Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Michael Mann Did and Ultimately Admitted to

He took 950 years of tree ring data and when the numbers started going in the opposite direction, he switched to another data set and hid this fact (refusing to share the data with the public who financed him). How anybody can say that this does not constitute hard-core scientific fraud is beyond me and I challenge anybody out there to defend it.


dmarks said...

I've seen defenses of this similar to the Dan Rather thing with the fake Bush AWOL claims.

Something like, the evidence is fake, but I swear to God, it is true, it is true!

dmarks said...

One of the worst, most costly pseudo "scientists" of all time. Perhaps the worst short of any of the socialist ideologues claiming to be "scientists" justifying death in Mao's China, the USSR, and Nazi Germany.

Any idea how much this entire hoax has cost the planet, Will? Not only in trillions of dollars, but surely in some lives as well, as harebrained schemes such as "biofuels" have increased hunger among the vulnerable. Not to mention the artificially high cost of heating caused by the "global warming" hoax which has forced families to divert money from real needs to pay more for heating than they should.

Or in general how the hoax has caused gas prices to soar. A very "regressive" result: the global warming hoax clobbers the poor more than the rich, for sure.

Or how fearmongering on the "global warming" hoax. has kept working people from tens of thousands of jobs waiting for them on a silver platter with the Keystone pipeline. To name one such product.

The condescending fearmongers point out that most of these good-paying construction jobs. would last 2 years, and would this be meaningless.

Approve the pipeline and these jobs. If these jobs are worthless, no one will work on them, right?

Just one of countless examples of how this hoax harms working people and the poor most of all.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

We have over a billion people on this planet who don't have electricity and are at a constant state of starvation, blindness, and death from malaria and all that the radical environmentalists can offer is solar panels on huts, mosquito nets, and a ban on golden rice. It is an absolute atrocity.

dmarks said...

Will: And it is easy to people like Obama, who rake in millions on the taxpayer dime, to easily dismiss the creation of new good paying construction jobs. They have theirs, and are quite fat and sassy and happy, and damn everyone else.