Friday, August 19, 2016

On an African-American Studies Degree from Dartmouth Versus a Science or Math Degree from Keene State (a New Hampshire Themed Post for Sure)

I think that the evidence is quite clear by now (I highly recommend the Taylor, Sander book "Mismatch" for a more detailed examination) that the latter choice is the superior one and that we are doing black students no favor by trying to get them into these higher echelon schools where they have a hard time keeping up and where a lot of them instead of dropping out end up with these useless, bullshit majors. I mean, I understand that affirmative action is one of those ingrained policies and all (and hence impervious to facts) and that even a minor alteration of it will set off the SJWs BUT WE'RE DESTROYING LIVES.What frigging part of that do they not understand? 

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