Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The One Issue He DOESN'T Flip On

Actually, there are other reasons why I'm not going to be voting for McCain this time. 1) The war. 2) The War. And 3) THE WAR!!!! Yeah that's right, folks, I just don't buy into this notion that by force (U.S. military force, especially) we can somehow rid that (pseudo)country, Iraq, of Al Qaeda. Even less likely, me-buckos, is an end-result where a "new" Iraq will ever be free of Iranian influence. I mean, even Maliki has been showning a disturbing tendency to kiss Ahmadinejad's pinky. Can you even begin to imagine what a government under Al Sadr (more than a distict possibility down the road) will do? Wow, pretty God-damned scary, huh?......................................P.S. Is it too late to bring Saddam back? Oh, wait a minute, I forgot, they killed him, huh? Never mind.


1138 said...

Yeah they kind of put and end to that stupid rhetorical question "Would you rather have Saddam still in power"?

vs. this my answer was yes

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Yeah, I mean, as vile as the bastard was, at least he kept a check on Iran, Al Sadr, etc..