Saturday, August 27, 2016

On the Fact that Even Though There Were Numerous British Missionaries (None of Whom Particularly Liked the Afrikaners and Actually Preferred the Zulus) Who Testified that the Umgungundlovu Incident Was Nothing More that a Virulent Episode of Zulu Treachery, Torture, and Homicide, There Are Still Those in the West Who Try and Pin the Blame for this Whole Bloody Affair on the Afrikaners - Quick Addendum

And, yes (as a backdrop), this whole thing started when Dingane and Trek Afrikaner leader, Pieter Retief (a Tough but Fair-Minded Dutchman), made a compact in which in exchange for Retief hunting down and retrieving some stolen cattle (the probable culprits of this crime being the mixed race Griqua - this, though the cattle were ultimately found among the Ba'Tlokwa tribe) the Zulus would grant the Afrikaner farmers a large section of the prairie west of the Drakensberg Mountains (a somewhat problematic arrangement in that there exists some evidence that the land had already been ceded to the British crown - yep, they had their hands in this situation, too, evidently), with the Afrikaners holding up their end deal and the Zulus, well, not so much (this despite the fact that Dingane had even gone as far as to sign the treaty with Retief - per the Brit, William Wood).......So as the result of Zulu maleficence and barbarism, in other words (as the Mandela cult chokes on yet another slice of the truth).   


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