Monday, April 28, 2008

Digital Firing-Squads

And neither, of course, is the media totally in the tank for McCain, either. I mean, seriously, if you listen only to these far-left bloggers, McCain is getting what amounts to a free-ride. It's like, I feel like asking them, "what, you don't watch Keith Olbermann, listen to Air America, read the New York Times, log on to the Huffington Post, etc."? And on Dan Abrams' show, too, folks, he actually has a segment "Teflon John", a slot where he enumerates ALL of the Senator's missteps (and, yes, folks, he has had plenty, hasn't he?). But I guess that that's not enough for these hucksters - in that, apparently, they want nothing less than Mr. McCain's carcass served on a platter..................................There's this one lunatic (1138, he goes by), for example, who actually had the audacity to say that McCain had the privilege of staying in an "upscale" POW camp. An upscale POW camp, what does that mean, they torture the people in it every other day? I mean, I don't know, folks, but to have that much bile in your system for a political opponent, that's pretty scary. And, please, don't get me wrong here. I am more than willing to debate this (or any) Senator on the issues. But to impugn the guy's courage/commitment to his country, that, my friends, is proof enough to say that, yes, it is in fact getting a little TOO hellish out there; the Internet, etc..

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