Friday, August 19, 2016

On the Fact that in Her Memoir (a Memoir at Age 29, Really?), Actress, Lena Dunham, Essentially Confessed to Behaving Like a Sexual Predator (Even Using the Term) with Her Younger Sister (Innocently Starting at Age Seven but Then Proceeding Well Into Her Teenage Years) but Now that Other Media Outlets Are Quoting DIRECTLY from this Memoir, Dunham Is Crying Foul and Threatening Law-Suits

My suspicion is that Lena is a spoiled brat who's rarely if ever heard the word, no, from an adult (the fact that only in an insular world would a 29 year-old think that it's legitimate to sue somebody simply for quoting you). And can you even begin to imagine if a male had confessed to such things in his memoir? HE WOULD HAVE BEEN DESTROYED!!!......Double-standard, anybody?

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