Saturday, April 4, 2015

On Governor Malloy Banning All Nonessential State Travel to Indiana While at the Same Time Being Totally Oblivious to the Fact that His State (and Mine), Connecticut, Has an Even More Restrictive Religious Freedom and Restoration Act

Yet another pitch-perfect example of hypocrisy, doltishness, sanctimony, and political opportunism. SHUT THE FUCK UP!


dmarks said...

It also beings up the point made during budget crisis.

Considering matters of debts, deficits, and budget waste... and the fact that the money they are playing with comes from forcibly shaking down the citizens..... shouldn't the government immediately eliminate "non-essential" anything, regardless?

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Believe me, you would have a field day up here in CT.

dmarks said...

Do you mean the "golden rule".... where those who rule get the gold?

Oh course, a bootlicking worshipper of government power (even to the point of passionately defending fascism) will keep calling the rulers "The People".