Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On the Fact that the U.S. Has Supported Tyranny Over the Years (the Shah of Iran, Mubarak, the Saudi Royal Family, Even Gaddafi at the End) Supposedly Being One of the Beefs that al Qaeda and the Other Terrorist Groups Have Against Us

On the surface, it isn't an entirely unjustified assessment. But I always want to ask these assholes, what about you for Christ? You guys and your Sharia law which treats women like trash, murders homosexuals, and basically outlaws all other religions ISN'T tyrannical? Really? Refraining from joining the 20th Century much?

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Rational Nation USA said...

Projecting our morality on other nations and then expecting them to accept it oviously hasn't won many friends in the middle east.

That is not to imply I approve of Sharia or the evils it has subjected people to, but I am saying we should be honest and consistent with our words and actions and stay out of other nation's internal business.