Thursday, March 26, 2015

THIS Is Sustainability?

According to energy expert, Robert Bryce, in order for wind energy just to keep up with the increased demand for energy worldwide, we (as in the world) would have to cover 93,000 square miles (roughly the size of the state of Minnesota) with 400 foot-high wind turbines EVERY YEAR. That is madness, folks, MADNESS, and isn't it about time that our politicians a) wised up (as in, educated themselves) and b) told the truth to the American citizens?


BB-Idaho said...

Admittedly, we are in an era of
short-term thinking and fracking
is permitting more effient harvesting of the fossil deposits.
IMO, it isn't a bad idea to think a bit longer term, have a bit of
transitional infrastructure and be prepared for the days when the last drops of
oil reserves drive costs beyond reach.

dmarks said...

Remember when I did the math on the geographic area required for this a few weeks ago....