Monday, June 15, 2015

On More Entitlements Being the Solution to Income Inequality

Statistically it wouldn't show up in that transfer payments are rarely included in the tabulations. The only fool-proof way to reduce the statistical inequality would be to coax more than .5 workers per family into the work-force, get these people to stay in school, get them to refrain from procreating in their teen years, etc........That, and they need to be patient/cognizant of the fact that the data has consistently shown that the most common demographic in the top quintile, top 10%, top 1%, etc. is adults, ages 45 to 54 - that there isn't a magic bullet to the top, in other words.


dmarks said...

Entitlements are the wrong way to bring about "income equality" (assuming this is even desired).

For one, they are administered by the federal government, which forces compliance in them without accountability, under threat of violence. The government keeps what it wants, lets the entitlements trickle down. Ensuring a growing "income equality" between the authorities in control, and those who are ruled.

Also, such entitlement programs as Medicare and Social Security are shoveled out to the rich as well as poor. A big mistake, in my view. If these entitlements are supposed to reduce the gap between rich and poor, then for godsakes stop handing out money to the rich through them.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I'm a fan of the EITC in that that money goes directly to the poor. The rest of it, yeah, I would scale it back and most definitely means-test SS and Medicare.