Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Miscellaneous 180

1) I've examined numerous Adolf Hitler speeches from 1933 to 1940, and I have yet to see a single transcript in which he ever indicated that he wanted war with England, the U.S.A., OR EVEN FRANCE (never once did he ever say that he wanted Alsace Lorraine back, for instance).............2) Yes, he did want Bavaria, Moravia, the Sudetenland, Danzig, and East Prussia back but that was because these lands were historically German and the ethnic Germans residing there were being persecuted.............3) None of the gas chambers at Auschwitz had a heating system (an important feature if you want to activate Zyklon B) or a ventilation system (an important feature if you don't want to murder your own soldiers, the only ventilation being a couple of flimsy doors with windows) and the chimney (at the main gas chamber) was obviously added afterwards in that it isn't seen in any aerial photographs and isn't even attached to the damned building!!!!!

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