Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the Penchant of the British to Hang Afrikaners Willy-Nilly

"A brave race can forget the victims of the field of battle, but never those of the scaffold. The making of political martyrs is the last insanity of statesmanship."............Doyle was an honest Brit (yes, there are some) and a fellow smart enough to know when his people are wrong. Too bad that there weren't more like him in 1816 when the British yet again overreacted to Afrikaner resistance (this time the fuse was lit by a 60 year-old Boer farmer who refused to travel 100 miles to a kangaroo court over some small dust-up with a Khoe Khoe farmer) and executed a bunch of farmers over a rebellion that harmed not a single person; an act that poisoned even more the British-Afrikaner mutual hate-fest (culminating ultimately in the two Anglo-Boer Wars).  

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