Sunday, June 7, 2015

On BB Saying that MBAs Are Arrogant but Mediocre

So, kind of like New York Times editorial writers, war-mongering politicians, ivory tower intellectuals (especially the ones who seem to hate free-speech), cable-news talking-heads, government sponsored scientists, central planners/bureaucratic douche-bags, community organizers who become President - people like that?


BB-Idaho said...

I don't know if that category consists of MBAs, Will. The degree didn't exist when
I started in the private sector, but it became popular. They were received with all
the admiration combat troops have for a 90-day wonder and those I worked with for the most part were unfortunately over-rated and over-valued. It was a popular tack on degree to engineering and other strong fields that increased income. The financial sector is saturated with them. Looking back, I still have opinions about lawyers and MBAs although you can run across a good one once in awhile.

Rational Nation USA said...

I have little respect for MBA's in general, although as you say BB Idaho every so often a common sense type comes along with some actual accomplishments to their credit. Too few have ever spent time in the trenches getting things done.

BB-Idaho said...

If not Mediocre But Arrogant, how about Mainly Bad Academically

BB-Idaho said...

The pedagogical syllabus for the MBA differs little in difficulty/depth from that
of the major in Gender Studies.