Thursday, August 18, 2016

On the Fact that Some Douche-Bag on Fox News Actually Said that President Lincoln's Views on Slavery Caused the South to Secede

Gee, what a shock, full-bore ignorance coming out of cable-news. The fact of the matter is that Lincoln was 1,000% accommodating to slavery in his 1861 inaugural (the fact that he pledged to support the Corwin Amendment, enforce the Fugitive Slave Act, and even adhered to those resolutions of the Crittenden Amendment which would have made all state nullifications of the Fugitive Slave Act null and void) and if the individual had taken just ten minutes to read it he wouldn't have made such a ludicrous statement.......Of course, the fact that the American public is way too moronic to have picked up on it is a problem as well and so, yeah, we're getting what we deserve, I guess. 

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