Saturday, August 20, 2016

On the Sad Likelihood that a Misguided Youngster with No Dad and Limited Prospects Will Probably Buy Hook, Line, and Sinker that Entire Al Sharpton, Jamal Bryant, Marc Lamont Hill (the Dumbest of 'Em All), NOI Shine Template of an Insurmountable Victimhood that Can Only Be Mitigated by a Shakedown of the Taxpayer and that if this Cash Isn't Forthcoming, They Will Then Be Provided the Space, License, etc. to Destroy

 I cannot fathom that this will end well and sincerely hope that a new approach will eventually be tried (you know, one that doesn't involve idiotic regulations, incentive-destroying entitlements, a monopolistic public school system that doesn't allow for choice, a war on drugs, etc., etc.).

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