Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guns (Big Ones, This Time) Ablazing

What's kind of gotten lost, folks (lost in all of this talk about flag-pins, etc.) is the fact that Hillary seems to be flexing HER muscles again. I site, specifically, that last Democratic debate with Obama. She stated that, what, we, the United States, would come to the defense of ANY Arab country attacked by Iran and that we'd in fact "obliterate" Iran if they ever decided to launch a nuclear strike on Israel? I mean, wow, huh? Can you even begin to imagine if Bush had uttered a proclamation such as that? Or McCain? And the fact that she said it during the primary battles....and not during the general election. That seems to indicate to me that she might actually believe it this time (this, I'm saying, as opposed to the Iraq authorization vote, which I still maintain was political). I mean, talk about a trifecta of scary candidates, huh?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you did not miss it...her interview with O'Reilly. Talk about sleepin' with the Devil. The lady has Chutzpah...The statement bout Iraq being but one example. Look forward to your insights. MK