Wednesday, April 8, 2015

On the Fact that President Obama No Longer References the Totally Failed Spanish Green Energy Initiatives

So, he is capable of SOME learning and that's a victory.


dmarks said...

A lot of his cronies got rich from the energy scams. Time to get while the gettin's good.

Rational Nation USA said...

Exactly like Cheney and the MIC during the run up to, commencement of, and continuation of the Iraq debacle and Afghanistan war? And now we have the
very same group if neo cons and the MIC rattling their sabers again over Iran and
the 5+1 diplomatic efforts to find
reproachment wuth the Persian nation.

Ah yes, lets get while the gettin's good as well as derail if and when necessary to keep the gettin good.

dmarks said...

Obama is maintaining a much higher defense budget than it was during the early Bush years.... yes. it is him feeding the MIC now, not Cheney.

Regardless of the rare neo-cons and their sabres, and Iran.

To single out Cheney on a matter in which the current President, a left-winger and not a neocon, is worse, looks kind of partisan. Especially considering that Cheney has had nothing to do with anything, including the massive defense budgets, since 2009.

Total military spending in 2007, the year of the Surge. When GWB was in power, and Cheney was near by: $601.

Total military budget in 2010. Obama's "peacetime": $610.

But yeah. lets blame the guy who hasn't been near the purse strings for years, and ignore the guy who has been making the decisions for 7 years now.

dmarks said...

Also, Obama could have ended involvement when he took office, quite quickly. Bringing the troops home shortly after his Oath of Office. Instead, he CHOSE to continue the wars for quite some time. Even significantly expanding the war in Afghanistan for a while.

And during this time of Obama's management, ISIS rose. And Obama at the time was saying how great his policies were working. Yes, he embraced and owned what happened there, and our spending on it, from early 2009 onward.