Friday, June 26, 2015

On Why Slavery Was an American Stain and Not Just a Confederacy One

a) It was northern ships that brought the slaves over. b) Every one of the 13 original colonies possessed slaves and, while the northern states eventually did get rid of the institution, it largely pertained to the offspring and in order to recoup their investment many northern slave owners simply auctioned their slaves to the South. c) The vast percentage of northern white citizens were either ambivalent to slavery or supporters of it. d) Many northern states eventually instituted black codes and so even if the southern slaves were set free they would have been barred from Illinois, Indiana, etc.. e) No northern politician ever put forth a meaningful proposal for compensated emancipation on manumission. f) At the conclusion of Reconstruction a great many of the recently freed slaves pleaded with the Union soldiers to take them up north with them and they were all summarily rejected. And g) the North profited immensely from slavery in that both the cotton and a lot of the moolah headed that way (Wall Street in a large sense was created by slavery). 

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