Tuesday, August 2, 2016

On Mrs. Clinton's Claim that Black People Face "Unseen Barriers"

She's actually correct about this (kinda). Blacks do face unseen barriers SUCH AS; a) minimum wage laws that freeze a shitload of unskilled black youths out of the labor force, b) exceedingly expensive licensing fees that prevent many working-class blacks from starting a business, c) a corrupt public school system that doesn't allow for school choice or competition, d) idiotic regulations such as Dodd-Frank that make it difficult for community banks and other small businesses to compete, e) a byzantine welfare system that encourages dependency, sloth, and fatherlessness, f) moronic affirmative action policies that harm black students by creating a huge mismatch problem, etc., etc.. Granted, these aren't the same barriers that the bim was referencing but, still, there might be an opening for one of those "conversations" here.

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