Thursday, June 25, 2015

On the Removal of the Confederate Flag

So, does this (the banishing of an inanimate object) now mean that young black men are going to stop killing each other over foolishness (half-eaten Hershey bars, Air-Jordan Sneaks, a perceived dis, etc.), that the out of wedlock childbirth rate will start heading in the other direction, that inner-city black parents will start showing up more at PTA meetings, that black people will start cooperating with the Police when assassinations happen right under their collective noses (nixing this whole "snitches get stitches" foolishness), that young black kids will stop making fun of other young black kids simply because they do well at school, that the death of blacks by other blacks will start to be seen as just as morally repugnant as the death of blacks by whites (which is actually quite rare), that these phony inner-city preachers will stop pimping young black women, etc.?...And, yes, it's a rhetorical question.

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