Sunday, April 19, 2015

On the Katyn Forest Massacre, Circa 1943

It was one of the most vile crimes in modern history and the fact that it involved Joseph Stalin really shouldn't surprise us. For those of you who haven't heard, Stalin and his goons rounded up over 10,000 Polish officers (the best and the brightest that that country had to offer), marched them into the Katyn Forest in Poland, shot them all point-blank in the head, trampled their bodies like so much garbage, and then buried them in one massive pit. It was barbarism on steroids and to make the whole episode even more outlandish was the fact that they tried to pin the blame for the crime on Germany (a slanderous accusation that Roosevelt was more than willing to accept - this, despite the fact that John F. Carter, Roosevelt's own personal spy, told him that the Russians were probably guilty) and those that they didn't slaughter were sent off to gulags. Do you understand NOW why I don't like Stalin......and America for siding with him?

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