Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On "If You Don't Agree with Me You're a Racist"

It would comical (granted, in a puerile manner) if it wasn't so rank, dangerous and despicable. I mean, you've got these demagogues like Shaw and Octopus who are just so incredibly limited when it comes to understanding even basic research going around crying, foul, when they don't even know what they're talking about; this whole notion of one isolated (and admittedly revolting) example (in research we call it an anecdote) proving that the entire country is racist (ignoring the fact that the white support for the victims of this horrific crime has been nearly universal - ESPECIALLY IN SOUTH CAROLINA). Look, I get it. People are consistently looking for phenomena that underscores their paradigm (hell, it might even be part of out DNA; a survival mechanism) and for the most part it's benign. But, come on, when it gets to this level of depravity the saner elements of society have to call these idiots out. They just have to.

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