Sunday, August 21, 2016

On the Fact that No Cogent Person with an Even Rudimentary Understanding of How the Natural World Works Would Ever Try and Say that Carbon Dioxide Is a Dangerous Pollutant and Yet Due to Political Pressures We Now Have Marginal, Sub-Par Pseudo-Scientists Such as Michael Mann and James Hanson Peddling this Absurd Notion and the Mass-Media Covering for Them

Again, this is what inevitably happens when you put science and politics together; corruption (both within the government AND scientific community; the peer-review process now being a huge joke), crony capitalism (Al Gore on the precipice of becoming the world's first green billionaire - how disgusting is that?), a suspension of reason and logic, etc.. Hopefully it all gets straightened out before the next big ice-age (some of the previous ones having taken place with CO2 levels many multiple of what they currently are but I digress).  

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