Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Time For a Third Party, Folks, BIG TIME!!

The disintegration of John McCain as a "maverick", folks, that has got to be one of the saddest political narratives ever (at least it is for me). He's gone from a guy who once said, "I'm not afraid to lose (picture Bill Clinton saying that - you can't)" and who, from 2000-2002, was constantly referred to as "Bush nemesis, John McCain" to THIS, a person taking abuse from the likes of us. I don't know, me-buckos, I guess he really wanted/wants to be President badly.....and knew that the only way he could get his party's nomination was to do all this bellying up on certain issues. I mean, he's even playing up his pro-life credentials (an issue he had to be dragged and kicked into talking about in 2000), for Christ! Of course the hardest "switch" of all to take was that "reconciliation" with Falwell. I mean, damn it, I was so proud of him for standing up to that segment of his party in 2000. And the fact that he did it in Falwell's back-yard, too, I'm saying. That to me was proof-positive that, yes, he really and truly WAS a maverick back then. Proof-positive enough for me, at least.


Voltron said...

Will, McCain's doing what ALL politicians do.

He's saying what he thinks he has to to get elected. I have no doubt that once in office he'll go right back to stabbing the party in the eye.

I personally can't vote for the man and have planned on voting Hillary.

Of course now that the two dem candidates are dragging each other down it looks like we'll get McCain by default.

(Obama is sure losing HIS luster isn't he?)

I can't side with the idiots at LC regarding the debate the other evening, you KNOW a republican would get questions like that all the time. They're just upset because the media had the audacity to question one of their own that way.

AND I see nothing wrong with that from either side.

It goes to a question of character. Most of us hang out with, and are friends with people of like mind.

IF Obama hangs out with communists, terrorists and America haters isn't it logical to assume he is one as well?

Voltron said...

And don't get me started about Obama's wife. She has a HUGE chip on her shoulder...

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

McCain is definitely doing what all politicians do and have done for centuries....and it's THAT that bothers me. I guess I kind of foolishly thought he was different. Never said I was smart. F.Y.I. I went back to LC's site and tried to leave another comment. All this one pointed out was that I thought Obama's performance during the Petreaus hearings was weak (and, yes, I gave examples AND was noninflammatory). It was promptly deleted. What a surprise, huh? No dissent, whatsoever!! Yeah, Obama's been disappointing of late. That's what we get for prematurely elevating people from fixing pot-holes to running for leader of the free world. Later, bro.