Thursday, April 2, 2015

On People Who Call Folks Who Oppose Gay Marriage Bigots but Who then Stay Strangely Silent When Islamic Societies Actually Go as Far as to Slaughter Gays and Lesbians (and Who Even Proceed to Brandish/Disparage the Critics of these Societies as Haters)

So much for the moral high-ground.


Rational Nation USA said...

I strongly condemn the barbaric, uncivilized, outrageously cruel, immoral, and satanic act of putting to death individuals who are gay lesbian.

Again I say in America, the country in which I live and whose laws I am subject to, denying gays and lesbians the right to marry is bigoted.

I'm sure this little denunciation of the Muslim Islamic practice of killing gays and lesbian will have no effect but I said it.

On to the moral high ground...

Constitutional Insurgent said...

Two points. Your first example is ongoing in this very country, whereas the second is not. Most Americans are not only narrowly focused domestically and undereducated on any issues outside of our borders.

The second point is that I read news and sites daily, of secular humanists and civil libertarians, where they excoriate the actions of Muslims abroad, as well as the actions of the religious fundamentalists in this nation.

It's simply a myth to imply that Atheists or gays, or whomever, only decry the actions of Christians.

I haven't even seen Fox cover the burning of over 400 Mosques in the Central African Republic, by a Christian militia.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I was actually referring to guys like wd who go on self-righteous screeds on gay rights in this country (a lot of which I actually agree with substantively) but who call people like me and RN bigots for criticizing Muslim countries for infinitely worse actions. Humanists and civil libertarians I don't have a problem with and actually count myself among them.

Constitutional Insurgent said...

You have my apologies then. I had read the title another way, without knowing the intent behind it. There is much to criticize Islamic countries for.

dmarks said...

I think I got Will's point here, and he was not targeting RN at all.

I have seen before WD completely lying about everything RN has said about Islam, and if anything, WD only ended up proving his own bigotry and no one else's.

dmarks said...

Also, Will, guys like WD are sometimes in lockstep with the worst Islamic extremists and genocidal goals.

Remember his defense of Francis Boyle's goal of eliminating or imprisoning all Jews in the Middle East (through supposedly peaceful means), his support of Iran actually building nuclear weapons... and worst of all... WD's claim that the Islamic aggression cabal known as the "OIC", at the time packed with the worst killers/despots/terrorists was actually "moderate"

dmarks said...

Const: Central African Republic.

Do you mean this?