Sunday, August 21, 2016

On the President of Bard College's Brain-Dead Plan to Forgive All Current Student Debt and to Tie Any Future Student Debt to One's Ability to Pay

So, yet another collectivist proposal that screws the taxpayers (many of whom never went to college and who therefore have an earning potential less than the people they're bailing out) and which doesn't call on the person who's proposing it to make a sacrifice himself, in other words. Just great. And do I really have to explain why this is a stupid idea (the fact that it does nothing to reduce costs and in fact would undoubtedly increase them, the fact that it doesn't eliminate the debt and only transfers it, the fact that it totally eliminates the risk-reward/cost-benefit component of a young person's decision - whether to take on debt, what discipline to major in, etc., etc.) AGAIN? Please, tell me no. 

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