Monday, June 29, 2015

Note to the Progressives On this Whole "Livable Wage" Foolishness

So, everybody who works full-time should be able to live off their earnings? Hm, so what about a family with 20 kids in which the mother isn't employed? Should the employer of THAT individual be forced to pay HIM a "livable wage"? And what would that do your other cherried principle of equal pay for equal work? I mean, you'd have to pay everybody else this very same wage, right? Yes, no, maybe?......Yeah, you really haven't thought this shit through, have you?


BB-Idaho said...

An ongoing conundrum: employer wants best he can get for minimum amount, employee
wants best he can get for his effort. All depends on the labor market and the skill
level. I never asked for a raise in my entire life, but they came anyway, then the
bonuses, etc. Squeaking wheel crap, dontcha know?

dmarks said...

It seems the perception of the amount of money business-owners are sitting on that they can just casually hand out as unearned gifts to employees, without any sort of consequences at all, is infinite.