Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On Catholic Priests Who Refuse to Marry Gay Couples

Bigots who need to be coerced? Me, I would say arguably, yes, on the first part and, nada, on the second.


Rusty Shackelford said...

Explain why a Catholic priest is a bigot if he follows the tenets of his beliefs and he follows the teachings of his church.

Rational Nation USA said...

If a church or religion; any church or religion, not just the catholic church and Christianity is bigoted then the priest, minister, imam, etc. that follows and advocates the bigotry is then bigoted as well.

Refusal of a human right that neither effecst or hurts anyone based solely on prejudice is bigotry as well as discrimination and therefore wrong.

To say and belueve that such practices are right based on religious beliefs one might as well say man created god or allah in his own image.

Rusty Shackelford said...

For people like you who are without any core belief its difficult for you to grasp what true faith means.So your comment is just stupid.

Rational Nation USA said...

Fuck you Shackleford, you're so goddamn stupid your god likely tossed out the fucking mold after she created your pathetic ass.