Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Mealy-Mouthed Lapdog/Douchebag?

If he isn't, at the very minimum he's, "rhetorically proximate", to one....I still can't believe that people watch this shit (and, yes, I say the same thing about Sean Hannity on the right).


Rational Nation USA said...

I don't think douchebag is helpful in selling your position. Because it is irrelevant really.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

It was simply fodder for the punchline. You did get the joke, right?

dmarks said...

It's strictly amateur hour there. They act like they are in the basement at MSNBC by constantly name-dropping Fox News. As if they hope some of the ratings magic will rub off on them merely by mentioning the names of their ratings and style idols (if if MSNBC does not admire the Fox ideology).

(Like the last time I was watching MSNBC during prime time, and their Number One news story was something Stuart Varney said on Fox News. The coverage of Varney of course included editing his video clip to try to get him to say what MSNBC wanted him to say.

One thing Fox and CNN have in common is that they are better than this. They go about their business, and aren't obsessed with other cable news networks, nor do they have a need to name drop them.

The main message MSNBC seems to send with this is "We want to be JUST LIKE Fox, and have high ratings and highly ideological content. But we are crap at it, so the best we can do is talk about Fox News all the time".

Rational Nation USA said...

Correct, I did.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

It got so bad that even Olbermann took 'em to task a while ago. So pathetic.