Monday, April 27, 2015

On Liberal Democracy

It is almost always the by-product of a lengthy, organic, historical, and evolutionary process, and rarely has it ever been successfully imposed by external forces. Advocates of intervention are always quick to point to Germany and Japan (post WW2) as successful examples of nation-building but as economist, Chris Coyne, from George Mason and the Mercatus Center, has consistently pointed out a) Germany and Japan were already significantly industrialized and quite developed prior to WW2, b) they were both established nation-states (unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc.), c) they both unconditionally surrendered, and d) it is highly questionable that it was in fact the Marshall Plan that rehabilitated Europe (he cites instead the lessening of government regulation and the removing of price controls and basically says that recovery occurred in spite of the occupation and not because of it). I mean, I know that this is a devastating rebuke to the neocons (who pray to the god of intervention) and progressives (who pray to the goddess of foreign-aid) who seemingly cannot help themselves when it come to the staying out of other people's business and all but, EVEN IF JAPAN AND GERMANY WERE  EXAMPLES OF A SUCCESSFUL INTERVENTION, the fact that they have to go back 70 years and can only cite these two examples is an indictment enough, I would think.

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