Tuesday, April 21, 2015

On the Fact that India Would Rather Save its People from Poverty than Global Warming (Atmospheric Temperatures Stopped Ascending Close to Two Decades Ago and Now to Save Face the Idiots Are Saying that the Warming is - Please be Seated - "Hiding at the Bottom of the Ocean" Where Nobody Can Measure it - How Convenient) and Are More than Willing to Increase its Per Capita Energy Consumption to Accomplish this

Bully for India and hopefully more developing countries will tell the West (replete with its ignorant statists, radical environmentalists, etc.) to stick it.


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Rusty Shackelford said...

The alarmist make me sick,but I have to admit they are pretty slick.Ten years ago they called it Global Warming,then when Miami wasn't under 10 feet of water they changed to Climate Change.The one who thought that one up should get a medal.If its too hot or too cold or a hurricane hits or a snowstorm hits or there's a tornado its due to climate change.The Indian people are a pretty smart lot....I think they would rather feed their population then worry about the ocean temp rising one degree.