Monday, April 13, 2015

On the Fact that FDR Genuinely Thought that Newspaper Writers, Robert McCormick, Joseph Patterson, and Cissy Patterson, Were Either Nazis or Nazi Sympathizers

Yeah, we've had some majorly insane Presidents over the years; Lincoln, Wilson, LBJ, Nixon, Bush Jr. on a bad day - but this fellow may have been the most paranoiac and megalomaniacal of them all; the ill-fated court-packing scheme, the way that he and his thugs went after the poor Schecter brothers, the fact that he seemingly wanted war with Japan from day one, the fact that he once proposed a 100% top tax rate, the interning of Japanese-Americans, etc.. Of course, the fact that this dude is considered by many to be amongst our finest Presidents - that's the real scary part.


BB-Idaho said...

Regarding the 'poor Schecter Brothers', we note:
"Glen Asner, a descendant of the Schechters, said that the brothers probably voted for Roosevelt in all four of his presidential campaigns. Their main political concern in the 1930s was anti-Semitism. The Schechters felt that without the New Deal, America could have taken the route of Nazi Germany"
...and that during this period,
a majority of Jewish Americans
turned to the Democratic Party.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I suggest that you read the testimony from that case (one of the "offenses" being that the Schecters had the audacity to let their customers pick out the chickens that they wanted to purchase instead of the sales going in order); the way that the prosecutors demeaned these poor guys who could barely speak English and how they essentially tried to destroy their business.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

And the policies of the New Deal (which basically started under Hoover - as Rex Tugwell admitted) probably extended the Depression by at least a half decade or so (O'Hanlan's study from UCLA is quite devastating) with its mind-numbingly stupid (not to mention, unconstitutional) regulatory burden, draconian/punitive taxation, destructive unit banking laws, etc..

dmarks said...

Will: don't forget how protectionist trade policies then punched workers, consumers, and the economy as a whole in the throat. Making the Depression a lot worse.

Again I commend Obama for not caving to the nativist, bigotted forces against free trade. We'd be deep in a depression for sure if he wasn't for free trade.