Sunday, April 27, 2008

Scrutinizing the Scrutiny

While, yes, it may be true that Keith Olbermann is on the Obama band-wagon, one could also get the impression that the rest of MSNBC is souring a bit. Just on "Hardball" (4/24) alone, I'm saying, Matthews (supposedly in Obama's pocket) and his panel of "experts" were essentially using the Senator as a pinata; enumerating ALL of his weaknesses, listing his mistakes on the campaign trail, etc.. Ha, not that O'Reilly is going to change his mantra (the media is in the tank for Obama), of course. As we've chronicled well around here, this bastard doesn't change HIS tune for shit - EVER!!

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Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I probably should have added that, yes, for a while, Obama indeed was getting off easy. Not anymore, though, and it hasn't been that way for at least a month. O'Reilly needs to get with the program.