Monday, April 27, 2015

On "It Is What it Is"

Yeah, it's time to put that one to bed permanently, right next to the air quotes.


Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah, I used to think the same, hated the statement actually. But after observing the ever deteriorating state of democracy in general and our democratic republic specifically, as well as sensing the irreversability of it all I decided it very likely... it is what it is . I hold the most conservative and religious elements in America responsible.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

The phrase is so 2007....

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

You don't blame the leftists and progressives at all anymore, Les?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Your assessment/chronology seems accurate, CI.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah, the looney whacked out ones. But as I've analyzed the last 10 years in more depth I've concluded the conservative right presents the greatest danger to individual liberties and capitalism.

dmarks said...

I disagree with Les on a lot of this now. The Left has chosen to make the police/surveillance state and the war on drugs worse than it was under Bush. The Left has chosen to make the debt, deficit problem much worse than under Bush. The Left forced through the "stimulus" (which cost millions of jobs and rewarded the rich while ignoring the jobless) over objections of conservatives.

And the Left does not want to improve our infrastructure unless it means forcing workers to join Democratic Party fundraising/lobbying groups (i.e. labor unions) against their will: it's about stealing money from working people first and foremost.

There is plenty of blame to go around, and at least as much goes to the Progressive/Leftist side.

It's undeniable that the Right is now far worse on issues like gay marriage. But that is not the situation with other aspects of abusive federal power, or economic/budget matters.

Rational Nation USA said...

Hyperbole IMNHO. Links to supporting empirical data would be useful.

Start with the Patriot Act, work your way through the budget years of GWB's fiasco. I am willing to bet if dems win the white house and one house poo f congress the economic situation will improve. If repubs win; time to move to Costa Rico.

dmarks said...

RN said: "Links to supporting empirical data would be useful."

Do you want a link about how Obama signed the renewal of PATRIOT and strengthened it? This was really big news, I'm sure you saw THIS one. Yes, I am starting with the PATRIOT act.

Or this about the drug war?

Or just someof the extensive information on how Obama has made the NSA much more invasive?

Or reference to just one of the states where Dems oppose repealing the prevailing wage laws which significantly inflate the costs of government contracting projects?

Do you want an exact count of the jobs lost from the workforce in the years after the signing of the stimulus, and a list of the wealthy interests who were paid handsomely by it? And the Obama budget fiasco... significantly worse than the Bush one (I can provide you the nearly doubled deficit numbers if you need).

What did I refer to that you want more "supporting empirical data" for?