Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yes, I know I'm getting off task here, folks, but, please, permit me

The thing is, friends, it's not enough on these crazy sites to NOT support John McCain, his policies, etc.. No. You also have to vilify the Senator. I mean, just on the few toxic sites that I've been privy to , he's been called a traitor (that one really got to me), a racist, a senile something or other, a war-monger (O.K., that one perhaps is border-line), and a crazy person (to which he clearly has an excuse, right, five and a half years of torture/captivity). Incredible, huh?..................................Look, folks, everybody who's read this blog for the past 12 months knows how I feel about the Iraq War (hell, I even went as far as to call Saddam Hussein a net-plus, for Christ!!). And, yes, I am willing to debate any neocon any time. But getting in the weeds and calling John McCain unpatriotic, etc., that, me-buckos, is a bridge that's too far for even for this ham and egger (look, I called MYSELF a name, Thu!).

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