Saturday, June 13, 2015

The High Cost of Experimentation

While most colleges have generally been reticent to disclose the success rate of their affirmative action students, occasionally some data does get released. I cite specifically here a 1988 study which was published in "The Pubic Interest" and which stated that 70% of the affirmative action students at Cal Berkeley in the 1970s and '80s ended up either failing or dropping out. Yes, 70%! Of course, the saddest thing of all is that a) a lion share of these same students if they had just gone down the road to San Jose State probably would have not just graduated but graduated with honors and b) the politicians and activists whose policy this was and who have destroyed so many lives will more than likely never be held to account for it. Central planning devils these people are.


Rational Nation USA said...

I suspect the majority of those who dropped out or failed would have dropped out or failed at San Jose State as well. Why? It is likely they weren't college material in the first place. I could be wrong but I guess even if just 5-10% would have graduated from San Jose it would have been an improvement.

dmarks said...

At the University I went to, black students got a 0.5 GPA boost just for being black. So wrong and racist in so many ways. But it probably kept some unqualified people who should have dropped out from doing so.