Thursday, August 18, 2016

On Those White Cylindrical Objects that Littered the Desert and Prairie West of the Drakensberg Mountains that the Potgieter Contingent Viewed as They Trekked North in 1836 to Escape British Oppression and Ba'Ntu Atrocities

 Yeah, they were skulls, hundreds of thousands of the things (380,000, according to the Diaries of John Centlivres Chase and William Boyce) and they were all deposited there by Zulu and Matabele genocidal maniacs whose singular focus it was to exterminate any peaceful tribe (the Shangaan, the Venda, the Ndebele, various Ba'Sotho nations, etc.) that wished to reside there.......And here's the kicker. It wasn't because they wanted to use the prairie to farm on, live on, etc.. They just wanted it as a buffer-zone. A BUFFER ZONE!!! Oh yeah, those noble savages. Gotta love 'em.  

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