Monday, March 16, 2015

On FDR Telling the American People on February 23rd, 1942 that "We Have Destroyed Considerably More Japanese Planes than They Have Destroyed of Ours" (this, After the Americans Had Gotten Their Asses Handed to Them at Pearl Harbor, Guam, Wake Island, and the Philippines and the Brits Likewise at Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaya)

It was a ludicrous statement (even by Roosevelt's standards) and there are only two possible explanations here. a) He was lying (and exploiting the accompanying censorship policies - the man actually had an Office of Censorship) or b) he was totally clueless. Either way, I find him contemptible and don't even try, "the ends justifies the means", here, folks. Don't even try.

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BB-Idaho said...

Sounds like war propaganda. Especially given the war had been
going on for all of 3 months and the US was ill prepared. Early air combat, like that of the Flying Tigers, began establishing kill ratios that a few months later at Coral Sea and Midway would lead to the decimations of
the few well trained Japanese pilots.