Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some Thoughts on Israel

So, would the world have been better off if the Jews from Europe had settled somewhere else after WW2 (someplace sane like British Columbia or Northeast Maine)? Yeah, probably. But what the world also has to know is that the Zionists have actually been pretty reasonable for long stretches throughout this whole Palestine process. I mean, just take a look at their response to the Peel Commission proposal of 1937; an offer that only allotted them approximately 5% of British mandate Palestine (25% of Western Palestine which in turn was only 20% of the whole mandate - the other 80% going to the Hashemites). The Jews accepted it and the Arabs rejected it. And it's continued that way over the past 80 years; the Jews accepting the 1948 partition, the 1992 Oslo Accords, the 2000 Bill Clinton/Ehud Barak proposal, the 2008 Ehud Olmert proposal, etc.. Yes, Israel is flawed and maybe we do need to look at our policy of bankrolling them to the tune of billions a year but let us not get too seduced by the Ron Paul/ Michael Scheuer theory of "blowback" that we forget who the real maniacs are.

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