Thursday, April 3, 2008

Worse Than a Weather-Man, For Christ!

So, Bill, where's all this negative press-coverage that's supposed to be befalling McCain - you know, now that he's got the nomination locked and all. I haven't heard you talk about it lately. I mean, it's not like the fellow hasn't been providing fodder or anything; seeking out endorsements from fundamentalist nimrods, constantly confusing Sunni Al Qaeda with Shiite insurgents, comparing a sombre Jewish holiday to our Halloween, etc.. It's like, I don't know, Bill, maybe you need to start pumping out those memos of yours a little more faithfully, flow them through the proper channels and shit. This or, hell, maybe just get out of the frigging prediction business, period! Oh, but then you'd have to admit that you do in fact speculate. Never mind!

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