons like Richard Spencer and Christopher Cantwell. Seriously, THIS is what they're saying. So, you still don't think that the left has gone completely nuts?......Yeah, huh?

On the Fact that Whenever Trump Gets Something Wrong or Talks In a Hyperbolic Manner the Press Always Calls it a Lie but When Biden Does the Very Same Thing They Refer to it as a Gaffe

Of course the real truth here is that both fellows are frequently full of shit but being that the media despises Mr. Trump and is fully in the tank for the Democrats this is what we get; constant bias almost cartoonish in nature. Oy vey.

On 2% O'Dork (Quite Possibly the Dumbest Dude Ever In Politics) Proclaiming that White Europeans Went to Africa and KIDNAPPED Black People as Part of the Slave-Trade

He obviously hasn't studied the topic at all, 'cause if he had, he clearly would have received the memo that Europeans did not traipse into Africa and round folks up but rather purchased slaves from black Africa slave-traders. Of course being that this fact obliterates his cartoonish little narrative of unending white villainy and black folks always being the victim, even if he had the knowledge, there's a solid chance that the clown would have ignored it anyway, demagogue that he is................................................................................................…….P.S. And, yes, it's also vital to point out here that every slave who came to North America ALREADY WAS A SLAVE and that if they didn't come here they simply would have gone elsewhere (the Caribbean, South America, Arabia, a different part of Africa, etc.). This entire notion that these slaves would have had a wonderful life had they not come to North America is pure, unadulterated foolishness and it really needs to be put to bed permanently. Sorry but, yeah. 

Monday, September 2, 2019

On the Fact that Over 70% of High School Dropouts Come from Fatherless Homes (and Their Dropout Rate Is Nine Times the Average) - https://thefatherlessgeneration.wordpress.com/statistics/

Again, the importance of fatherhood and the need for us to stress it, especially those in power (they won't of course - easier to blame racism - but, yeah, they definitely should).

On the Fact that if Slavery Made the United States Wealthy, Then Why Isn't Brazil, a Country that Took In 10.7 Times as Many Slaves as the U.S. Did (450,000 Versus 4,800,000) Super Duper Wealthy Instead of the Basket-Case that it Is? - https://www.theroot.com/how-many-slaves-landed-in-the-us-1790873989

 The answer of course is that it wasn't slavery which produced the lion-share of our prosperity but rather our free enterprise system, constitutional government, strong European stock, etc.. I mean, just look at what we've accomplished and compare it to the rest of the world. It isn't even close. Sorry but it's the truth.

On the Fact that East-Asians Have the Lowest Illegitimacy Rate In the U.S. and the Highest Rate of Income

They also commit less crime than any other population, by far. Hmm, could it possibly be that having a male role-model in the home is an important factor after all? Certainly seems so, huh?

On the Fact that There Were Over a Dozen Other Mass-Shootings In the U.S. (Mass Shootings as Defined by Three or More People Taking a Round) at Around the Same Time as the El Paso and Dayton Shootings but Being that Most of the Perpetrators Were Black Dudes (with Several Hispanics Sprinkled In) the Mainstream Media Completely Ignored Them - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjp4uuCthkc

It's all about the narrative. What can I say? In the words of that great philosopher, Allen Iverson, "they did what they always do."

Sunday, September 1, 2019

On this Joe Walsh Buffoon (a Former Back-Bencher Congressman Who Apparently Wants to Challenge President Trump for the Republican Nomination) Criticizing Mr. Trump for "Siding with Vladimir Putin Over His Own People", His Own People of Course Being the C.I.A., an Outlaw Organization that Has Murdered, Tortured, Lied Us Into Shit Wars, and Overthrown Numerous Governments

The guy's an animal, flat out...……...and while, yeah, ole Trump is far from perfect himself, he's certainly better than this war-hawk. I'll give him that and hopefully you will as well.

On the Fact that Somebody Did Something............

………...with somebody else's husband......Allegedly. And he's one of those horrible white men to boot. The irony just overruneth, huh?

On My Sneaking Suspicion that if Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or One of Those Other Establishment Republican Bozos Had Been Elected President, While the Corporate Media and the Rest of the Democratic Machine May Not Have Been Overjoyed by it, They Could Have Lived with it in that at Least These Mamby-Pambs Wouldn't Have Rocked the Boat too Much

Of course it also remains to be seen just how much President Trump is prepared to rock the boat but at least there's the possibility and for that alone I can more or less tolerate the fellow...….For now.

On the Fact that In Many Countries All Throughout the World (Lebanon, Algeria, Yemen, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Sudan, the Old Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, etc.), Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Differences Have Frequently Been Dealt with Through Internecine Strife, Murder, Civil War, and Sometimes Even Genocide...……...and to Think that the United States Will Somehow, by Magic, Be Immune to Such Eventualities Is Extremely Naïve, I Would Argue (What, You Think that Those Good Old Boys Down South Are Going to Be Fine with a Socialist Government? Come On)

And pointing this out is not hate or white supremacy. It is simply pragmatism, an honest analysis of the evidence (historical, research-oriented, etc.), and just a plain old recognition that multiculturalism has been a full-bore failure. But, hey, if calling me a racist makes you feel better, sure, have at it, I guess.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

On Comedian, Dave Chappelle, Taking a Paul Bunyan Sized 7-Up Bottle and Sticking it Up the Collective Bunghole of the Woke Generation

And, gee, what a huge shock, all of the usual suspects got offended (i.e., triggered) and had to inform us all about it in their low-brow hangouts (Vox, Vice, the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo, the HuffPo, etc.). Thankfully no one who appreciates good comedy listens to these killjoys and as for Dave, yeah, he killed it AS USUAL!! 

On Beta O'Dork Saying that it's AOK for a Woman to Hire Some Blood-Thirsty Doctor to Murder Her Baby One Day Prior to the Due-Date

Does this guy even have a soul? It sure doesn't seem so to me...……….Of course if those nine month old fetuses could vote......

On the 1973 PLO-Executed Kidnapping, Torture, and Cold-Blooded Execution of U.S. Diplomats, Cleo A. Noel and George Curtis Moore

Arafat of course pleaded no knowledge of the event but as usual the dude was lying. The truth of the matter is that intercepted phone conversations had ole Arafat up to his eyeballs in the thing and how we were EVER able to trust the son of a bitch again after this is beyond me.

On the Fact that (According to Connie Bruck's 1996 "New Yorker" Article, "The Wounds of Peace") a Romanian Intelligence Officer Once said About Yasser Arafat that He "Tells a Lie In Every Sentence"

Wow, so just like every Democrat and Republican inside the Beltway, in other words. Interesting (the fact that politicians from across the globe and the political spectrum appear to have at least this one thing in common; i.e., dishonesty).

On Acura Reducing the Price of its 2019 NSX by $20,000......AND ITS STILL $139,000!!!!!

So they reduced it by the cost of a stripped down Honda Civic and it's still beyond the reach of the average person. Holy moly.

On the Mass Pike

Or as I prefer to call it, "the Paying Through the Nose and/or Poop-Shoot as You're Stuck In Barely-Moving Traffic Copiously Laced with Diesel Exhaust and More 18 Wheelers than You've Ever Witnessed Before In Your Entire Life......Memorial Freeway"...………………………………………………………………...P.S. And here's the thing, I WAS DRIVING WESTWARD, away from Boston, away from the Cape, away from Maine and new Hampshire. Yes, I was going through Worcester county where several other highways merge with the pike but, still, total insanity.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Esteemed Science Reporter, Matt Ridley) if the Planet's Demand for Energy Continues to Grow at its Present Rate AND We Decided to Go Strictly with Wind Energy, the World Would Have to Build 350,000 New Wind Turbines Every Year, a Task that Would Require Millions of Tons of Steel, Copper, Concrete, Petroleum-Based Composites, and Neodymium

Needless to say, this is neither green NOR sustainable and unless we have an honest, factual conversation on this shit (which of course means putting idiots like Bernie Sanders, that idiot socialist bimbo from New York, etc. off to the side and bringing the serious people in), the world will descend not just into lunacy but perpetual poverty and maybe even human extinction. Have a nice night.  

Monday, August 26, 2019

On Rachel Maddow Recently Referring to the Brutal Repression of the Falun Gong Sect In China by the Communist Thugs of that Country as "a Brawl"

Maddow has made a lot of reprehensible comments over the years but to try and put on an equal par a group that is fully nonviolent with one that tortures, rapes, murders, forces people into labor camps, prisons, and mental institutions, and which is engaging in organ-harvesting is vile even by her nasty standards. If NBC had any sort of decency they would fire this POS immediately and issue a public apology.......but being that they don't even possess a speck of it, yeah, she'll probably get a raise.

On Bernie Sanders Saying that "We Stand with the People of Hong Kong Against Communist China"

Yeah, I don't know, coming from a guy who once praised Fidel Castro and whose own economic principles are the direct opposite of Hong Kong's, does cognitive dissonance ring a bell? Certainly does for me.

On the New York Times Apparently Garnering Two Pulitzer Prizes for Their Coverage of Trump-Russia Collusion

Hopefully they were in the category of fiction, because if they weren't they should probably be returned under the guise of horrible journalism. I mean, they pretty-much got everything wrong and for the profession to reward pure bullshit like that. Yeah, no.

On Some Deranged Buffoon Going On CNN and Saying that Trump Will Eventually Kill More People than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao and the Pathetic Host (Stelter, I Think) Offering No Pushback Whatsoever

The dude forgot Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, and the Young Turks. Oh well, maybe next time...……………………………………………………………..P.S. And let us not forget, either, Mr. Trump's four predecessors, Clinton, Obama, and the two Bushes. They killed a person or two, too. For the record.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

On Why Some Low-Life Bottom-Feeding Slant Like Adam Schiff Would Come Out of Left-Field and Warn the Country About Deep-Fake Videos

I have a pretty active imagination myself but I don't suspect that even I would have ever spit out something this bizarre. Hmm, I wonder, do you think that the fellow might be prepping some sort of defense ahead of time for God only knows what? I mean, it's either that or he's insane. You pick.

The Worst Interview of All-Time?

 I cannot believe that CNN posted this. I mean, do they really think that this went well for that obviously biased and low IQ reporter of theirs? My god, he destroyed her to the point where I almost felt sorry for the lady...….Almost, I said.

On the Fact that the Only Allowable Opinion for Folks to Have When it Comes to the Mass Migration of Third-World People Into Europe and North America is that it's a Good Thing, the Massive Increase In Violent Crime, Drain On the Treasury, etc. Be Damned, I Guess

This is how civilizations decay and ultimately die. They become weak, effeminate (look at some of those later era Greek statues - not impressive), self-excoriating, and eventually a more robust, more cohesive ideology takes over. Hopefully enough serious-minded people observe the writing on the wall and steer this ship around but, yeah, the way that the shit is presently going down, mm, it's gonna be tough. Real tough.

On the Fact that There Was a Sizable Temperature Increase Between 1910 and 1940 and Only a Modest Increase In Atmospheric CO2

So what does that tell you? It tells me that if CO2 was the main driver of temperature on earth and if a small amount of it produced that much warming, the massive amounts of CO2 that we've been billowing into the atmosphere over the past 30 years or so should have fried us by now AND IT CLEARLY HASN"T. Critical thinking, folks, come on.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

On the Fact that Some Numbnuts On YouTube Is Currently Trying to Convince His Viewership that Bob Cousy Wearing the Number 17 On His Lapel at the White House Today Was Some Sort of Signal to Q, Apparently Not Knowing that 17 Was John Havlicek's Number and that Mr. Cousy Was Probably Honoring Him (Havlicek Having Passed Away Last Week), Not Q!

I have argued for years now that Q is more than likely a larp (an astute observer of the obvious who's probably banging this shit out from his mother's basement) and foolishness like this only solidifies that view. Bob Cousy signaling to Q, come on!!

On the Fact that Leftist Celebrities Like Bette Midler and Bill Maher Are Seemingly More Peeved at Trump for Calling Certain Countries a Bad Name than They Are with Hillary and Obama for Destroying Libya to the Point Where They Actually Have Open-Air Slave-Markets These Days

This is the price of insane partisanship, folks. It makes you dumb to the point where you lose all perspective and I ask you, do we really need more of that? No, huh?

On the Idiotic and Hyperbolic Bernie Sanders Claiming that Climate Change Is an Existential Threat and Then Poo-Pooing Nuclear, Hydro, and Natural Gas, the Only Three Energy Sources that Could Both Reduce Our CO2 Footprint AND Maintain Our Capacity to Function as a Modern Industrial Nation-State

And again, zero pushback from the media. Pathetic, huh?....................................................................................……...….....P.S. And, yes, the lunatic could have probably proclaimed anything and they would have just bobble-headed their way to the next softball. It's how they roll these days.

On the Tendency for Certain Folks On the Right to Call Anyone Who Criticizes Israel an "Anti-Semite"

I point this out to underscore that it isn't just the left that engages in this demonization of people with whom they disagree with. The right dies it as well and it is here where they more than likely do it the most. Can you say, Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, etc.? Oh, yeah.

On CNN's Mr. Potato Head Knockoff, Brian Stelter, Criticizing Fox News for Hiring Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Trump's Former Press Secretary for Those of You Living On Mars) While Simultaneously Turning a Total Bind-Eye to His Own Idiot Network Hiring Andrew McCabe, a POS Former Deep State Hack Who Will Probably Be Donning an Orange Jump-Suit In the Not-too-Distant Future

Seriously, have a you ever seen a bunch of people with less self-awareness than these media jocks? I mean, it's literally eclipsed theater-of-the-absurd levels these days. Brian Stelter, come on!

Friday, August 23, 2019

On the Fact that (According to Kim Crawford of Duke Energy) the Increased Reliance On Solar Energy In North Carolina Has Actually Created MORE Pollution and May Even Be Creating MORE Carbon Emissions In the Long Run - https://www.shaledirectories.com/blog/powerful-reality-more-solar-power-means-more-air-pollution/

Yeah, what's happening here is that the natural gas plants currently being used as backup for the solar farms (most idiot leftists like Bernie Sanders are apparently unaware that you need a fossil fuel backup for these green power-sources due to their unreliability) have to go on and off and when they operate like that they emit more air pollution and CO2 (no, not a pollutant) than if they remained on permanently, making the whole enterprise very lame indeed. Government dollars at work, folks. Don't you love it?

On the Idiots In San Francisco Apparently Wishing to Rebrand Convicted Criminals as "Justice Involved Persons"

And what are they going to call the victims of these justice involved persons, justice marginalized by deranged leftist snowflaked chowderheads persons? Yeah, that one works for me.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

On the Fact that this Country Is Staring-Down at the Most Predictable Economic Collapse In Human History (the Fact that We've Clearly Made Promises that Can Never Be Kept and the Only Two Options When the Shit Hits the Fan Will Be to Default or Inflate Our Way Out of it - Both Bad) and You Can Probably Count On One Hand the Number of D.C. Politicians Who've Adequately Addressed it (Rand Paul and Thomas Massie Come to Mind)

And the only way that something like this can be averted is to have a cohesive society and serious leaders, neither of which we have. Pessimistic? Oh yeah. 

On the Legendary Bottle Rockets

  No sell-outs, these fellas'. No sir.

On Donald Trump Saying, No Thanks, to the Reform Party in 2000 Because He Heard that David Duke Might Be Joining it's Ranks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQbYYOL2lac&t=2823s (5:34)

I didn't vote for Trump and still have a fair number of beefs with the guy (the massive deficits, the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia, tariffs, the Syria bombings, etc.) but for the left and their shills in the media to continue to tarnish him as the second coming of Bull Connor for several awkward comments three ago and his conflicts with Don Lemon and Elijah Cummings (both of whom are total morons) is about as low as politics has gotten in my lifetime and I truly hope that the bullshit stops before we actually do get that race-war (sorry for the run-on sentence but I was on a roll).

On the Fact that the Top 20% of Income Earning Families In the U.S. Paid Over 87% of All Federal Income Taxes Last Year and so When Communist Idiots Like Mayor De Blasio Say that the Wealthy Need to Pay a Lot More In Taxes, I'm Wondering, What Does the Dude Want that Number to Be; 90%, 95%, 100%? - https://www.builderonline.com/money/economics/top-20-of-american-earners-will-pay-87-of-income-tax_c

Yeah, these fascistic bastards never specify? Have you noticed? It's just that bromide-ladened double-speak spewed over and over again and, yep, the media just lets 'em get away with it. Every time. Frustrating, huh?

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York, and the Rest of Those Hard-Core Leftist Buffoons Are Seemingly Hell-Bent On Eviscerating the Very Concept of Self-Reliance In the U.S. (Making Damn-Near Everything a "Right")

And they're proposing this nonsense at a time when we already have a $22,000,000,000,000 debt and $220,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities. Can you say, absolute insanity and an extreme paucity of serious people in government nowadays? I can. 

On the Fact that (According to Immigration Expert, Steve Malanga) 65% of 19th and Early 20th Century Italian Immigrants to the America Eventually Voyaged Back to Italy Because They Couldn't Make it Here

So when all of these open-borders fanatics constantly assert that America is "a nation of immigrants", what they should probably be proclaiming instead is that we're actually a nation of immigrants WHO STAYED (that and the fact that a lot of the people who came here from Europe were actually settlers, not immigrants)…...and that handing out a limitless array of freebies might not be the best way to go (the fact that it ensures people coming here for the wrong reason)...….For accuracy, I'm saying.

On Trump Purportedly Wanting to Purchase Greenland from the Danes

I'm not sure if he's serious (you never know with this fella' - that whole 4D chess thing) but if he is, the fact that there's currently a Greenland independence movement gaining momentum there, it probably wouldn't be the best move (though, yes, maybe they'd want to join the U.S.A. - everybody else wants to, it seems) and so, yeah, my advice would be, ixnay.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

On CNN's Anderson Cooper Recently Proclaiming that Whites Becoming a Minority In the U.S. Is "an Exciting Transformation for the Country" - Quick Addendum

And does he truly and honestly believe that? That the United States becoming indistinguishable from Nicaragua, Columbia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Ecuador will be a positive thing? That America has this magical soil which will transform illiterate third-worlders into Jeffersonian and Clevelandesque Democrats? 'Cause if he does, not only is the guy a shitty reporter, he's a dangerous person, too. 

On the Fact that Prince Andrew Apparently Continued His Relationship with Jeffrey Epstein Even After the Latter's Conviction

   To say that this video is damning is a massive understatement as the pathetic spin-machine bullshit coming from Buckingham Palace patently underscores. Hopefully the fucking little inbred faces some sort of judgement eventually (as the rest of us kick back with some Jolly Time) but in the mean-time at least we've got this. Enjoy.

On Joe Biden Finally Getting the Endorsement of His Wife

Yeah, I heard that she was leaning towards Harris but must have ultimately opted for domestic quietude instead. Probably a good move.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

On Understanding the Alt-Right

The standard line of course is that they're simply a bunch of bigots and, while, yeah, that's probably the case with a fair number of them (Richard Spencer, Christopher Cantwell, Mike Enoch, etc.), I do think that there are some decent points occasionally made by those in the movement, such as, the harsh fact that a) minorities have frequently not faired well, b) whites are well on their way to becoming a minority in their own damned country, c) whites in particular have faced harsh treatment as minorities in the past (Haiti, South Africa, Rhodesia, Santo Domingo), and d) the virulent anti-white hatred which is currently permeating the West is very unlikely to dissipate once this demographic scenario unfolds...….Don't dismiss them fully, in other words (as tempting as you may find that).

On the Fact that In the Deranged World of the SJW, Oppressed Groups Are Apparently Not Required to Act Civilly

Kind of sounds like privilege, no (that and the left being patronizing AGAIN)?

On Those Two Idiotic Socialist Muslim Congresswomen from the Midwest Recently Being Denied Entry Into Israel by Netanyahu's Government

I'm going to surprise you on this one. As much as I detest these socialist piglets, the fact of the matter is that we dish out nearly $4,000,000,000 a year to the Israeli government and the least that these folks can do is allow our elected officials to visit there. I mean, yeah, if they start going crazy, by all means kick 'em out but you have to at least give them a chance.

On CNN's Anderson Cooper Recently Proclaiming that Whites Becoming a Minority In the U.S. Is "an Exciting Transformation for the Country"

This coming from some rich stooge who lives in a town that is 97% white, less than 1% black, and less than 2% Hispanic (Litchfield, CT)…...and who will more than likely not have to deal with the cities burning down other than to cover it in his inimitably biased manner.

On the Fact that the Proposed Trip to Israel by Those Two Idiotic Socialist Muslim Congresswomen from the Midwest Was Apparently Sponsored by a Drooling Lowlife Outfit Called Miftah, a Grand Bunch of Asshats that Have Published Neo-Nazi Blood Libels and Cheered On Female Suicide Bombers...……...and the Mainstream Media Has Completely Ignored it - https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/the-media-are-mum-on-the-virulently-anti-semitic-group-behind-rashida-tlaibs-and-ilhan-omars-since-canceled-israel-trip

Seriously, can you imagine if Trump had an even minor connection to folks like this? My god, it would be all over the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, etc.. Not these two ingrates, though. Fuck no.

Monday, August 19, 2019

On the Likelihood that Slavery Reparations Will Facilitate Better Race Relations In the U.S.

My suspicion is that it will only make things worse in that it will likely build resentment, create more barriers, etc...…..And what if things don't get better for black people post these reparations? Still more reparations? Yeah, I don't know 'bout this...……………………………………………………………..P.S. It's also instructive to point out that a large chunk of the black population now resides in the middle-class and so why should working-class white people be asked to bank-roll them? Fair question, no?

On the Fact that I Know Comedy Gold When I See it......AND THIS IS IT!!

   I laughed so hard, I swear. Boll and Branch sheets, indeed.

On Florida State's Intriguing Walk-In Quarterback, Nolan McDonald

Yeah, the kid was athletic enough to get an offer from both Air Force (a predominantly running program) and Boise State (a predominantly passing program) but decided to walk-on at Florida State to be with his brother...……...and being that the four fellas ahead of him aren't exactly Charlie Ward, Jameis Winston, Casey Weldon, and Chris Weinke (great FSU quarterbacks from the past), I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the field this year...……………………………………………………….P.S. He can also play on defense (safety), so if there are some injuries or problems on that side of the ball, he can step in there, too.

On the Fact that One UFC-Caliber MMA Fighter Could Decimate an Entire Regiment of Those Basement-Dwelling Tool-Bag Antifa Communists and Wouldn't that Be a Glorious Vision to Behold?

I know that that sounds a bit harsh but please keep in mind that these chumps go around attacking women, the elderly, and even gay people (that little Korean dude from Quillette, for example) and so a little taste of their own deranged medicine might do both them and the public some good, I'm just sayin'.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

On the New York Times Altering One of its Headlines Recently After a Bevy of Lowbrow Leftist Politicians Complained About the Original One (it Wasn't Anti-Trump Enough, I Guess)

There isn't a lot that surprises me these days but not even I was prepared for this level of brazenness. I mean, they're not even trying to hide it anymore.

On the Fact that from 1990 to 2012 (per the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and as Chronicled In "The Wealth of States"), New Hampshire's Total Air-Passenger Traffic Grew by an Astounding 360%, 3 1/2 Times More than Vermont's, 4 1/2 Times More than Maine's, 5 Times More than Rhode Island's, 8 1/2 Times More than Massachusetts's, and 24 Times More than Connecticut's

Hmm, I wonder, do you think that it might have a little something to do with the fact that New Hampshire doesn't have an income tax......or a  sales tax? I'm thinking that it might (especially when you combine this with New Hampshire's superior growth in other areas; net migration, percentage of the country's total GDP, etc.).

On Keeping Guns Out of the Hands of the Mentally Ill

Yeah, it sounds good but what folks have to realize is that there are literally MILLIONS of people in this country with a diagnosis of mental illness (ranging from mild anxiety all the way to schizoid affective disorder) and to deny a basic constitutional right to all of them seems a bit draconian (especially when there's not a lot of evidence to say that mental illness correlates with violent behavior). Maybe if it can be shown that a specific individual with a specific diagnosis is a threat to others we can consider it (along with due process of course) but beyond that it seems a bit dicey to me...…………………………………………………………………………………..P.S. A law like this could also dissuade people from seeking psychological help due to a fear that it might result in a loss of their gun-rights...….which would make matters worse for everybody. 

On the Fact that Joseph Mifsud Profusely Lying to Authorities Was Not Within Mr. Mueller's "Purview" While Paul Manafort's 10 Year-Old Financial Dealings Were (Apparently)

It seems fully absurd and yet the mainstream media continued to cover the foolishness as if it was all 100% legit. I mean, I get it that they despise Trump and all but to be THAT detached from reality and even basic fairness is disturbing, I think.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

On the Fact that the Race-Baiting Don Lemon Once Said that (In Relation to Alleged Sexual Assault Victims), "We Need to Hear Them Out and Have an Honest Investigation Into Whether There Is Truth to Their Stories"

Unless of course the accused perpetrator happens to be......DON LEMON!!!!! Then you  ignore that individual apparently. Unbelievable, huh (the rank hypocrisy, double-standards, etc.)?

On the Fact that Race Has Become the Third-Rail of American Discourse/the Most Dangerous Subject On the Planet to Discuss/the Topic that You MUST Have the Agreed-Upon Opinion On OR ELSE

Of course it only goes one way in that blacks and other minorities can literally say anything about white people and that's just fine. Hopefully we can ALL get away from this toxic identity-politics bullshit 'cause this isn't going to end even remotely well (this whole "conversation on race" nonsense)…...unless we do.

Friday, August 16, 2019

The Most Corrupt Murder Investigation of All Time?

 Yeah, this would get my vote; the brutal murder of two young boys who were unfortunate enough to witness a huge drug-drop near the infamous Mena, Arkansas airport and the subsequent coverup which included the murders of six witnesses, a buffoonish coroner who botched the autopsy (only to be given a 41% raise by then Governor Clinton), several justice officials getting busted for drug-dealing themselves, and the entire thing ultimately getting swept under the rug. Please, do yourself a favor and watch this great documentary. Just don't rupture a blood vessel, that's all.

On a Handful of the Most Radical and Slantheaded Senators In D.C. (Whitehouse, Blumenthal, Hirono, Durbin, and Gillibrand) Recently Threatening to Pack the Supreme Court if it Doesn't Start Ruling the Left's Way On Gun Control

As we all know, F.D.R. tried to pull this off in the '30s but the brushback from the public and even from his own Democratic party (we actually had some moderate and conservative Democrats back then) was so full-throated that the dude had to back off. Hopefully we still have enough level-headed people in this country to ward this attack off as well but being that the drift is more and more to the hard-left these days, that remains to be seen (this as they continue to call Trump the fascist).

Thursday, August 15, 2019

On Sarah Silverman Getting Shit-Canned from a Movie After Somebody Dug Up a 2007 Clip of Her Wearing Blackface

I would normally defend someone like this who gets victimized by our increasingly venal PC culture but being that ole Sarah was one the architects of it, yeah, not so much this time. You make your bed, you sleep in it. Boom, done. 

On the Fact that Somebody In Branford, Connecticut Recently Placed a Suicide Prevention Sign Right Next to a Frequently Travelled Set of Railroad Tracks (the Ones Right Next to Branford River Park)

Yeah, I don't know if they were purposefully tying to be ironic...……...or just not thinking at all, but whatever it was, it sure did give me a chuckle...….A suicide hotline number right next to railroad tracks - way too funny.

On the Fact that Blacks Perpetrate Hate-Crimes at a Rate Nearly Two Times that of Their Population While Whites Perpetrate Them a Rate Somewhat Less than Their Population - https://downtrend.com/71superb/new-fbi-stats-blacks-more-likely-to-commit-hate-crimes-than-any-other-race/

And the odds of Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of those Democratic buffoons ever even acknowledging this are what exactly? I say, zero. What do you say?

On Corey Booker Stating that as President He Will Set Up a Separate Agency to Deal Specifically with White Supremacy, Hate Crimes, etc., 'Cause as We're All Aware, There Simply Aren't Enough of Them Already

   And, yes, what about black on white hate-crimes? Is Mr. Booker's additional layer of bureaucracy going to address these? Me, I kinda' doubt it (the fact that Mr. Booker is a race-baiter and demagogue, always pandering to his base, etc.).

On Kirsten Gillibrand (Yet Another One of Those Democratic Schmucks Polling at 1%) Coming Out In Favor of a Mandatory Buy-Back Program for Certain Semi-Automatic Guns (AR-15s, etc.)

Well then she also needs to come out in favor of building a whole bunch of new prisons, 'cause there are literally THOUSANDS of gun owners who will flat-out not turn their weapons in. Hopefully she understands that...….and is prepared for it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

On the Fact that Two Police Cars Showed Up at My Condo Complex the Other Night to Break Up a Noisy Domestic Disturbance

Yeah, I guess that some drunken idiot referred to my neighbor as, "Chris Cuomo", and my neighbor went ballistic and threw him down the stairs. Some people, huh?

On Don Lemon Getting Sued by Some Fellow Who Claims that Ole Lemon Sexually Assaulted Him In a Hamptons Bar Last Year

If you go by Don's own criteria, he should step down, because an accusation alone is sufficient to destroy a individual. Needless to say, I don't personally subscribe to such a fascistic approach and so I will provide to him the same presumption of innocence that I gave to Kavanaugh......and that Lemon didn't, FOR THE RECORD.

On the Fact that the Federal Government Couldn't Protect a Single Guy in a Cage When it Was Absolutely Necessary to Do and so How In the Fuck Are They Going to Effectively Care for 330,000,000 People via a Government-Controlled Healthcare System?

Color me cynical but I'm having a real hard time wrapping my mind around this one. Hopefully our soon-to-be socialist overlords can thread that needle at some juncture but being that it's never happened in the entire history of the planet, confident I am not.

On the Likelihood of Chelsea Clinton and Jenna Bush Getting Accepted Into Stanford and UT-Austin if Their Last Names Weren't Clinton and Bush

Obviously I'm speculating here but based upon what I've seen and heard from these two women, I'm probably gonna have to say, close to zero. But who knows, right?

On the Fact that On July 24th, a Group of New York Area Fire Commissioners Gathered Together and Called for a New Investigation Into 9/11...……...and the Corporate Media Ignored it Completely - https://popularresistance.org/new-york-area-fire-commissioners-make-history-call-for-new-9-11-investigation/

Yes, this happened around the same time that John Stewart was shaming Congressmen into taking better care of the first responders and so that received a lot of the coverage but, still, to not acknowledge this event at all seems unconscionable to me......but that's just me, I guess.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

On Deranged Presidential Candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, Observing the Fifth Anniversary of the Ferguson Race Riots by Claiming that Michael Brown Was Murdered

These women are absolutely loathsome and I sincerely hope that Officer Wilson (who even the Obama Justice Department couldn't find issue with) sues them for their libel...….I mean, this is just fucking sick and talk about dividing the country. Crap like this is dividing the country.

On Beta O'Dork Claiming that ALL Trump Supporters Are, Yep, You Got it, RACISTS!!!!!

I'm far from an expert on politics but I'm pretty sure that insulting half the populace is probably a stupid move (though hardly a surprising one coming from an imbecile polling at 0%) but whatever...……………………………………………………………………...P.S. It also should be pointed out here that a fair number of those Trump supporters are probably nominal Trump supporters who voted for him in 2016 mainly because they were fearful of Mrs. Clinton's idiotic no-fly zone over Syria proposal and are planning on voting for him again in 2020 because they hate socialism, advocate national sovereignty, and believe that the Democratic field is shit. Persuadable people, in other words (all of whom this moron just insulted).

On the Fact that Bernie Sanders and that Idiot Socialist Bimbo from New York Are Apparently Trying to Cap Credit Card Interest at 15% (Leftist Dullards Seem to Have a Fetish for the Number, 15 - Have You Noticed?)

We have a 5,000 year historical record of price-controls not working, and of them actually doing harm (causing shortages, distorting markets, etc.), and yet generation after generation we continue to have these fascistic and brain-diseased politicians believing that it will somehow be effective THIS TIME......and so here we go yet again.

Monday, August 12, 2019

On the Fact that Powerful Criminals Murder Witnesses All the Time and so to Be Dismissive of that Being the Case with Mr. Epstein Is Foolhardy, I Would Argue

And if you don't think that our politicians are capable of murder, I have just one word for you, WAR (the fact that degenerates like the two Bushes, the two Clintons, Cheney, McCain, Albright, Graham, and Obama didn't seem to think twice about slaughtering people under the guise of freedom-fighting). Yeah, huh?

On Bernie Sanders Getting Shamed Into Paying His Field-Workers $15 an Hour and One of the Dude's Responses Being to Cut Their Hours

So the moron gets an up-close and personal economics lesson and he's simply too stupid to connect the dots. A pity, huh (though, yes, the irony is fully delicious, for sure)?

On Joe Biden Telling a Group of His Supporters that He Was the Vice President During the Parkland Shooting

   Yeah, the guy is either losing his mind or he has such a low regard for his audience that he doesn't believe that they'll catch the lie. Either way, it's troubling and maybe the fellow should step aside, I'm just sayin'.

On How Flooding a Sovereign Country with Poverty and Educational Failure Helps that Country Other than it Greatly Advances the Hegemony of One Particular Political Party

The obvious answer of course is that doesn't enhance it in that while, yes, certain businesses may be helped by the cheap labor, a significant percentage of these third-world migrants end up as public-charges or in prison. I mean, get it that simply saying the words, "Trump's right", is toxic nowadays but, yes, in this instance, the man IS right, we DO need a more merit-based immigration approach and if that means only letting in Norwegians and Koreans for a few years, OH WELL!! 

On MSNBC's Resident Deliverance Boy, Joe Scarborough, Apparently Believing that Trump and the Russians Killed Mr. Epstein

Yes, it is so comforting to know that these "authoritative" news-sites stay away from conspiracy nonsense...….'Cause what would we do without that?

Sunday, August 11, 2019

On Howard Cosell Several Times Claiming that Floyd Patterson Had a "Glass-Chin"

From a guy who was never punched in the kisser by anyone, never mind by Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, or Ingemar Johansson. Glass-chin, my ass (Liston being the only one to put Floyd down and keep him there).

On the Fact that that Metropolitan Correctional Center In Manhattan Had Just Two Jobs Pertaining to Epstein, a) Preventing Him from Booking and b) Keeping the Cork-Soaker Alive and, I'm Sorry, but 50% Just Doesn't Cut it

And the media seems to have no interest whatsoever in probing this, gleefully accepting the retarded government narrative. Thankfully we now have some independent news sources and while I don't necessarily accept everything that they say, at least they're asking some questions, for Christ, and for that I'm grateful.

On the Fact that Whenever Somebody Dies Mysteriously, One of the First Things that an Investigator Will Try to Figure Out Is Who Benefitted from it, and I Would Really Like to Know Who the Geniuses Over at Yahoo News Believe Benefitted More; the Guy Who Banned Epstein from His Resort and Completely Cooperated with Authorities the First Go-Round or the Guy Who Took 26 Ventures On Epstein's Lolita Express and Frequented Orgy Island

Sad, isn't it, that the citizens have to grill the media when it's the media who should be grilling the politicians......OF BOTH PARTIES? And, yet, that's how it has to be, I guess.

Quick, Before YouTube Takes it Down

  Conspiracy theory THIS. Please, I dare you.